Wrong person, not because you are blind, but because.
Wrong person, not because you are blind, but because.
Kindness is so precious that it is a waste to give it to the wrong person.

Wen Qian

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as the saying goes, "A horse stumbles, a man misses."

when you are alive, you will inevitably misjudge several people.

wrong person, not because you are blind, but because human nature is too complicated.

as the saying goes, people know the face but not the heart.

meet people who are willing to deceive you, even if you have a golden eye, it is difficult to tell the true from the false.

the wrong person is that you are simple and forget people's hearts

there is a saying: "what you know about others is what they want you to know."

the heart is separated by the belly.

on the surface, you can't know whether a person's heart is good or bad.

therefore, it is common to judge the wrong person.

in the TV series "the Great River", Secretary Shui is Song Yunhui's master and is kind to Song Yunhui.

when Secretary Shui got old, everyone in the factory was eyeing him covetously except Song Yunhui.

at that time, in the technological reform of the factory, Min Zhongsheng, the factory director, wooed Song Yunhui and asked him to give him a helping hand.

Song Yunhui was worried that after the technological reform was completed, Secretary Shui would be driven away, so he disagreed.

and Min Zhongsheng agreed that he would be kind to Secretary Shui and got the help of Song Yunhui.

simple Song Yunhui believed and agreed to cooperate with Min Zhongsheng.

after completing the technological reform, Min Zhongsheng immediately drove away Secretary Shui and took up the post himself.

in the face of Song Yunhui's accusation, Min Zhongsheng said that what was agreed at that time was to let Secretary Shui finish watching the technological reform.

Song Yunhui left Jinzhou Factory because he saw the wrong person and was ashamed of his former teacher.

many people feel sorry for Song Yunhui.

people who want to deceive you will create the best illusion and take advantage of your simplicity to let you be deceived.

in life, there are many such people who take advantage of our simplicity.

some people pretend to send eggs to let you attend lectures and trick you into buying useless health products.

some people will use sweet words to make you think he is good for you and invest in some liar projects.

it is not that you are blind, but that the human heart is sinister when you are wrong.

Oscar Wilde

said: "Life is not complicated, what is complicated is us." Life is simple, simple is right. "

it is very valuable to keep one's simplicity in one's life.

but for those who hurt us, we must be vigilant. Our simplicity is not an opportunity to be hurt.

staggered people, you are simple, ignoring greed

interpersonal communication is a process from shallow to deep.

when you first meet, you look at the surface; when you meet, you look at the heart.

for some people, the more they interact, the more they like them, while for others, the more they interact, the more chilling they feel.

it's not that we crisscross people, but how deeply others hide.

have seen such a story:

Li Qin has a co-worker named Zhang Qiang. Later, after Li Qin quit his job, the two kept in touch and became friends.

after quitting his job, Li Qin opened a shop to buy local products and gifts.

Zhang Qiang also came to help. When he bought gifts, Li Qin gave them to him at cost.

later, Zhang Qiang also quit his job and had no idea what he was going to do for a living.

Zhang Qiang, who had no source of income, borrowed 3,000 yuan from Li Qin to tide over the difficulties, and then borrowed 5,000 yuan on the grounds that the child was ill.

after Zhang Qiang found a job, he borrowed money from Li Qin several times and went to his store to get several gifts, but did not give any money.

although Li Qin is dissatisfied, he still believes that Zhang Qiang will pay back the money.

near the end of the New year, Li Qin saw Zhang Qiang posting his new car on moments and asked him to return the money.

as a result, Zhang Qiang said: "I have no money after paying off my car loan every month. we are brothers. You won't force me because of this little money!"

later, Li Qin approached Zhang Qiang several times, and each time Zhang Qiang reluctantly sent him to several hundred.

this exhausted Li Qin, and he kindly borrowed money to help him, but now he gets back his own money, but he has become a grandson.

some people understand deeply before they can see his greedy and selfish face.

Ai Qing said: "the combination of selfishness and greed will hatch a lot of poisonous snakes that harm others."

staggered people, it is not that you are stupid, but that you are simple and ignore the greed of human nature.

some people really don't deserve to be treated from the bottom of our heart.

Einstein said: "everything should be as simple as possible, but not too simple."

our simplicity, there must be a bottom line, is really meaningful.

to help the wrong person, you are kind and overestimate your conscience

in this life, the people you meet are both good and bad.

as the saying goes, "feet are afraid of wearing the wrong shoes, people are afraid of helping the wrong person."

to help people with conscience, you get something in return; to help people who don't have conscience, you get revenge.

if you help the wrong person, you hurt yourself.

have seen such a story:

many years ago, the old carpenter saved a tramp and accepted him as an apprentice when he saw that he had come from a poor life.

tramps are very popular, and their craftsmanship is becoming more and more exquisite.

later, the tramp said he was homesick and wanted to go back to develop.

the old carpenter was very reluctant to give up, but he had to agree to stay.

instead of going home, the tramp opened a shop on the other side of town to rob the old carpenter's business.

after his beloved apprentice left, the old carpenter was getting worse and worse.No one could help himself, so he made a wooden man to help pull the saw.

when many guests saw the wooden man, they praised the old carpenter's skill and went to the old carpenter's shop one after another.

the tramp was not convinced and went back to see the old carpenter as a fake.

when he left, he remembered the size of the wooden man, and then set fire to the wooden man.

the old carpenter who lost the wooden man had to close the shop and go home to enjoy his children and grandchildren.

when he went back, the tramp couldn't move no matter how he polished it, which made him very depressed.

he went to the old carpenter again to get the know-how from him.

the old carpenter only said, "your wooden man has no heart!"

the tramp left angrily.

very often, to help the wrong person, it is not that you are stupid, but that you overestimate your conscience.

for those who have no conscience, no matter how much you give, he will turn a blind eye to you and bite you in turn.

Shakespeare said, "A good heart is gold."

kindness is so precious that it is a waste to give it to the wrong person.

help others to look at others, remember, the wicked can never be influenced.

your kindness can only be rewarded if you give it to the right person.

to give to the wrong person, it is not that we are blind or stupid, but that the wicked are too cunning.

As the saying goes: the most elusive thing in the world is the human heart, the most difficult to satisfy is the human heart, and the most difficult to stop is still the human heart. "

and the villain is a master at taking advantage of the human heart.

it is not easy to see a person clearly in this life.

since we can't change others, let's be ourselves.

No matter how complicated the human heart is, let's not get complicated.

treat people sincerely, be simple, and be kind and principled.

only in this way can our efforts be meaningful and our kindness be rewarded.

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Wen Qian, professional teacher of university broadcast host, Putonghua tester, member of Hubei recitation artists Association.