The real big pattern of people: do not lift things, do not complain about hard things, do not argue about bad things.
The real big pattern of people: do not lift things, do not complain about hard things, do not argue about bad things.
As long as the pattern of human life is large, it will not sink into trifles.

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I have seen a hot topic on the Internet:

the pattern of a people's Congress

What is the flag of



there is an answer deeply rooted in the hearts of the people:

"you can adjust yourself when you are at a low ebb and stick to your heart when you are high.

even if the inner waves are rough, the surface is like calm water, light clouds and light wind. "

walk half a life, see a lot of things, see a lot of people clearly.

the more you go back, the more clear you are: to be silent, not to make noise, not to argue, you have the power to be quiet.

getting things done is self-cultivation.

the Master said, "the superior man is peaceful but not conceited, and the villain is conceited but not."

people with patterns not only have extraordinary strength, but also humble and low-key.

and those who publicize themselves everywhere with little achievements are actually a sign of a lack of confidence in their hearts.

there is such a scene in Mo Yan's "late ripening people".

at a banquet, the people who came to the banquet were elites from various industries, including generals and senior officials.

when preparing for dinner, a middle-aged man suddenly grabbed the stage and loudly introduced himself through the microphone:

"leaders, I am the poet Kim Heep." This year alone, I made a lecture tour in 100 universities across the country, published five collections of poems, and held three poetry readings. "

everyone was impressed and stood up and applauded.

I didn't expect that there was such a number one person in this small county.

he is so complacent that he can't help himself, so he wants to write poems for everyone on the spot:

"Big steamed bread, white steamed bread, fragrant steamed bread, big steamed bread made with old noodles, big steamed bread grown in my hometown land."

A steamed bread poem startled everyone's chin, and the whole audience burst into laughter.

A senior official could not bear to watch, so he quickly ordered the food to be served and changed the subject, which brought the farce to an end.

in life, you often meet a group of people who want to be in the limelight all the time.

as long as they make a little achievement, they begin to expand their body and mind and light themselves up to 360 degrees.

the light that can be shown off not only does not illuminate others, but makes people feel dazzling.

people with real strength can still be sought after and respected without talking about their achievements.


British woman writer JK Rowling shot to fame after Harry Potter became a bestseller.

but the reader never waited for her next book. It turned out that she had already changed her pseudonym and wrote a new book, the call of the Cuckoo, which was a success again.

"I just don't want to use the glory of the past to elevate myself," she said. "

do not show off, is their own absolute recognition.

like a saying circulating on the Internet, the more a person lacks something, the more he will show off.

mature rice always bows its head, and people who are really rich will not show off to everyone.

as the saying goes, "there are people outside people and mountains beyond mountains."

what you are proud of may be small things that are not worth mentioning to others.

you think you are knowledgeable, but you are just playing tricks.

A person's maturity is not to show the scenery and trumpet himself, but to be leisurely and calm.

do not complain about hard work, but fix it for

in 1990, in the boiler workshop of Fuyao Group, there was a talented student who graduated from Beihang.

he is so thin that he uses a scooter to dump one or two tons of waste glass from the workshop to the garbage every day.

this is the dirtiest and most tiring work in the group, and it is really a hard job.

others do not understand this, and some people advise him to resign early. There is no need for a talent like him to be cooped up in such a dirty workshop.

when he came to the interview, he thought he could be a clerk at the worst. Unexpectedly, Cao Dewang only glanced at his resume, turned around and threw it into the dustbin and said with a straight face, "go to the boiler workshop and pull the rickshaw."

the young man has been working in the workshop for seven years without complaint.

Seven years later, Cao Dewang called him to the office to talk and asked several questions in succession:


does a graduate of a famous university feel aggrieved when he works in the production workshop? Why don't you want to leave?


he said: "there must be grievances, but I will adjust my state of mind."

people spend more than half of their lives doing odd jobs, and the purpose of these ten or twenty years of odd jobs is to let others know you, so that you can have a chance to do something important.

whether it is work or life, we will inevitably encounter all kinds of bad things.

but complaining won't solve any problem.

instead of complaining and giving up, it is better to turn every grievance into an upward motivation.

as Mencius said:

"when heaven falls to the people, they must first suffer their minds, work their muscles and bones, starve their skin, lack their bodies, and brush their actions, so they will be patient and gain what they cannot do."

if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight.

the sufferings you encounter and the grievances you swallow are all here to make you.

there are two results for a person to bear hardships, one is consumption, the other is harvest, it depends on you.With what kind of posture to bear.

fools complain, but eat up the defeats of life.

can a wise man come to the top if he is silent.

if you don't argue about bad things, you are wise

writer Zhou Guoping once said: "Life should have uncompetitive wisdom."

the road of life, don't argue with bad people, don't get entangled with broken things.

in the movie Let the bullets fly, there is a passage that makes me feel deeply.

Xiao Liu ate a bowl of cold noodles in a small restaurant.

unexpectedly, something bad happened: he was falsely accused of eating two bowls of cold noodles.

Xiao Liu was angry, so he argued with others, and there were more and more onlookers, and there were people with ulterior motives booing around.

he was so worried that he couldn't argue, but he didn't want to be accused of giving a bowl of pink money.

Finally, he cut open his abdomen with a knife and took out a bowl of bloody cold noodles to prove to everyone, "is there only one bowl of powder?"

the truth came out, and the spectators left, but he fell in a pool of blood and never woke up.

won a bowl of powder, but lost his life, it's not worth it.

the TV series "the way of Heaven" also has such a plot.

Ding Yuanying went to the breakfast shop to order a bowl of wonton. As soon as she walked out the door after eating, the landlady stopped him and said he didn't pay.

he paused, looked at her for two seconds, said nothing, and gave her the money.

but another customer said, I paid the money as soon as I saw him coming.

the landlady opened her mouth and was about to fight back, but Ding Yuanying left without looking back.

in his eyes, instead of fighting over bad things, it is better to save time and do something more useful.

Primary six and Ding Yuanying, both in the face of framing by the shopkeeper, have different endings.

the former insisted on fighting over whether it was black and white and died on the spot, while the latter accepted to pay and floated away.

as Nietzsche said in the other side of good and Evil, "when you gaze into the abyss, the abyss stares at you."

The best way to avoid falling into the abyss is to stay away from the abyss.

the more you struggle with people about one thing, the worse the situation awaits you.

when you encounter a bad thing, take a step back and leave it alone is the best way to deal with it.

instead of competing with something meaningless, focus on yourself and live your life.

I like Yu Qiuyu's sentence in "searching for China":

"if a person's life pattern is large, he will not sink into trifles."

walking in the world, whether it goes well or not does not depend on the creation of fate, but on the height of seeing things and the pattern of doing things.

when a person has seen a high mountain and sea, he will not be bound by the little things in front of him.

No matter what you've been through, don't let it put a yoke on your heart.

, learn to be silent, improve yourself, and travel light.