The reason why a person is irritable to his relatives and kind to outsiders is.
The reason why a person is irritable to his relatives and kind to outsiders is.
If you are lucky enough to meet, please cherish it.

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as the old saying goes: home is fighting against each other, and home is so angry and ugly.

there is always such a strange phenomenon in the world: outsiders are polite and tolerant, but they are harsh and irritable to their relatives.

as a result, there are endless family disputes, quarrels and anger.

Why is this happening?

in fact, the reason behind it is very simple, but very heart-wrenching.

unscrupulous because of being spoiled

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as the saying goes, "empty energy includes the sun, the moon and the stars, the earth, mountains and rivers."

Vanity can contain all things, so it is widely integrated.

the reason why a person is always unscrupulous is that he has relatives who are as tolerant and tolerant as vanity.

Qian Zhongshu wrote such a plot in Fortress besieged:

after Fang Hung-chien married Sun Jou-chia, the pressure of life ensued, so they both chose to vent their grievances on the other.

in this regard, Fang Hung-chien said proudly, "in the past, when I was aggrieved and angry, I could only keep it in my heart, and no one was my punching bag.

now it's better to lose your temper with anyone than to lose your temper with your wife! So, why do we unconsciously choose to lose our temper with our loved ones when we are under great pressure?

there is a concept in psychology called "retrogression", which means that when you encounter setbacks, you will degenerate to face setbacks and stress in the way of a child.

at this time, you will expose your true nature in front of the people closest to you.

because you know that if you scold an outsider, they will leave you and hurt you. But your loved ones are safe, and if you are angry with them, you will be forgiven; if you take it out on them, you will be cared for.

therefore, you will always be kind to outsiders and do whatever you want in front of your relatives.

the care and treasure of your loved ones will let you know that no matter what you do, you will be forgiven.

but home is a place to talk about love, not a shelter for bad emotions.

Don't leave your family with your worst temper.

No matter how close you are, you will be disappointed and cold.

youdao is: "parents and wives live together because of karma, for example, when they send guests, they are separated."

being lucky to be relatives in this life is the guide of fate.

the fate is shallow and easy to disperse, and you should cherish it deeply. If you don't appreciate and cherish it, you will be disappointed and cold.

the writer Ernest Hemingway is famous, but his family is very unhappy.

Hemingway experienced four marriages in his life, and his second wife admired him very much and bore him two children.

but Hemingway not only never cared for his wife, but was tired of the noise at home, so he often left his weak wife at home and went out hunting alone.

the husband's apathy finally let his wife down and ended in divorce.

the selfish and irascible Hemingway not only led to his unhappy marriage, but also failed everywhere in his life, and finally committed suicide because of severe depression.

although family members share weal and woe and share joys and sorrows, they do not have to respect and take care of them.

Family members should be close to each other and should not be unscrupulous just because they are close to anyone.

the Heart Sutra tells us: "there is no hindrance in the heart, no terror."

all you can hurt are the people who love you the most.

your temper anytime, anywhere, is a harm to your loved ones. Once the wound is left, no amount of compensation can cover up the scar.

cracks between people often start with a bad mood.

Please don't hurt because of closeness, whether you are a lover or a relative.

relatives are not our punching bag. Learn to be considerate and respect, so that the family can be happy and harmonious.

A person's greatest upbringing is to be kind to his family

as the saying goes, "if you hate and love, you cannot reach the Dharma."

only by letting go of one's hatred and love can one be free from troubles.

when you are kind to your family, your life will go well.

A successful businessman is heavily in debt in the early days of his business.

that difficult time made her break down several times.

but whenever she comes home late at night, she always stands under a plane tree to have a rest before entering the door.

then she poured out all the pains and troubles of the day to the plane tree. when she was in a good mood, she would happily push open the door of the house, leaving her family with harmony and peace.

Today, this businessman who travels alone in Beijing has successfully made hundreds of millions of assets and has become a famous female entrepreneur. she is the host Li Jing.

enter the door in another way, throw away your temper and change your fate.

A person's future is hidden in his attitude towards his family.

if something goes wrong, he complains about his family, and his life must not be happy. On the contrary, when a person is self-willed and treats his family kindly, his life is happy and his life is naturally smooth.

the ancients said: "where the mind is calm, God is happy, and God is happy."

A harmonious family is the most likely to be blessed.

when you learn to put some of your kindness and patience with outsiders on your family, you will find that there are less and less troubles, more happiness, and more possessions.

it is a person's highest self-cultivation to bring a good mood to his relatives.

as the old saying goes: when it comes to origin, it will gather, and when it comes to its end, it will break up.

the encounter between peopleIt's a fate.

there are many people you meet in this world, but few can tolerate you except your family.

the one who is closest to you is your family, and the one who loves you most is also your family.

Please cherish it if you are lucky to meet each other.

treat your family with more consideration, understanding and calmness, keep your temper down and make it difficult for your family to think about it.

know how to cherish, the family can be happy for a long time; learn to be grateful, life can be plain sailing!

, may you and I both complain less and be more satisfied with our families. To believe that your pleasant face, in exchange for the blessing of a family!