Zhang Wenhong sent an urgent message late at night: 800 days of anti-epidemic, we ushered in the most difficult time!
Zhang Wenhong sent an urgent message late at night: 800 days of anti-epidemic, we ushered in the most difficult time!
Come on, Chinese.


from January 2020 to March 2022.

3 years.

800 days of anti-epidemic.

just when we thought that the epidemic had passed and spring had arrived, a new round of epidemic quickly swept across more than 20 provinces across the country, taking everyone by surprise.

Today, with the siege of a new round of epidemic, many people can no longer bear the limit and exhaustion.

as a result, some people are worried that our country spends so much human and financial resources to adhere to the practice of "zero clearance": "when will it end if this goes on?"

others have suggested that we should refer to those

completely let go

countries, symbiosis with the epidemic.

people's panic and anxiety collapse is a more serious thing than the epidemic.

at 01:39 on March 14, Dr. Zhang Wenhong, a vilified but insistent voice, posted a long Weibo telling the following truth:

"We have been through many difficult times, but today is the most difficult time for us to fight the epidemic for 800 days.


this kind of difficulty is not only the spread of the epidemic across the country.

but the mental difficulty of the exhaustion of the people, the difficulty of choosing the way to fight the epidemic, and the difficulty of understanding the national conditions and policies.

in the past two days, I have consulted a lot of materials and sorted out the six issues that you are most concerned about.

the epidemic concerns everyone.

so, you must read today's article--

this epidemic,

how serious is it?

overnight, it blossomed everywhere and made a comeback, sweeping more than 20 provinces across the country.

Jilin, Shandong, Guangdong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, Hebei, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Chongqing.

Jilin Province added more than 2000 cases a day.

there is a sudden increase of more than 3000 cases a day across the country.

the number of medium-and high-risk areas in the mainland has now increased to more than 200.

I will no longer enumerate the outbreaks in various places.

Friends who are in the center of the epidemic all have skin-cutting and real feelings:

this epidemic is far more serious than expected.

if we say that the previous epidemic is like a gopher game, where the epidemic emerges, we will concentrate our manpower and material resources to wipe it out and fight it down.

so this epidemic is like all the gophers popping up at the same time.

the key point is that after fighting for such a long time, in the face of this sudden change in painting style, we are exhausted and miserable, and on the other hand, we have to face up to difficulties and continue to fight.

the virus now spreading,

which one is it?

novel coronavirus has undergone several rounds of upgrading and equipment upgrading after the global pandemic.

at present, most of the outbreaks in the world are O'Micron.

at present, outbreaks in many places in China (including Hong Kong) are caused by Omicron BA.2.

Omicron mutant strain, there are three subtypes:




among them, Omicron BA.2 mutant is called "invisible Omicron".

it has two "strong":

extremely hidden--

at first, the infected person had no obvious symptoms, which made the infected person become a virus petri dish and a mobile source of infection without being aware of it.

strong transmission power--

Jilin Provincial Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on March 12 that the Omicron BA.2 mutant was 30% more infectious than the original mutant BA.1.

if community transmission occurs, the number of cases of infection can double in 2 to 3 days.

because of this, there were only 119 local cases in China on March 1.

but on March 12th, there was a sudden surge of 3122 cases.

11 days has increased by 30 times.

and the on-campus infection (Jilin Institute of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology) and the hospital infection (Shanghai sixth people's Hospital) are super serious.

the most important thing is that at present, this wave of epidemic situation in our country is still on the rise.

everyone should be prepared psychologically.

in the face of this epidemic,

what is the hardest part for us?

the hardest part is actually the exhaustion and depression of the state of mind under high pressure.

since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, almost everyone has been waiting for the epidemic to end soon.

because of this kind of panic, anxiety, inability to move freely, and the frequent suspension of work and school, it is too hard.

originally, everyone thought that in the spring of 2022, we would survive the long winter night and usher in the willows and flowers.

who knows, a new round of epidemic is coming again.

the scope is larger than we thought, the epidemic is fierce, and the task is heavy.

therefore, in the mood of disappointment, many people will be psychologically negative and slack, and the action will be laborious and slow.

this is the only wayIs the scariest place.

from the lessons of the epidemic outbreak:

the mind is confused and the mind is lax, which is more frightening than the virus itself.

this is why Dr. Zhang Wenhong has always stressed in Weibo that "rhythm should not be disorderly and confidence should not be lost."

China's fight against the epidemic has come to this day. In such a large country and such a large population, it depends on the methodical cooperation and the will to unite as one.

the fight against the epidemic is a protracted war.

it's hard to be consistent.

however, we have fought so many difficult battles ahead that we cannot and have no reason to waste all our previous efforts.

the vaccine we have been vaccinated,

work or not?


is very useful.

whether domestic or international, scientists have proved through a large number of studies:

the vaccine does not prevent infection.

that is to say, if you are vaccinated, you will still be infected with COVID-19.

but the vaccine is very effective in reducing severe illness and mortality.

Research shows that after two injections of the vaccine, the effectiveness of preventing severe cases is 25% to 70%.

after three injections of the vaccine, the preventive effect can reach 50% to 75%, and the prevention rate of death can reach 85% to 99%.

Dr. Zhang Wenhong's team studied 2266 cases (mostly overseas imported cases) admitted to Shanghai in the past six months:

94% of people have been vaccinated.

but there are only 0.1% of severe cases.

therefore, it is believed that vaccination and active vaccination are the best prescription to avoid aggravation of the disease after infection.

especially the third needle.

would like to know.

many countries have been relieved.

Why are we still fighting to death?

Let me first show you two pieces of data:

since the outbreak, more than 81.18 million people have been diagnosed and more than 990000 people have died in the United States, with a total population of 327 million.

Britain, with a total population of 66.48 million, has more than 19.36 million confirmed cases and more than 160000 deaths.

and our country, with a total population of 1.4 billion, has a cumulative diagnosis of 390000


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persons, the cumulative death rate was 9482.

this comparison does not only show that our country has done a good job in epidemic prevention, with fewer infections and fewer deaths.

but the description:

the so-called mass immunity in Europe and the United States comes at the cost of huge death.

British scientists have taken blood samples from adults and come to the conclusion that

98.7% of the people sampled out antibodies.

but of these, 24.1% of the people acquired antibodies after being infected with COVID-19.

the "relief" of Western countries is actually in exchange for the lives of the common people.

includes children under the age of 12 who cannot be vaccinated, and many elderly people who suffer from underlying diseases and have low immunity.

think about it:

if we follow the example of Western countries and choose to symbiosis with the epidemic, then our large country with a population of 1.4 billion, the number of infected people will be 10 times or even dozens of times that of Western countries.

even hundreds of millions.

because before, we have been adopting strict prevention and control measures. 1.4 billion people have not been infected with COVID-19. As of February this year, more than 1.2 billion people in our country had been vaccinated against COVID-19, with a vaccination rate of 87 percent.

if tens or even hundreds of millions of our people are infected, there will still be many people who are not protected by antibodies and can easily develop into critically ill patients.

includes the elderly and children.

not to mention our medical conditions, whether we can treat so many infected people, not to mention whether the Western media, which stir up shit sticks, will wantonly attack us, let's just say:

this disaster of parting from life and death falls to every specific family, which is unbearable.

this is also the reason why Dr. Zhang Wenhong stressed in an interview on March 7 that "the reason why we cannot relax our vigilance is that we have to pay a huge death price."

We have too many people.

the vaccination rate is already high, but it is far from enough.

in the collective character of the Chinese nation, family affection and life are valued above all else.

these are all the reasons why we can't relax our vigilance and have to fight to death!

next battle,

how do we deal with it?

"recently, China continues to adopt the social zero clearance strategy, and it is very important to suppress the rapid spread of the fifth wave of Omicron epidemic at a completely controllable level.

but this does not mean that we will permanently adopt the strategy of city closure and comprehensive testing. "

in the early morning of March 14, Dr. Zhang Wenhong gave the following reasons:

first, Omicron BA.2 has strong concealment and high infectivity, but the case fatality rate has been very low.

this is no excuse for us to slack off.

but that's why we don't have to panic.

second, the state is currently doing everything possible to build a safety barrier against epidemic.