Congratulations, they finally remarried!
Congratulations, they finally remarried!
Stay together for a lifetime, never give up.

emotion is the most complicated thing in the world.

one second, he may have decided to stay out of touch with each other because of a quarrel.

the second after the real loss, I suddenly realized what the other person meant to me.

as a result, divorce or remarriage, on and off, has become a constant drama between lovers.

Guo Jingfei should feel deeply about this.

in the TV series "chasing Love Family" not long ago, but in the first episode, Guo Jingfei announced his remarriage to the former wife official played by Tan Zhuo, which is so efficient.

people around them actually don't understand their decision.

in the eyes of others, the two are completely poles apart and do not fit in at all.

one is a university teacher, with the posture of a veteran cadre every day, who likes to preach and be fastidious, while the other has a hot temper and is unrestrained in trivialities, and no one can stop him from making a fuss.

in marriages that have been going on for more than several years, frictions and quarrels are eternal themes.

so why remarry?

Guo Jingfei gave such an answer: "emotional dependence."

Tan Zhuo explained with a smile, "I just can't live without me."

A sentence that seems to be a joke points out the true meaning of marriage.

most couples who really last long are like this.

they are also ordinary people who quarrel because of their different personalities and often have different values.

but unlike others, they can see affection in firewood, rice, oil, soy sauce and vinegar tea and gain sincerity in daily trifles. There will be romance before flowers and under the moon, as well as the daily routine of walking hand in hand.

in the ordinary and unpredictable life, you can't do without me, I need you.

walk all the way in the wind and rain.

enter into an engagement today and hope to stay together until the end of the day.

this should be the best way of love in the eyes of Chinese people.

it is a pity that nowadays people are too impetuous and take my feelings too seriously. Both marriage and divorce are in a fast pace.

as a result, that kind of long-flowing feelings can only be seen in the elderly couple.

there have always been such couples in life, and they will also have all kinds of shortcomings, but their words and deeds explain to us the deep feelings of growing old together, which is worth learning by young people.

have seen such a video.

on an ordinary afternoon, the 70-year-old grandfather sneaked up to his grandmother to play a "prank".

Grandma turned around and saw Grandpa holding flowers in his hand and kneeling on one knee:

"if there is an afterlife, would you still be my wife?"

Grandma said with disgust, "I'm still kneeling at such an old age," but she couldn't hide a smile all over her face.

Q: if there is an afterlife, would you still be with me?

answer: even if there are quarrels and complaints, as long as there are flowers and love, I will enjoy it no matter how many lives I have.

some time ago, volunteers in Hunan received a special invitation.

they are going to secretly help their 88-year-old grandfather prepare a romantic confession ceremony.

dozens of photos are nailed all over the corridor, framed by the good memories of the old couple over the past 65 years.

it turns out that Grandma suffered from Alzheimer's disease two years ago.

Grandpa was afraid that she would forget herself, so he specially chose to confess his love again on their 65th anniversary, hoping that Grandma would always remember everything about them.

"I like you, I love you most, how could I not like you?"

We spend spring, summer, autumn and winter together, from youth to white head.

even if you will eventually forget, I also hope to let you know that I love you the moment before you forget.

on the other side of the world, a grandfather who also suffers from Alzheimer's disease performs the same romance as above.

Grandpa fell in love again with his grandma who "met for the first time".

"can you live with me?"

Grandma was pushed back to the wall by Grandpa's "hooliganism", and she was as shy as a little girl.

I will fall in love with you again.

A netizen came across a pair of old people while driving.

Grandpa carries Grandma on his bike, while Grandma sits sideways with flowers in her arms, as if she were young.

onlookers can't help saying, "Uncle, how romantic you are!"

but the uncle waved his hand.

"you don't understand the romance of the elderly!"

We can still travel by bike if you like.

all you have to do is sit in the back seat and hold the flowers I sent you.

the flower tells us to cherish the moment when it is in full bloom, and so is our love.

Zhangye, Gansu Province, a conversation made many people laugh and cry.

Grandma's personal care has been taken care of by her grandfather since she was unable to move.

feed, dress and go to the bathroom.

after a day's hard work, Grandma said sadly, "you are too tired."

Grandpa answered the question several times.

Grandma didn't bother to repeat it over and over again, and sat up and said.

Grandpa finally heard this clearly and just smiled and said "not tired" and urged Grandma to lie down.

netizens said: "Grandpa doesn't understand because he doesn't feel tired."

you marryWhen I gave it to me, I promised to take care of you for the rest of my life.

even if I am old, I still want to protect you as before.

in the ward, a pair of old people are about to die.

the two looked at each other in silence, just holding hands.

Grandma was afraid to face the fact that Grandpa was going to leave. She was buried in Grandpa's arms and couldn't stop crying.

Grandpa can only wipe away the tears from his grandmother's eyes again and again.

on the other side, facing his unconscious wife lying in the hospital bed, Grandpa wanted to hug but dared not.

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can only say in a hoarse voice, "just give me a few more days."

even if Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) always comes to an end, only this life-and-death hatred will never end.

in fact, with such a long age, I have already looked down on life and death, but I still don't want you to leave me.

Qian Zhongshu once described love like this:

"I never thought about getting married before I met her. After all these years with her, I never thought of marrying another woman. "

True love may not be as vigorous as that described in the novel.

but for the parties, the life with each other is bound to be satisfactory and contented.

well, I sincerely hope that everyone will meet the right person who is willing to accompany you to the end.

stay with each other for a lifetime, never give up.