You spend your whole life as you spend your morning.
You spend your whole life as you spend your morning.
From tomorrow, you will find something different when you get up 30 minutes earlier than usual.

have you ever had this experience?

late at night, hiding in the quilt quietly swiping the phone, said to go to bed early, but always can not help staying up late;

at dawn, I pressed the alarm clock again and again, got up and went out, and didn't even have time to have breakfast.

you are in a hurry, with thick dark circles under your eyes and in a hurry.

the plan of the day lies in the morning. We spend the rest of our lives as we spend the morning.

three lights in the morning, three fears in the evening.

when a chicken flies and a dog jumps in the morning, it doesn't go well to do anything all day; if you are full of joy in the morning, it makes you feel bright and energetic.

early to bed and early to rise is the most cost-effective self-discipline

Franklin said: "I have never seen an early riser complain about bad fate. Good character, good habits and strong will will not be defeated by the so-called fate."

getting up early is not to clock in to show off, but a kind of deep-rooted self-discipline.

self-media blogger Liang Shuang is a typical early riser. She has got up around 05:30 every morning for the past 15 years.

the benefits of going to bed and getting up early are obvious. Her skin is better, her complexion is red, she has more hobbies and she is in a good mood.

every morning, her family is not awake and her colleagues will not disturb her. She uses this time to read and write to open up a world of her own after work and life.

the constant writing day after day has transformed her from an amateur writer to a best-selling author.

for many adults, it is difficult to find a whole period of undisturbed time.

I am busy at work and have a lot of chores after work, but I have no time for myself.

over time, the body is tired and the state of mind breaks down.

and making good use of the early morning is the antidote to this vicious circle.

the time of getting up early is always slow, like an extra gift in addition to daily life.

No matter how hard the days are, no matter how difficult life is, we can arrange the minutes and seconds of the morning according to our own wishes and rhythm.

We can get up early and think about life to ease our emotions, or we can do what we like without distractions.

this sense of fulfillment and pleasure is fascinating, like stealing an hour or two for no reason every day, accumulating countless surprises.

Control the morning before you can control your life

there is a line in "Cherry Ball": "I want to tell people all over the world about the wonderful feeling of getting up early!"

how wonderful is the feeling of getting up early?

there is a Filipe speaker on TED who sets himself a "21-day early riser challenge" and insists on getting up at 04:30 every day.

when he started getting up early, he found that no one was working at 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning, so he could respond to all messages carefree and efficiently, giving himself a burden-free inbox early in the morning.

he also uses this time to exercise and keep fit, bathed in the sunrise when jogging, and feels great when he sees scenery that he can't see normally.

these cozy feelings are hard to imagine lying in bed.

because he starts work earlier every day, he can get off work early, have a drink with friends and enjoy the sunset.

his behavior of getting up early has been praised by many media and imitated by netizens all over the world.

some netizens said frankly: "since getting up early, I am more energetic and do things more actively."

Yes, getting up early makes people feel that the day is very long, and there are naturally more things to do than others.

in addition to extending the length of life, getting up early can also improve the texture of life and make us feel more in control of life.

what awakens with us every morning is not only an ordinary body, but also a high fighting spirit.

during this time, we can recharge ourselves and do everything we want to do but don't have time to do, whether it's reading, writing, or learning English, sports, or meditation.

these things nourish our body and mind day after day and make us live a more confident life.

when we can calmly spend every morning, we will not be confused, no longer negative escape, and thus have an open life.

how to have a good morning and be a winner in life?

whether you get up early or not are two completely different attitudes towards life.

how to make good use of getting up early so that every minute can add value to the future?

to provide you with three practical tips.

first, set a positive frequency

you can tell yourself every morning, "Today is a wonderful day,"Today is a productive day," and so on.

the words that describe the day can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

there is a magical phenomenon in psychology called "self-corroboration prophecy", that is, what you want to be, what you really will become.

when you set a positive frequency for the day, it's easy to adjust your state even if you encounter something bad.

second, practice high energy posture

from the moment we get up, the posture of the body affects our thinking.

when we set the positive frequency, the body should also open it synchronously.

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"high energy posture" thisIt is mentioned in this book that changing posture can change the endocrine and neurological state of the brain, making people full of strength in just 2 minutes.

Common high-energy postures, such as jumping upward, gently patting the back with your hands, imagining yourself as Wonder woman with your hands on your hips, and opening your hands like an Olympic champion.

these postures can quickly ward off tension, flinching and hesitation, making the new day at its best.

third, eat the big frog

when you get up early and your brain is awake, it is most suitable to eat big frogs.

what is "big frog"? Those are the difficult and important things.

everyone is afraid of difficulties and wants to do something easy, but procrastination will only make them more anxious.

as Mark Twain said, "the first thing in the morning is to eat a raw frog, and then you won't have anything worse for the day."

getting up early and eating the big frog makes us feel more confident and confident in our day's work.

excellence is a habit, laziness is a kind of inertia.

getting up early may seem like a small thing, but it can affect our lives.

as William James said, "our lives are but the sum of countless habits."

most of the time, we stay up late just because we don't have the courage to end the day.

and after staying up late, it is naturally difficult to get up early.

wasting a morning doesn't seem to matter, but what if you waste a week, a month, a year?

getting up early is like sowing seeds for the future.

if you haven't sowed, how can you talk about harvest?

you might as well get up 30 minutes earlier than usual from tomorrow, and you will find something different.

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