Yi Nengjing, 54, reprimanded angrily in a post late at night. Netizens: sure enough, love is all faked.
Yi Nengjing, 54, reprimanded angrily in a post late at night. Netizens: sure enough, love is all faked.
From adhering to the original mind to embracing change and daring to break the circle, Qin Hao completed the mature transformation of an actor.

I'm furious, furious!

recently, when I watched Dear Child, I was going to be vomited blood by a "scum boy" Xiao Lu Qi!

really, even my ex-husband Chen Junsheng is cute in front of him.

it is almost suffocating to see a series of operations that are so popular that the teeth itch.

when his wife was about to give birth, he was hiding at home, drinking wine and watching the ball game, and almost missed the birth of the baby.

his wife gave birth to children for him, and the situation was dangerous. instead of waiting outside, he hurriedly carried the placenta to his own mother.

the baby kept crying, but he just let it go as a shopkeeper and threatened to "cry more when I was a child and exercise my lung capacity." is that human language?

it is because of this kind of scumbag behavior that Xiao Lu succeeded in getting out of the circle.

when I opened Weibo, the screen was full of indignation and curses at netizens.

Qin Hao, who played this role, was also implicated, leaving the impression of "bad guys" professionals in the hearts of the audience.

but there is no denying that Qin Hao plays another role.

even his wife, Yi Nengjing, was so angry that she posted Weibo all night asking Qin Hao, "how could you do this to your wife!"

Qin Hao himself hurriedly put up "warm Tips for watching the Opera" for fear of being "besieged" by the audience.

the screen is full of desire for life, people can't help laughing!

from Zhang Dongsheng in "the Hidden Corner" to Xiao Lu in "Dear Children", from the fear of mountain climbing to the fear of marriage, Qin Hao's performance has never been disappointing.

turning forward, the painting styles of Zhang Qinhao are all "old acting bones" and "acting textbooks," and all kinds of praise words are piled up.

what many people don't know is that Qin Hao didn't walk smoothly when he first entered the show business.

although Qin Hao shot a lot of works in the early years, they are rarely remembered by people.

once on a program, he was asked by Venus:

"Wang Xiaoshuai and Lou Ye always like to use you, saying that you are the leading actor. What do you think they see in you?"

unexpectedly, Qin Hao blurted out: "cheap."

seems to be a joke, but Qin Hao has walked hard all the way.

Qin Hao was born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province in 1978. His father is a businessman and his mother is a civil servant. His parents are very open-minded and his life has never treated him badly.

for Qin Hao's growth, his parents do not ask much, as long as he likes to do things, they will respect him and give support.

maybe the family is too enlightened and the life is too comfortable, so that he always takes an easy attitude and doesn't have much desire.

until watching Jiang Wen's "Beijingers in New York", Qin Hao, who was shocked by his acting skills and felt the charm of film and television, came up with a bold idea of becoming an actor.

in this way, with a love of acting, Qin Hao stepped into the examination room of the Chinese opera.

all the people he interviewed with were talented. Qin Hao, on the other hand, had neither acting experience nor talent.

but perhaps because of talent, Qin Hao's performance in the examination room amazed everyone.

he was admitted to Chinese Opera with the first place in his professional course, and became classmates with Zhang Ziyi, Qin Hailu, Mei Ting, Liu Ye and so on.

you know, this is a famous star class of Grade 96 in Chinese opera.

not long after entering school, Zhang Ziyi, Qin Hao's classmate, became a girl, and her future was magnanimous with "my parents".

good friend Liu Ye also became popular for his role in "that Man and that Mountain Dog", and the first movie was nominated for the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor.

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as for Qin Hao, he didn't make a single play in his four years of college, let alone a nomination.

is it really a bad fate that he doesn't even have a chance?

is not.

Qin Hao always remembers what the teacher taught them when they entered school:

"if you want to study hard at school, you can shoot a movie if you want to. It has to be a good director's play, such as Zhang Yimou, Chen Kaige or Spielberg."

in order to live up to the teacher's high expectations, Qin Hao devoted himself to acting, practiced his acting skills in a down-to-earth manner, and waited for good directors and good works.

after graduation, he still adheres to his original mind, waiting for his own "Bole".

in the first year of graduation, there were eight plays looking for him, all of which he turned down.

in the following year, he was asked to shoot three plays, and he pushed them all.

Qin Hao, who "the play is bigger than the sky," personally pushed away all the "opportunities" that came to him.

after a long ordeal and ordeal, in 2004, Qin Hao finally met the most important person in his life, director Wang Xiaoshuai.

in this way, Qin Hao, who graduated for four years, came to the first real protagonist in his life, Lu Jun, a rebellious and riffraff young man in a small town.

Qin Hao lived up to the director's expectations and was very attentive to the role.

in order to explain this role well, he even went to study disco in the 1980s.

later, the scene on the dance floor really became the most classic part of the play.

facts have proved that Wang Xiaoshuai's casting vision is not wrong, and Qin Hao's dormant years are also worth it.

"Qinghong" is a great success, directly letQin Hao walked on the red carpet of Cannes movies.

Qin Hao, who made his first appearance in front of the screen, has received wide attention.

A new star has come to the fore in the show business.

for Qin Hao, this movie trip is not only an honor, but also a praise and affirmation of his persistence from the bottom of his heart.

Qin Hao also realized the charm of the film and strengthened his belief to be a good actor.

in the intoxicated Night of the Spring Wind, he is a handsome Jiangcheng who is wild and handsome. Even though he is hurt by the secular world, he still yearns for a new life, insipid and contented.

in Rizhao Chongqing, he is Xiao Hao, a post-80s nightclub dancer who is cold, rebellious and sensitive on the surface, but is actually a fragile "child" inside.

in Massage, he is congenitally blind and paranoid, Sha fuming, exposed and eloquent, struggling in the quagmire of life, but still keen on dancing and reciting poetry.

every character is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people by Qin Hao, who has already polished his acting skills.

Cannes Film Festival alone has been shortlisted four times, not to mention other major film and television events, without him.

it is a pity that the "uphill road" is not so easy to walk.

even if Qin Hao's acting skills are more solid and won more awards, he is still a little strange in the hearts of the audience.

in the era when traffic is king, he can only bloom quietly, farther and farther away from his dream.

before long, Qin Hao found that he had narrowed the road, and it was not a good thing that he was too attached to his inner world.

gradually, he was no longer preoccupied with the ivory tower of literary films.

he began to jump out of the comfort zone, seek changes and breakthroughs, persist in acting well, and strengthen the original intention of acting well.

whether it is a movie or a TV series, he can take it as long as the quality of the script is high.

Biography of the Devil Cat, undocumented Crime, worry-relieving grocery Store, Si …...

the audience gradually realized his superb acting skills and gradually remembered Qin Hao.

but to Qin Hao's surprise, a high-scoring online drama "the Secret Corner" in 2020 allowed him to "seal the gods."

Zhang Dongsheng, played by him, is a bad guy who deforms in the gap.

Qin Hao interpreted the two sides of the gentle scum incisively and vividly, and this role even became the shadow of the whole country for a time.

on the one hand is an honest man who is gentle, simple and honest, speaks softly, teaches earnestly and responsibly, and is willing to wash his wife's hands and make vegetable soup himself.

on the other hand is a cold-blooded and brutal serial killer who is good at camouflage and has deep intentions that make people chill.

come to think of it, acting is Qin Hao's "arrogant" capital all along.

it took Qin Hao nearly 20 years from a student who only wanted to make a good film to the top of his uncle's circle.

in the face of reality, he has also tried, compromised and changed, but it is not tantamount to giving up, let alone lowering his requirements and bottom line.

he insists on a state of mind that is not perfunctory and not fooling around, and takes every scene and every character seriously.

now, having learned to reconcile and adapt, he has finally "killed" an actor's success paradigm that suits him.

for Qin Hao, acting is not only a job, but also a pursuit.

he is always sober, and he is determined not to discredit the word "actor".

Qin Hao suffered a lot in his career, but fortunately, he also met the right person on the emotional road.

he got to know Yi Nengjing at the party. Yi Nengjing sunny temperament, let him palpitate, raised a strong good impression.

unlike the previous wooden introversion, Qin Hao made no secret of his affection for Yi Nengjing.

take the initiative to invite Yi Nengjing out to dinner, he is not good at words, he unexpectedly pulled Yi Nengjing chat for several hours, just to shorten the distance between the two.

at this time, Yi Nengjing also felt the sense of security she had not seen for a long time, but the reality made her flinch.

due to the 10-year-old age gap and a failed marriage, Yi Nengjing is afraid to accept this fiery love.

, Yi Nengjing began to refuse Qin Hao's invitation and told him:

"I don't want to be hurt any more. What I want is a stable relationship and a partner for life."

I thought it was over, but Qin Hao called in the middle of the night:

"come over tomorrow and let's talk about getting married."

that firm promise opened the door of Yi Nengjing's closed heart in an instant.

the unique domineering speech in confession has become a hot search for a time.

the two finally got what they wanted and walked into the marriage hall hand in hand.

now seven years have passed, neither Qin Hao nor Yi Nengjing has had an affair, and their daily mouths are full of love and happiness.

when Yi Nengjing is good at acting, Qin Hao will incarnate into an anti-correction person, and his words make Yi Nengjing laugh and cry.

in the past, Qin Hao solemnly said, "I will never make a bad movie for money." later, there is a young expert Yi Nengjing mending the knife: "but you will do variety shows for money."

Weibo, the two often sprinkle a wave of dog food, just like little lovers in love.

even if he is ready to start filming, when Qin Hao sees Yi Nengjing eating shrimp, he will stay and help his wife peel shrimp.

it was cold in winter. Qin Hao was worried that Yi Nengjing would be cold, so she quietly put her hand in her pocket to keep warm.

isn't this exactly nothing?The mode of getting along with several people!

later, with the arrival of his daughter millet, Qin Hao, a straight man, softened the whole person.

he has fetters, sustenance and weakness.