You are the one I don't contact and don't want to delete.
You are the one I don't contact and don't want to delete.
May you have the tenderness treasured from the bottom of your heart and the courage to face the future.

I don't know, has such a person ever appeared in your life?

you won't get in touch with each other very often, but you will be inexplicably touched by the thought of him.

you haven't dialed his number for a long time, but every time you change your phone, you will move that string of numbers into the new phone.

you will not take the initiative to follow his news, but when you inadvertently hear it, you will immediately prick up your ears and glow in your eyes.

his existence is like a snowflake in the palm of the hand.

although I didn't stay long, the romance of that moment is enough to make people remember.

in fact, in this fickle world, not every relationship can go to the end.

it may also be a blessing to have a "person who does not contact and is reluctant to delete".

the only thing that remains unchanged in the world is that people are fickle

some time ago, I talked about marriage with my friends.

it's sad, but it's true.

the truth of life is probably:

every relationship seems to have a time limit; every time side by side, it seems to be shoulder to shoulder.

as Yu Kewei sang in passing through the World, "the only constant in the world is that people are fickle."

in the hit TV series Love is delicious, Xia Meng and Wang Jichong are a couple who are about to get married.

Xia Meng once said that Wang Jichong may be the only person in the world who understands her, understands her strength and cherishes her bravery.

Wang Jichong also said frankly that he hoped Xia Meng could be himself.

but because of a conflict at work, Wang Jichong was so angry that he admitted that a strong man like Xia Meng didn't deserve to have love.

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even moved directly out of the cabin they loved, putting an end to this nearly ten years of love.

after the two broke up, Xia Meng met Lu Bin.

Xia Meng was fascinated by the boy's sincerity and sunshine, and she soon entered a new relationship.

at this time, Wang Jichong realized that he didn't really want to give up this relationship. What he really hoped was that Xia Meng could change his strength.

but to his surprise, Xia Meng had a new love in such a short time.

the relationship between people is as fragile as a gust of wind.

blows, it breaks up, and as soon as it's over, it's gone.

No one can stand where they are and wait for each other forever.

Tagore once sighed:

the furthest distance in the world is not that the stars do not meet, but that even though the tracks converge, they are nowhere to be found in an instant.

in addition to accepting people's fickle, you should also understand:

in those long years, there was a person who was by your side;

in those dark years, there was a person who gave you light.

everyone can only walk with you for a while

when I was young, I always expected to keep everyone around me.

think that if you fall in love, it should be a lifetime; if you think a friend, it should be day and night.

I don't understand until I grow up.

maybe it's just an intersection, the former lover is separated; maybe it's just a turn around, the former friend becomes lighter.

when I first met Xiao Jing, I thought she was so valiant.

I thought, if I could, I would be friends with her for life.

when the holidays are long, they will invite each other to visit each other at home, lie on the roof and look at the stars, talking about their worries, dreams and the boys in the class next door.

later, I went to different universities and different cities.

there are more friends in the address book, and when we talk about our worries, we are no longer each other's first choice.

later, even an occasional text message and a phone call disappeared.

the news of her marriage was accidentally seen in the group of classmates, and the picture of her daughter was accidentally brushed across in the moments.

from talking about everything to the acquaintance of likes later, it is not the pull of interests or the opposite of evil words.

it's just that I forgot to reply to one of her messages, and she never sent it again; it's just that she didn't have time to go when I asked her out, and I wisely never called again.

I have my self-care, she has her words are indescribable.

No one can accompany you to the end of your life.

everyone can only walk with you for a while.

even Zhang ailing once lamented: life is like a ball, and the person who teaches you the dance steps may not be able to accompany you to the end.

after all, when people are in the wind, it is not up to you and me to gather and part. We have no regrets when we walk together.

Life is a grand encounter and parting

some people say: "Life is a grand encounter and parting."

because of an inadvertent stop, you will meet your best friend;

because of another inadvertent choice, you will say goodbye to your best friend.

not long ago, Yan Chengxu and Wu Jianhao recorded "Friends" together.Friends, please listen up. "the topic of the two people in the same frame has been searched so that many netizens have called Yeqing back."

but asked if it was possible for F4 to be together again, both men were silent.

after a while, Wu Jianhao said, "although I miss it and regret it, it should be impossible to be together as an F4."

in 2001, four boys of the same age became popular because of the popularity of "Meteor Garden", and the name of F4 was heard all over Asia, followed by tours, interviews and films.

on the stage, they received flowers and applause one after another for their tacit cooperation, while off the stage they accompanied each other from nobody to popular idols.

however, their life plans have changed with the passage of time.

Zhou Yumin likes to be quiet and is more obsessed with movies.

Wu Jianhao likes to move, and an Qixuan formed a transnational singing and dancing group.

Yan Chengxu met different people and made one idol play after another.

Zhu Xiaotian was obsessed with improving himself and went to study for a master's degree.

everyone has a stage that is more suitable for them, and everyone has different life opportunities.

it is probably impossible to bring such several people together again.

there is a sentence in Thousand thousand fathom:

Life is a train to the grave, there will be many stops on the way, it is difficult for anyone to accompany you from beginning to end.

when the person with you wants to get out of the car, be grateful even if you don't give up, and then wave goodbye.

the more you grow up, the more you find that meeting is just an accident, and parting is the norm.

even if you have been together day and night, even if you have been without distinction between you and me.

but the origin is dead, the edge is deep and the edge is shallow, maybe in that moment.

the origin is full of joy, and when the fate is over, it ends with dignity. From then on, the mountain has a long way to go, and each takes care of it.

Let bygones be bygones before the future comes

Bi Shumin once said: "people who love will leave, dogs will grow old, love themselves well, can make everything different."

someone softened your time, someone amazed your time.

some people meet too early and have no result; some people meet too late and can only regret missing it.

some people appear at just the right time, electric flint, suddenly surprised Hong.

but it's just a turn around, already going their separate ways, and it's hard to see each other in this life.

you may feel unwilling and still stand in the same place.

you may have regrets and catch up all the way, hoping to see you again.

but the relationship between people is that no matter how hard it is, it is reluctant.

instead of struggling to maintain it and being reluctant to give up, it is better to say goodbye generously and be happy with each other.

even though this farewell is not a poetic feeling "outside the long Pavilion, beside the ancient road, fragrant grass";

it is not as solemn and heroic as "you will never meet an old friend when you travel west out of Yangguan," nor is it like "Don't worry about a friend who doesn't have a bosom friend in front of you".

only in terms of time and distance, reality and interests, pulled by each other, there is no shadow of each other, no news from each other.

however, the so-called growing up is not about learning to say goodbye to regrets, learning to say goodbye and unwilling to say goodbye.

after all, let bygones be bygones to make the future come.

say goodbye to the wrong person in order to meet the right person.

some people have left your moments, and others are joining your moments.

, may you have the tenderness treasured from the bottom of your heart and the courage to face the future.