When you understand impermanence, you won't make it public.
When you understand impermanence, you won't make it public.
Life can not be more satisfactory, all things can be half satisfactory.

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there is a song "hate impermanence" in A Dream of Red Mansions: "Happiness is just right, hate impermanence is coming again."

as Mr. Yang Jiang said:

there is no simple happiness in the world, happiness is always mixed with troubles and worries, and there is no eternity in the world.

when you understand impermanence, you will find that everything is just ordinary.

Life is impermanent

in the three of us, Yang Jiang recalled and wrote down two experiences of the death of her relatives.

in March 1997, Qian Yuan, Yang Jiang's beloved daughter, was admitted to the hospital because of illness.

the day before her daughter's death, Yang Jiang seemed to have telepathy and foresight.

when she was walking on the road, she whispered: "Yuanyuan, Ah Yuan, go well and go back with the blessing of your parents."

in December 1998, Qian Zhongshu was also hospitalized because of illness.

on her deathbed, Yang Jiang, who was badly hit by the loss of her relatives, endured her grief and calmly attached it to Mr. Qian Zhongshu's ear and said to him, "you are tired. Close your eyes and go to sleep."

later, Mr. Qian Zhonglu went to see Yang Jiang. He wanted to comfort her, but when he met her, she didn't cry at all and everything was business as usual.

since then, Yang Jiang plunged into a pile of books and kept writing every day, spending 13 years sorting out all the academic manuscripts of Qian Zhongshu.

in her busy and fulfilling life, she gradually soothed her grief and died safely at the age of 105.

"plants and plants have no intention, but sometimes they rise and fall."

how fragile people are, a virus invasion, a tiny mind wandering, an accident without warning, will make life disappear.

when a man understands that death is a thing that comes at any time, he puts aside his arrogance.

when a man understands that death is a sure thing to come, he puts away his sloppiness.

only by knowing that life is impermanent, can we cherish and treat every day.

gains and losses are impermanent

Zhuangzi said:


knowing the time is endless, observing the surplus and emptiness, so you don't like it when you get it, you don't worry about it when you lose it, and you know it is impermanent.


know that the time series is endless, and gain insight into the truth of the deficiency of things. So gain without self-delight, loss without self-sorrow.

people want perfection. In fact, "A man is not as good as a thousand days, and a flower without a hundred days of red".

nothing in the world is "inevitable".

complacency sometimes, ups and downs is life, and complacency is the most correct mentality in the face of impermanence.

when Su Shi was in Fengxiang, his boss, Chen Xiliang, built a Ling Xu platform.

Su Shi wrote Ling Xu Tai Ji:

"however, after several generations, I want it to look like it, but it is broken and there is no survivor. On the other hand, because of the loss of personnel, they suddenly come and go! "

those magnificent palaces in ancient times have long been reduced to ruins.

it is hard to predict the gains and losses of life.

people who understand this:

when they are proud, they are not crazy, because they know that there are bound to be ups and downs ahead.

how can you have more success in life? you can ask for half-satisfaction in everything.

in the face of the ups and downs of life, it is better to be calm and calm.

Human impermanence

Bai Juyi once wrote in Taihang Road: "the road is difficult, not in the water, not in the mountains, only in the vicissitudes of human feelings."

during the period of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, there was a minister, Gong Zhai. When he was a senior official, his family was full of cars and horses every day, and there were so many guests.

when he lost his official hat, the guests disappeared and there was no one left. Such a strong contrast made him very angry.

so he wrote a big line on his doorstep:

"when you die, you know that you are friends. If you are poor and rich, you will know each other. If you are expensive and cheap, your friendship will be present."

there are many times when we overestimate our relationship with others.

but when you are in trouble, even people who are related by blood sometimes cold you;

even close companions have the heart to abandon you;

even a brotherly friend has a meaning far away from you.

Mr. Yang Jiang said: "only when we are humble do we have the best chance to see the truth of human feelings in the world."

one day you will understand:

in this world, there is no eternal relationship, no unbreakable friendship.

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only by facing with a normal mind, belittling the repetition of human feelings, looking down on the coolness of the world, not surprised, leaving or staying unintentionally, can we be relieved and calm.

No one's life remains the same, and no one's life is the same year after year.

the seasons change throughout the year, the seasons are different, and the joys and sorrows of life are full of joys and sorrows.

when you understand impermanence, you will not show off. The magnificent scenery of today may be a mess tomorrow.

when you understand impermanence, you will not be sad. Today's clouds are bleak, and tomorrow may be sunny.

to things, to fame and gain, not to be happy, not to worry, not to be surprised or disgraced, unintentional to go or stay.

, only by letting nature take its course can we maintain inner peace and peace in this impermanent world.