You don't have to test how much a person loves you. Just look at this.
You don't have to test how much a person loves you. Just look at this.
Like will be presumptuous, true love must be understanding and consideration.

the deepest love in the world is actually heartache.

just like the saying on the Internet:

"tenderness can be camouflaged, romance can be made, beauty can be decorated, only heartache is the most primitive love."

how much a person loves you, how much he will love you.

that being the case, there is no need to spend time and energy trying to find out if the other person really loves you.

it will be clear just to see if he will take practical actions to hurt you.

those who love you know how to think of others

have read a sentence:

"what I wanted was an apple, but you gave me a box of pears."

it's easy to love someone.

but it's hard to love someone the way they like.

so it is often--

I obviously give you a lot, but you don't appreciate it;

I often put up with you a lot, but you don't know it.

to put it bluntly, even if you don't put your heart into it, you won't think about TA from each other's point of view.

such love is not true love at all.

the person who really loves you and loves you will keep you in his heart. When he does everything, he can't help thinking about you and will care about and take care of your feelings.

as the saying goes:

"everyone is an egoist, and only in front of a loved one will he become an altruist."

like will be presumptuous, true love must be understanding and consideration.

understand what you understand, consider what you think, reassure you, make you feel at ease, reassure you.

therefore, if a person, although he does not say "I love you", will always stand from your point of view in ordinary life, to think about you, there is no doubt that he must be the one who really loves you.

those who love you, let you be yourself

"never stand on tiptoe to love someone."

emotional mentor Tu Lei once said a sentence, which can be described as heartbreaking and sober.

the biggest obsession in a relationship is the desire to stay with each other even though it is obviously inappropriate.

even if you give in, even if you endure more grievances and sorrows.

but often overlook the point that the harder the relationship, the longer it will last.

if a relationship always makes you feel treading on thin ice and trembling, then it must not be an ideal relationship.

really good love will make people feel relaxed and happy.

and the right person, there is no need for you to please, let alone to maintain, two people together, you can be yourself, so always comfortable.

such love is true love.

as the writer Yi Shu said: "whenever you feel hard, you are forced." True love makes people happy. if you feel pain, it must be a mistake. You need to end it in time and start all over again. "

therefore, it is better to break up a relationship that is too hard; to get along too hard, it is better to leave.

after all, life is not long and should not be wasted. Only with those who are not tired can the rest of life be warm and wonderful.

those who love you will prefer you

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what is preference?

there is a saying on the Internet:

"people who want to take you home are on their way, east, south, west and west. People who want to eat with you love the ups and downs, and those who want to contact you are free day and night."

preference is special, the only one, no one else can, but you can.

this kind of love is the deepest expression of loving a person.

like Qiao Feng in The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils.

A Zi asked him, "what's so good about Zhu? why can you only see her but not me?"

Qiao Feng said: "you are good in everything and better than her in everything. You have only one shortcoming. You are not her." Ah Zhu is Ah Zhu, the countries of the four seas, for thousands of generations, there is only one Ah Zhu. "

wish a person to be partial and generous in this life.

if a person really loves you and loves you, he will give you such preference.

wholeheartedly guard, unbridled doting, blatant companionship.

gives you the strength to do whatever you want, and gives you sense of security every day to come.

only this kind of love is worthy of the fire and fire in the world and the vast mountains and rivers.

in this world, only cough and love can not be hidden.

there is a saying on the Internet:

if you really care about a person, you will think about TA from TA's point of view.

really care about a person, always find ways to make TA feel relaxed and be himself without burden;

if you really love someone, you will leave all your favorites and spoils to TA.

Sanmao also said: "patience, tenacity, understanding, tolerance, tolerance, are all synonymous with love."

therefore, no matter how good a person is, it doesn't give you understanding, tolerance and preference, that's not much love.