You teach you what other people do to you.
You teach you what other people do to you.
In any good relationship, you give me a foot of respect, and I'll pay you back.

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at an exchange meeting, a young man vexed to ask Li Kaifu:

"Why am I not welcome, when my classmates see me, they don't say hello or smile at me?


Li Kaifu looked at him and asked:

Do you say hello to them? Do you smile at them? "

hearing this, the young man was silent.

the Gospel of Matthew says, "you have to treat others as you want others to treat you."

the most poignant truth between people is that everything you give to others will come back to you.

you actually teach you what others do to you.

if you respect others, others will respect you

the famous British writer George Bernard Shaw was invited to visit a country.

one day after dinner, he was walking in the streets of a foreign country and saw a little girl playing games alone.

in a moment of childishness, George Bernard Shaw went over to play with the little girl.

when he left, he smiled and said to the little girl:

"go back and tell your mother that you played games with world celebrity George Bernard Shaw on the street today.


the little girl looked up at him, followed his tone and said:

"you go back and tell your mother that today you played games with Anna, the cutest little girl in the world.


the answer surprised Bernard Shaw, who immediately realized his arrogance and rudeness and apologized to the little girl.

since then, he paid more attention to his words and deeds, treated others humbly, and finally became a writer respected all over the world.

agrees with the sentence: "you may not respect the obligations of others, and you won't get the right to be cared about either."

those who respect others are always respected by others. If you are courteous and courteous to others, others will treat you as if you were a guest of honor.

on one occasion, scholar Ye Shu-sui visited Zhou Zuoren's house with friends.

after knocking at the door, an old man in a vest came out. They bowed respectfully and explained why they had come.

when the old man heard that he was looking for Zhou Zuoren, he hurriedly said, "Zhou Zuoren lives opposite."

so they knocked on the door next door. Unexpectedly, the people who came out also said that Zhou Zuoren lived opposite.

they had to turn back, and it was the old man who opened the door this time.

The difference is that he put on a neat coat. The old man said, "I am Zhou Zuoren. I was rude just now."

Zhou Zuoren's modesty and respect for the younger generation left a deep impression on Ye Shusui and made him greatly admire Zhou's behavior.

think of a sentence said by the philosopher Kant:

"I respect any independent soul, although I do not agree with some, but I can understand as much as possible."

the first thing to do when dealing with people is to give them enough respect.

respect other people's interests, respect their values, and respect each other's differences.

Let go of your sense of identity, bend over and keep your head down.

when you really value others from the bottom of your heart, they will repay the same trust and love.

if you understand others, others will understand you

there is such a heartbreaking phrase on the Internet:

if I treated you the way you treated me, I'm afraid you would have been angry to death;

if I had treated you the way you treated me, I'm afraid you would have broken your heart.

there are no two identical leaves in the world, let alone two people who think exactly the same.

any relationship that wants to last is inseparable from mutual tolerance and mutual understanding.

Russia's two great writers, Tolstoy and Turgenev, had a fierce conflict over education.

when the two quarreled, Turgenev was furious and said, "if you talk like that again, I'll slap you in the face."

Tolstoy immediately got up and went home to find the pistol bullet, ready to fight Turgenev.

but after a while, Turgenev realized that he had gone too far.

he remembered that Tolstoy had always advocated a simple life, which was different from his own, which was understandable.

so he immediately wrote a letter of apology to Tolstoy.

when Tolstoy received the letter, he was also ashamed of his impulsive behavior and immediately wrote back to make amends.

the two made up and maintained a lifelong friendship.

Su Shi has a popular poem:

"there are steep peaks on the side of the winding mountains, but there are a variety of things in the past from far and low."

many contradictions between people stem from the fact that when looking at problems, everyone only stands on their own point of view.

pedestrians feel that drivers are on the rampage and drivers feel that pedestrians are obstructing traffic.

the husband wants his wife to care more, and the wife wants her husband to share the housework.

Children want their parents to be more patient, and parents want their children to become successful as soon as possible.

No one is wrong, it's just a different position.

Mahatma Gandhi said: "everything should be in the other's position. This is the most effective way to achieve understanding."

when people get along with others, they might as well think more of others and put themselves in the shoes of others.

with more understanding and tolerance, there will be less misunderstandings and disputes in life.

to give others a consideration, but also to give yourself a decency.

if you are kind to others, others will be kind to you

archaic sayingAs the saying goes, "it is not polite to go but not to come; it is not polite to come but not to go."

in the adult world, if you treat others well, they often return your feelings for you.

I have heard such a story.

A businessman named John, the company he runs is not going to last.

in order to save the company on the verge of bankruptcy, John decided to find his friends and ask his regular customers to give advice and help.

he wrote a lot of letters, but when he was ready to mail them, he found that he couldn't even afford stamps.

John thought for a moment that if he couldn't afford to buy stamps himself, how could others be willing to spend money on stamps to reply to him.

so he sold all his valuable things and bought a lot of stamps.

and attach three dollars to each letter as postage in reply.

his friends and customers were surprised to receive the letter because the three dollars had already exceeded the price of a stamp.

at the same time, I was very moved by John's thoughtfulness and took care of everyone's possible distress.

they remembered the good deeds that John had helped him in the past, and the good things he had usually done.

In the end, everyone sent letters back to John, some said they could contribute, others said they could contribute, and even some regular customers placed orders directly.

in this way, with the help of everyone, John's company survived the crisis safely.

Emerson said:

"one of the most beautiful compensations in life is that after people sincerely help others, they also help themselves."

everyone has a scale in his heart, weighing himself, but more others.

if you value love and righteousness, you will never give up; if you pour out your money to help, you will win strong support in the end.

Please believe that every tenderness and kindness you give will not be disappointed.

I have seen a micro movie.

in the film, a young man is in a hurry to catch the bus, but he doesn't have any change.

when he saw a newsstand next to him, he went to take a newspaper, threw a hundred-dollar bill to the old man who sold the newspaper, and said arrogantly, "Old man, hurry up with the change!"

the old man glanced at him coldly, threw the bill back and said, "I don't have time to give you change!"

the young man was very angry, but he had no choice but to go away resentfully.

then came another man who wanted to change the bus. He walked up to the newsstand with a big smile on his face and said respectfully to the old man:

"Sir, I want to buy a newspaper, but I only have one for 100 yuan. Could you help me find it?"

the old man waved his hand and said with a smile:

"I really can't change this change today, but for your attitude, you can take these two yuan in the car first and give it to me next time you come."

With these words, he stuffed the money into his hand.

is also the change, the former is defiant, the result is a snuff, while the latter is modest and polite, in exchange for the kindness of others.

think of a sentence in the Book of songs: "vote me with papaya and return it with Qiongyao." Bandits will always think of it as good. "

everything in the world is mutual.

in any good relationship, you respect me, and I'll pay you back.

what you want from others, you have to give them first.

what you do to others actually teaches them how to treat you.

there is no one in the world who is an isolated island. Only when we compare our hearts with each other can we get close to each other and warm to each other.

, if you put others at ease, you will naturally win the tenderness of others.