Women's highest self-discipline: do not overdraw themselves
Women's highest self-discipline: do not overdraw themselves
Take good care of yourself for the rest of your life and don't overdraw yourself.


since ancient times, both writers and celebrities like to compare flowers to women.

whether excellent or ordinary, graceful or beautiful, every woman is a flower blooming in the world of mortals.

A woman who enriches herself will become more beautiful with the passage of time.

the woman who overdraws herself will slowly wither and wither.

Health without overdraft

Schopenhauer once said:

"the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body."

most of the time, we will rely on young, unscrupulous overdraft of health.

until all kinds of physical ailments hit, I found that without a strong body, everything outside would be meaningless.


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once said his personal experience when he left a message backstage.

Many years ago, she worked for a company in Shenzhen and was in charge of foreign trade.

at that time, she was still a rookie in the industry, and she was very anxious because she was not familiar with her business.

in order to let the leader see her ability as soon as possible, she worked hard and stayed up late until the wee hours of the morning.

when I am busy, I often skip lunch and even skip breakfast altogether.

A few months later, she successfully passed the probationary examination.

but during the regular medical examination arranged by the company, she was found to have serious gastrointestinal diseases.

in desperation, she had no choice but to give up the job opportunity she had in mind, quit her job and go home to recuperate.

Yue Yuehua was deeply touched by that experience, and later she wrote in her diary:

"if God issues the card of a bright future to a woman, but she is sick, then she is doomed to pass by a bright future."

later, she returned to the workplace again, no matter how busy or tired she was, she would take the time to have a good rest and eat regularly.

years of self-discipline not only made her look more energetic and energetic than her peers, but also got a lot of unexpected opportunities.

some people say that life is like a house, health is the load-bearing wall.

when the load-bearing wall falls, everything collapses.

do not indulge yourself for the sake of enjoyment or overdraw your body for the sake of pleasure.

for every woman, nothing is more important than health.

eat well, go to bed early and exercise on time.

manage your body well so that you have the energy to pursue the future you want.

the spirit of not overdrawing

Women are born sensual animals.

this is an advantage. It makes women more careful and observant than men.

but it is also a drawback.

in life, many women will be occupied by sensitive thinking, and then fall into endless internal friction.

writer Zhang Chai once told a story.

At the age of 26, he joined a company where there were two female interns.

they are about the same age and ability, but a few months later, their lives have changed completely.

colleague An is sensitive and fond of wishful thinking.

an inadvertent look in the leader's eyes will make her afraid and sleepless.

A joke inadvertently from a colleague will upset her and make her uncomfortable to eat and sleep.

over time, everyone knows her character and tends to be estranged from her.

Finally, before becoming a regular employee, A left his job gloomily.

colleague B is usually careless and heartless.

people never pay attention to what others say; when leaders criticize, they just make amends with a smile.

her optimistic and simple character has not only accumulated a good popularity for her, but also won the favor of the leaders, and soon got a promotion and a raise.

Roman Roland once said


"Life is troubled and confused, just because you look too close, and you think too much."

everything is worse than it is. Thinking carefully is a good thing, but thinking too much will only get you into trouble.

Don't think wishful thinking, don't think too much, don't let yourself get into internal friction because of temporary hesitation.

because there are many things, you can't start with good preparation; because many questions, you can't answer them blindly.

if you think too much, you will only overdraw your spirit; entanglement is the greatest consumption of life.

instead of letting yourself get tired in thinking, it's better to relax and look down on everything.

A woman's highest self-discipline is never obsessed with details, but doesn't let herself think too much.

to face life with an open-minded state of mind, do not care too much about what other people think, in order to better live their own life.

not overdrawn wealth

there is such a problem on Zhihu:

"what is the most indispensable thing for a woman in her life?


the high praise answer has only one word: "money."

in today's society, many women are held hostage by consumerism, always earn as much as they spend, or even spend ahead of time.

do not realize that the overdraft of money will only make you lose your ability to resist when the crisis comes.

the life of talented woman Lu Xiaoman is very sad.

Lu Xiaoman grew up with a distinguished family and no worries about food and clothing.

the love of her parents nurtured her shy and extravagant character.

in adulthood, the style of spending money like running water has not reined in at all.

after marrying Xu Zhimo, Lu Xiaoman spends more than 500 US dollars a month, which is the expenditure of the average family for several years.

her cupboard was covered with fur coats and jewel-encrusted cheongsam.

anyone who wears it out must be sewn according to the French fashion by a tailor.

reckless consumption has also brought painful consequences.

Around 1931, father and husband died one after another.

Lu Xiaoman, who lost his financial resources, soon fell into poverty.

in the most difficult times, you even need to rely on the support of her husband's ex-wife Zhang Youyi to survive.

from a generation of socialite to frustrated, Lu Xiaoman also paid the price for his indulgence.

Zweig once said:

"she was too young to know that all the gifts given by fate had already been secretly priced."

the more wanton you spend money, the more painful the result will be.

people's desires are like black holes. If you only know how to open them, and you don't know how to control them, life will fall into darkness.

there is a saying that people can never earn money beyond their knowledge, let alone spend money beyond their own ability.

at any time, do not overspend, and do everything according to your ability, so that you can have the courage to "have money in your hand, but don't panic in your heart."

restrain desire and consume rationally.

Let yourself have extra money in order to find a decent and stable place for yourself in the ever-changing world.

to learn to save money and not to spend money indiscriminately is a woman's greatest foresight.

non-overdraft relationship

American psychologist Willard Haley once put forward a concept called "emotional bank".

he believes that there should be an emotional account in every one of us.

be grateful for other people's help and give back. Even if you are saving for this account, your interpersonal relationship will get better and better.

on the contrary, keep asking, or even a dissatisfaction will completely deny the other party, that is, the balance in the overdraft account, the interpersonal relationship will get worse and worse.

there are boundaries in the relationship between people.

do not hurt each other because of your own selfish desires; do not overdraw the relationship without a bottom line for the sake of temporary interests.

keeping a sense of proportion and being familiar with each other is the best way to maintain our relationship.

the writer once had a very close female friend in the evening stand.

for a while, a friend resigned and opened a shop.

in order to take care of friends' business, evening stands patronize frequently, sometimes with friends around them.

on the day my friend opened the shop, the evening stand also worked hard to promote it in the moments.

in her opinion, she has done a good job in opening a shop by her friend.

but in the eyes of friends, the late sunny pay is far from enough.

every time I meet, my friend will pull the evening sunny day and ask for help to introduce the business.

sometimes the sunny night is busy, and friends will say:

"help me when you are not busy.


at first, Wanqing would bravely agree. After a long time, I was deeply annoyed.

gradually, she no longer responded to her friends' requests, and their years of friendship gradually dissipated.

Sanmao said:

"No matter how close a friend is, you can't miss it. You think you are familiar with yourself. As a result, it is easy to have a grudge."

when you get along with people, not everything can be unconditionally saved.

for a woman, the highest level of EQ is the sense of proportion in a relationship.

be considerate of others, understand their situation, and respect their choices.

because in this world, everyone is an independent individual, and no one will owe each other forever.

grasp the yardstick, cherish each other, the relationship can be long, the relationship will be stable.

non-overdraft time

there was such a statistic on the Internet:

according to the average life expectancy of 76 years, the life expectancy of each of us is only 30,000 days.

Life is in a hurry, how short.

for women, this is especially true.

appearance is easy to grow old, and youth is fleeting. If you don't make good use of your precious time, you will leave a lifetime of regret.

self-media blogger

@ Feather

used to show his life in a video.

she, like many others, was trapped at home during the outbreak.

At first, she enjoyed the time very much.

every day, lying at home, playing TV series and playing games, the days passed day by day.

but the longer she went on, the more she felt that something was wrong-an inexplicable anxiety surrounded her.

she suddenly realized that the pace of time was so fast that if she lay down again, she would ruin herself.

so she began to do something more meaningful and valuable.

accompany parents, read, write, learn new skills.

each item makes her feel full and full of life.

each item leads her to achieve a better self.

remember that someone once said:

"A woman's real decadence begins with a waste of time."

if a woman spends most of her time on meaningless things, her world will become more and more narrow.

on the contrary, when a woman devotes her time and energy to self-improvement, her world will become wider and wider.

Smart women will not waste time waiting for the favor of fate, they will strive for it.

exercise if you are not in good shape, read if you don't have enough knowledge, and create if you don't have enough wealth.

spend your time on something more worthwhile so that you can grow up faster.

through sweat and hard work, the harvest will be a different life.

what kind of life a woman wants to live depends on her own success.

like the sentence Yi Shu wrote in the first half of my Life:

"the person I admire most is myself.

only I will help myself through mountain after mountain and overcome difficulties again and again.


take good care of yourself for the rest of your life and don't overdraw yourself.

when no one protects you from the wind and rain, learn to hold an umbrella for yourself.

, may you take care of yourself, manage your life, shake your posture in the years, and bloom your own fragrance and fragrance.