How many people lost to the slow Horse Law?
How many people lost to the slow Horse Law?
The real tiredness is not the struggle, but the confusion in the heart.

tell me about a recent incident.

A friend who works in the construction industry came to complain to me in the evening.

said that he chatted with colleagues during the day and found that the new graduates in the department were paid more than themselves.

think about the fact that I have been in the company for almost seven years. I have a lot of work to do in drawing, raising funds, and running construction sites.

"it's so suffocating. You said I've been here so long that I've worked hard without merit. This stupid job is really not interesting at all. "

looking at his righteous indignation, I couldn't help suggesting:

"since you are so aggrieved, why not try another company?"

he stopped talking soon.

as many people may know, the more business trips you have in the construction industry, the greater the opportunities for development.

but my friend has not been very enterprising all the time. Every time the company arranges a business trip, he feels too hard. Either he has something at home, or he escapes the business trip under the pretext of not feeling well.

apart from sitting in front of the computer and drawing mechanically, I don't do any extra work every day, and I go home from work at that time.

it is said that he has been working for seven years, but in fact, his ability has been turning around all the time, and his strength is obviously not as strong as that of young people.

mingling, it becomes the lowest cost-effective existence in the workplace without paying attention.

I have seen a very poignant remark on the Internet:

"in this era, artificial intelligence like people is not terrible, the terrible thing is that people live more and more like artificial intelligence. "

have you noticed that there are many people around us like the friends I just mentioned:

he looks conscientious every day and never arrives late and leaves early, but it's never his turn to get a promotion and a raise.

I felt the crisis when I saw the young newcomers running to the front of themselves.

while holding the past "toil book" to complain, while thinking about a different way out.

however, with full length of service, there is no capital for job-hopping.

can only jump into the endless cycle of "complaining-continuing to dawdle-complaining again" day after day.

there is a wide story within Huawei.

an old employee complained that "there is no hard work even if there is no hard work" because he did not have himself on the promotion list.

when the manager heard this, he immediately criticized him severely:

"what is hard work? Toil is ineffective labor.

invalid labor is a waste. It would be nice if I didn't let you lose money. What nonsense do you have to do? "

there were statistics that people spend most of their life at work except sleeping.

A lot of people just want to get through the eight hours at work, but don't think about how to make it more valuable.

as the workplace mogul he Jiayan said:

"when you dawdle along at work, you are actually wasting your time.

because you think your time is worthless, how can your salary be high? "

want to get rid of the status quo but do not bother to improve themselves, disdainful of the work at hand and irreplaceable.

seems to have 10 years of experience, but the same day is only repeated for 10 years.

every day you muddle through is the biggest waste in your life.

writer Huo Yang, when people look back on their work experience in middle age, he once said with emotion:

"living in running water, you are constantly changing for the better.

living like a stagnant water, you are killing time, killing time and killing back and forth

, it's the same person who stays the same, or even gets worse. "

A man can deceive himself, but as a result he won't act with you.

dawdling along and hanging out for time may bring temporary relief and comfort.

but every day of obscurity will make you fall farther and farther behind by the people around you.

A friend from the media once mentioned two of his colleagues.

Lao Zhang, who graduated from a prestigious school, is a veteran who joined the company when it was founded.

at first, his colleagues worshipped him and often heard him talk about his "great achievements" in the past



but it was not long before everyone found that the hype in his mouth was so-so, but the results were mediocre.

rely on his own seniority, perfunctory work, as soon as he has a job, he likes to use interns.

and another colleague, Xiao Yang, has just started.

because of his ordinary education, he is often excluded by a group of veteran employees headed by Lao Zhang.

he also knew his gap, so he tried hard to catch up.

often stay after work to study business, and take part in some industry training on weekends.

after six months on the job, he became the main force of the department and was promoted to deputy in less than two years.

but before long, Lao Zhang was forced to resign because he repeatedly failed to meet the standards of his assessment.

do you remember the slow horse law in psychology?

the next second, the owner sent him to the slaughterhouse.

there is a saying that is very true: "these are the rules of the world. As long as your value is lower than that of others, you will be mercilessly eliminated."

the time you waste in fooling around will slowly turn into an abyss that traps you.

makes you watch others advance at full speed, but there is nothing you can do about it.

I have a friend who makes advertisements, who is famous in the circle of desperate San Niang.

when I first joined the company, I was joined by aunts who had just graduated.Mother boy, you can do whatever is assigned above.

she is different. She always runs around here and there to ask, offering herself a job.

after a long time, everyone slowly slacked off a little bit.

clock out on time every day, go shopping and play, and feel that your work is worthy of your salary.

as for her, she always stays foolishly to study the latest cases in the industry and revise the copywriting over and over again.

her colleagues all say that she is sincere and feel that this is the only salary, so why fight for it?

she smiled and said, "I don't work for my boss, I work for my resume."

A few years ago, she asked me about the sideline of new media.

she always says:

"now society is changing so fast that I really don't want to be eliminated from the workplace and abandoned by the times one day.

Don't say a day, I really don't want to waste a minute. "

every time I talk to her, I think of a sentence:

"the road to success is not crowded, because most people choose comfort."

psychologist Wu Zhihong told a meaningful story.

an apple tree bore ten fruits in the first year, but nine of them were picked.

the more it thinks about it, the more aggrieved it becomes, and it simply cuts off its meridians, which is not long.

"if you grow up desperately and casually, the result is the same, so why try so hard?"

this makes the apple tree feel more at ease.

but it forgot that it could have had 500 or 1000 in the third and fifth years.

time is the fairest thing in the world. If you choose to get rid of it, it will send you away in turn.

every day that could have made you better, once wasted, will not be repeated.

in this ever-changing era, we will not wait for anyone to wander around.

you can't just do yourself well, you have to do it better than others.

it is the greatest truth for ordinary people to do a little more today than yesterday, and to master a little more tomorrow than today.

only when you have bowls and chopsticks can you always have food to eat.

maybe many people heard this fable when they were young.

when Ma and Donkey heard that the Tang monk was going to the western sky to learn scriptures, the donkey felt that the trip was fraught with difficulties and gave up.

stay in the countryside, pulling goods and carrying luggage for the landlords.

but the horse immediately followed and went through 9981 difficulties to get back the true sutra.

the donkey asked, "Brother, are you tired and hard on your way?"

Ma replied with a smile:

it was not that I was not afraid of hardship, but that I knew it would be harder to dawdle along. "

at this moment, you may be losing your passion in your day-to-day work.

maybe you are up all night because your career path is getting narrower and narrower.

but don't forget that the real tiredness of living is not the tiredness of struggle, but the anxiety and confusion of the heart.

the greatest hardship in life is not the pain of working overtime, but the powerlessness and despair of facing life.

when you really start working for yourself, all the difficulties will give in to you.

the classes you have worked on, the projects you have done, and the skills you have learned will become your strength.

so that at any time, you will not be inferior to anyone for the sake of life.

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