Zhangting 96 properties were seized, worth 1.7 billion, netizens: this star couple, it should be cold long ago!
Zhangting 96 properties were seized, worth 1.7 billion, netizens: this star couple, it should be cold long ago!
Once she was thrown high, now she will only fall how miserable.


broke a big defense.

A few days ago, Dalway, a company owned by Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Ting, was seized from 96 properties in Shanghai for engaging in pyramid selling activities.

Total value, more than 1.7 billion.

in Shanghai, where there is an inch of land, she used to own a whole building.

I, who have never seen the world, do not even have 96 ping.

stars take me to see the world

, if I had known, I should have worked hard to make money from Nu WA.

at the end of last year, when the Zhang Ting couple's TST was frozen for "suspected online pyramid selling," they also issued a notice to prove their "innocence."

four months later, TST was officially classified as pyramid selling, and the TST building was seized according to law, which marked the complete collapse of the WeChat business empire of Zhang Ting and his wife.

Zhang Ting, the dimple goddess who once became popular all over the country, has now shattered the filter of her childhood.

it is really sad that a goddess becomes a liar.

"the Goddess of Childhood all over the country"

in 1970, Chang Ting, who was born in Changhua County, Taiwan Province, drew the life script of poor girls chasing their dreams in the entertainment circle.

her parents struggle to support their five children by setting up roadside stalls. Sometimes the stalls are set up too late, and several children lie on the roadside to sleep.

the sense of inferiority brought about by family distress is deeply rooted in Zhang Ting's childhood memories.

therefore, she has a strong desire for money since she was a child, determined to make a lot of money and buy a big house.

Zhang Ting, who has a beautiful appearance, finally waited for the favor of the god of fate.

at the age of 19, she was accidentally dug up by a talent scout and rushed into the entertainment industry with a shampoo advertisement.


, she successfully became a new actress in the film and television industry.

although she has not formally studied acting, she is smart and willing to bear hardships and has a high understanding, leaving behind a lot of classic roles.

in "stunning Shuangjiao", she starred in the role of Qianqian, who has a fierce and tricky temperament.

the play directly set a new high in the ratings of mainland provinces, making her famous in the mainland.

Love through time, starring her and Xu Zheng, is the originator of the mainland time travel drama.

Gu Ling's strange gadgets have made Zhang Ting hot all over the country.

"Hua Gu Zi", "Man Han Quan Di", "Night God Cup" …...

mixed cutting of Zhang Ting's roles

every TV series starring Zhang Ting broadcasts a hit, and her roles are well-known, and she has become the goddess of childhood in the eyes of countless people.

there are masterpieces, acting skills, and audiences. Zhang Ting's actor's path should have been boundless.

but after 2006, few of her works appeared.

because she's married.

"seduce the spider essence of Tang Sanzang"

the man who married Zhang Ting is Lin Ruiyang, and now he looks like this in public memory.

but before he became a "kind granny", he was also a handsome and handsome "Taiwan's first little student."

Lin Ruiyang had a marriage history.

his ex-wife Zeng Zhe-Zhen, who was also the hostess of Qiongyao opera, dropped out of the entertainment industry and gave him a son and a daughter after she married him.

the happy family failed to reassure the prodigal son who kept tidbits.

in 1997, Lin Ruiyang met Zhang Ting, who came to visit the crew.

Lin Ruiyang was hit by Zhang Ting at once.

my head is clouded, my feet are numb, and I even forget my married status.

later, when the two worked together as a "golden night fork", Lin Ruiyang finally caught the opportunity to be courteous.

as a former generation, she gave Zhang Ting guidance in acting, and even took off her shoes to warm her feet in public.

the feelings of the two men grew in secret, until after the intimate photos of the two were exposed, the relationship that could not be put on the table was instantly exploded by public opinion.

Lin Ruiyang's agent directly and publicly scolded Zhang Ting for "seducing the spider spirit of Tang Sanzang."

Zhang Ting refused to admit that he was a third party and burst into tears at the press conference:

"I'm just in a simple relationship. I don't know why things got so complicated."

Finally, he unexpectedly cried and fainted at the scene and was helped away by two people.

in order to prove her innocence, she swore on the spot that she would never marry Lin Ruiyang in her lifetime.

Lin Ruiyang also said that he would not marry Zhang Ting.

later, as we all know, they both hit each other in the face, and "Spider essence" and "Tang Sanzang" finally got the right results.

according to Zhang Ting, it was only when Lin Ruiyang proposed for the ninth time that she was finally moved by him.

after marriage, in order to give birth to Lin Ruiyang, Zhang Ting made nine test tubes and injected more than 1000 injections in three years, and suffered a great deal of pain before she had a pair of children.

good boy, this is really a two-way trip. True love is invincible and touching. Aunt Qiongyao has to call her an expert when she sees it.

but no matter how this relationship is beautified, it can't change the fact that it used to be dark.

"WeChat business queen who is fighting for money every day"

in order to get rid of the reputation of being a mistress, Zhang Ting especially likes to show his love in public.

I have to carry my husband when I go to the bathroom without touching the floor.

the most outrageous thing, she said that in order to help her keep her youth, Lin Ruiyang specially went to France to extract yeast and develop care products for her.

at this point, the famous TST appeared on the stage, and actress Zhang Ting officially opened the road of "WeChat Business Queen".

Zhang Ting used her popularity and contacts to pull half of the entertainment stars to endorse her products.

Little Tao Hong, a good friend, needless to say, is always present to support her on any important occasion.

the goddess Lin Zhiling speaks for her products.

Li Xiaolu, Mingdao, Wang Dongcheng, Chen Yiru and others have joined her camp.

the trumpet can also be regarded as providing re-employment opportunities for out-of-date stars.

in view of the strong star effect, more and more "families" have joined TST.

but it is not clear whether the "family" has made any money or not. Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Ting have made a lot of money.

At its peak, Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Ting's company won the highest tax award in Qingpu District of Shanghai, and the total amount of tax is expected to exceed 2.1 billion.

this gives a rough estimate of the company's actual income, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people who spend their whole lives to make money.

the luxury house of Zhang Ting and his wife is bought on the bank of the Huangpu River, with a front-line riverview mansion, covering an area of more than 1600 square meters and a total value of more than 200 million yuan.

the house is so big that people who go to her house for the first time will get lost.

the bathtub in the mansion has to make an appointment with the babysitter two hours in advance.

Zhang Ting easily realized the dream of countless girls to have a super-luxury cloakroom.

the mansion also has a nearly 300-inch terrace, which Zhang Ting has turned into a "sky garden".

In addition to being used as a leisure and entertainment area, she also opened up a vegetable garden.