To recognize a man clearly, you don't have to try again and again. Just look at these three points.
To recognize a man clearly, you don't have to try again and again. Just look at these three points.
Daily trivial troubles are more difficult to avoid than the great disasters in marriage.

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countless people have told us that choosing a partner is like a big gamble.

if you make the right choice, everyone will be happy, but if you make the wrong choice, you will lose all your life.

but if you look closely, you will find that those who put their hopes and destinies on others end up in failure.

in this world, the last thing you can't bet on is providence, and the last thing you can't guess is the human heart.

God can't afford to lose, and people can't guess.

whether a person is worth entrusting and can be relied on, in fact, the following three points are enough.

bearing after a quarrel

have seen such a saying:

"to be with others, we ultimately rely on the lowest point of that character."


there is a kind of man who can give you whatever he wants when he is in a good mood, and he doesn't care about you even if you mess with him.

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but when emotions are out of control, cold war, violence, anything can be done, turning over is faster than flipping through a book, and it seems to be a completely different person.

and this is the most terrible thing about a person.

during the May Day holiday last year, my cousin quarreled with her brother-in-law and went back to her mother's house in a fit of anger.

according to my cousin, the two had an argument this time because of how to arrange the holiday.

my brother-in-law felt that he was too tired at work some time ago and wanted to watch the football game at home. My cousin thought that she had little time and wanted to find a place for a short trip.

the two men had their own reasons and quarreled with each other. In a fit of anger, the brother-in-law picked up the water cup and threw it at the TV.

after the quarrel, he began to be cold and violent again, slamming the door and going out, and the two men did not speak for several days.

"at that time, the feelings were strong, and the parents of both sides were in a hurry, so I got the marriage license early. If I knew there were so many things to do, I would never marry him."

my cousin has great regret, but it's too late to say anything now.

the old man often says that there is no husband and wife who do not quarrel. No matter how good the relationship is, it is inevitable that they will stumble and quarrel.

quarrelling is not terrible, the key is how to face it after this person is angry and how to solve the problem together.

but if a person is in a rage, he will only yell at you, refuse to forgive, or cold and violent, forcing you to bow your head and admit your mistake.

such a person, no matter how good he is to you, I advise you to stay away early.

how can a person who can't control his emotions believe that he can bring happiness to himself, and how can he believe that two people can live a good life?

there is a good saying: "

A person's attitude towards you when he is angry hides the temperature of loving you.


people who really love you will always look for reasons and solutions from themselves in advance.

even if you get angry, you will stick to the bottom line, find ways to make you happy, and care about your emotions.

such a person is worthy of your trust for life.

the scale of getting along with the opposite sex

Love is beautiful and selfish.

everyone wants only one of the thousands of roses to be unique.

it's just that sometimes we underestimate human nature and overestimate love.

A few days ago, my best friend sent me a message and she finally decided to break up.

her best friend boyfriend likes playing games and often gangs up with other people. This time she found a familiar nickname in her boyfriend's screenshot.

checked it out and found out that it was a female colleague on her boyfriend's Wechat, and the boyfriend admitted that the two often played together until midnight.

at that time, her boyfriend explained that they were simple colleagues and reluctantly agreed because they were embarrassed to refuse, telling her not to think about it.

after a quarrel between her best friend and him, her boyfriend assured her that she would never come into contact with a female colleague alone again.

but unexpectedly, the two people just kept it a secret from her and transferred from reality to the Internet.

this time, the boyfriend still doesn't realize his mistake, but blames her for being unreasonable and sensitive.

"who doesn't have a friend of the opposite sex? besides, we're just playing a game together. Nothing happened. Don't be unreasonable."

in fact, in a relationship, some things are not worth forgiving.

being ambiguous with the opposite sex is one of them.

the relationship between people is very fragile, friendship is, love is more.

between members of the opposite sex, no matter how close they are, they should keep a proper distance and learn to avoid suspicion, let alone actively reject the temptation of the outside world.

this is not only for everyone to be self-conscious and keep their own moral cultivation, but also for respect and love for their partner.

it doesn't matter if a man can't do this.

attitude towards trifles

Love is often exaggerated in novels, which makes people think that they are affectionate and full of water.

but such fantasies are often vulnerable in reality.

an online survey found that in divorce cases in a certain province, the first cause of divorce is not cheating or domestic violence, but "trivia of life".

the success or failure of a relationship is not necessarily due to major right and wrong, but sometimes depends on the details or trifles of two people getting along with each other.

I know a friend with a figure, appearance and work experience.The economy is good. I thought she would be very demanding of her partner.

unexpectedly, she finally decided to marry a man who was ordinary in every way.

many people don't understand, but she says:

when I make breakfast, he will take the initiative to clean up the room and throw his clothes into the washing machine.

will remind me to pay attention to safety on my way to work and take the initiative to clean up the bowl after eating in the evening.

when I pass by the supermarket, I will remember that I am running out of shampoo and bring back my favorite snacks.

when I am in my period, I am grumpy, never complain, always considerate and take care of my emotions;

the most important thing is that this is not his whim, but our ordinary daily life.

A good relationship doesn't need an earth-shaking and touching romantic plot.

what a woman wants most is a lover who knows both the cold and the hot, a few happy and simple things.

but how many women have survived the ups and downs, but failed in the mundane life.

playing with the mobile phone and eating delicious food, I didn't expect that it was prepared by a woman in the kitchen.

look at smart and healthy children, but they don't realize how women suffer from childbirth and how many sleepless nights they get.

in the words of M á rquez:

"Daily troubles are more difficult to avoid than the great disasters in marriage."

Life is made up of trivial things.

to achieve lasting happiness, both parties need to work hard together in order to spend the rest of their lives together.