Who is the kindest person around you?
Who is the kindest person around you?
Kindness is the highest character of a person.

Beijing Bo Sinology

Zuo Zongtang said: "to be a man, shrewdness is not as good as kindness."

in fact, you should be kind not only to yourself, but also to make friends.

shrewd people are often calculating and difficult to communicate with each other, which is a great waste of time and energy.

and kind-hearted people, always holding a sincere heart, get along with each other at ease and at ease, the most worthy of our deep acquaintance.

then who is the kindest person around you?

not taking advantage and being educated

Zeng Guofan said, "Don't take advantage of people in anything."

people who like to take advantage of others always take others for fools, rack their brains and use all their tricks.

A really kind person would rather be taken advantage of by others than take advantage of others.

Ma Weidu, a well-known collector, lived in a peasant household when he visited the countryside.

he noticed that the small Kang table for dinner was an antique, so he bought it at a high price.

later, Ma Weidu asked for appraisal and found that the collection value was extremely high, so he specially sent a sum of money to others.

usually there are small vendors who don't understand the market to trade with him, and he gives a reasonable price every time.

this practice has made him well-known in the collection world, and everyone is willing to be friends with him.

does not take advantage of others, is a person's upbringing to the bone.

they are kind-hearted and know how to suffer losses and give way to gains. they will not only focus on small profits at present, let alone skimming everywhere.

get along with such people, easy, you do not need to be careful, afraid of being deceived, they will sincerely take the initiative to help you.

treat people with sincerity and affection

"Zhuangzi" said: "the true, the utmost sincerity."

kind people, sincere and affectionate, they will not be half-hearted, nor will they live up to their sincerity.

if you decide something, you will insist on doing it; if you recognize a person, you will never change your mind.

Zhuge Liang is like this.

he is loyal to his master, and a "teacher's form" is touching, which makes Liu Bei's Baidi City lonely.

not only that, he also attaches great importance to his wife Huang Yueying.

even if Huang Yueying's face is black and ugly and Zhuge Liang is laughed at by others for this, he has never disliked each other.

in those days when it was common to have three wives and four concubines, Zhuge Liang even had only Huang Yueying, who loved each other until she was old.

A kind person attaches great importance to his friends and devotion to his lover.

will not for the sake of financial interests, harm relatives and friends, abandon lovers and children, always have a conscience, know how to cherish.

he will take your friendship seriously; he will not hesitate to return your efforts. This kind of person is the one who can warm you for the rest of your life.

work conscientiously and responsibly

as the old saying goes, "do things seriously and be a down-to-earth person."

people who are perfunctory cannot work together because they have a bad attitude and will only harm others and themselves.

people who are really kind-hearted will spare no effort to do what they promise.

even if something goes wrong, they will not shirk their responsibility, but will bear it bravely and make people feel relieved and reliable.

an old carpenter was going to retire and return home, but there happened to be a guest to order the box.

the boss trusted the old carpenter's craftsmanship so much that he begged him to finish it before he left.

the old carpenter thanked the boss for his kindness and agreed after thinking about it.

unexpectedly, this has been done for six months.

on the day he returned to his hometown, the boss specially prepared a heavy gift and said gratefully:

"fortunately, you are serious and rigorous in your work, and only later did I know that the box was given to the prime minister. If it is not good, it may kill you."

in real life, there are many people with outstanding abilities, but not many people who are practical and reliable.

people who are kind and kind are not necessarily the best, but they must be conscientious and responsible.

No matter how small things are, they will try their best to finish them. They will not be perfunctory or lazy.

when they do things, you can absolutely rest assured that such people are worthy of our sincere friendship.

being upright and principled

Mencius has a saying: "if a man does not do something, then he can do something later."

A kind-hearted person has morality and principles in his heart, and knows what to do and what not to do.

they stand firmly, walk upright, go far, do not deceive others, and are worthy of their hearts.

Yan Shu of the Northern Song Dynasty lived a life of integrity and adhered to the principles in his heart.

at the age of 14, he was recommended to North Korea as a child prodigy.

in the temple exam, he found that he had just done the questions and asked for a change.

the emperor appreciated his honesty and aboveboard and gave him the same background as Jinshi.

after business every day, the ministers are keen to give banquets and play, but Yan Shu studies behind closed doors.

as the old saying goes, "A gentleman is magnanimous, but a villain is sad."

A kind-hearted person can keep his heart and bottom line, do what he has to do and get what he deserves.

it makes the most sense to associate with such a person with less camouflage, more honesty and an open heart at all times.

compare your heart to heart and know how to transposition

the Analects of Confucius says: "do not do to others what you do not want."

between people, the most rare thing is empathy.

only the kind-hearted people know how to compare their hearts with each other, it is not easy to understand everyone, and they know that everyone has difficulties.

InstituteNever go to embarrass others, but also for the sake of others, from each other's point of view, for the sake of others.

they have a sincere and kind heart, are good at tolerance and understanding, and bring sunshine and warmth to the world.

once read a story.

A drunken man on the train accidentally bumped into a mother and daughter.

when the girl saw it, she asked her mother, "Mom, is he a bad guy?"

Mom mused for a moment, smiled and said, "No, he's just unhappy."

the mother thought that she had had a period of frustration and hardship, and sometimes she would hurt others.

therefore, she will not argue with each other, but choose tolerance and understanding.

behind this kind of kind-hearted person, who can compare his heart to anyone, there is the deepest kindness.

talking about feelings and establishing diplomatic relations with them is even more comfortable and warm, and the relationship will last a long time.

the ancients said: "virtues gather together, virtues and thin people scatter."

in the end of a relationship, it is not talent or ability, but character.

kindness is the highest character of a person.

because of his kindness, he is not advantageous and educated;

because of his kindness, he treats people sincerely and attaches great importance to affection.

because of his kindness, he is upright and adheres to principles;

because of his kindness, he compares his heart to heart and knows how to transposition.

that's why we prefer to be friends with kind people.

, in the future, may you and I both be kind people and make good friends.