Which is happier, "second marriage" or "remarriage"? I have heard people talk about their feelings
Which is happier, "second marriage" or "remarriage"? I have heard people talk about their feelings
May you not only have feelings without regrets, but also have a prudent and mature marriage.


I often wonder why we want to get married. What kind of marriage is ideal?

in the trivial life, everyone has a lonely soul.

in the dead of night, it is inevitable to hope to have such a partner who can be together as "meal friends", treat each other honestly with the affection of friends, and take warm care with the love of relatives.

this is the ideal state and the original reason for getting married-to make yourself happier.

but in many people, the marriage certificate has become a "letter of transfer of human rights".

in the cage of marriage, the two sides became jailers wielding swords, unable to go out, unable to stop, killing each other and hurting each other.

if it really comes to this, letting go is the best choice.

what about after letting go? Which is happier, "second marriage" or "remarriage"? Let's talk about this issue in detail.

second marriage, look at the time of falling in love

according to my observation, whether the second marriage is happy or not depends on the time when two people fall in love.

if one party falls in love with the other in marriage, it is "cheating", while the other party is willing to be the "mistress".

having such an experience, his character is naturally not much better.

it is said that falling in love with a person "begins with appearance, falls into talent, and is interested in character".

if there is something wrong with a person's character, no matter how well they behave when they are having an affair, they will give themselves away after marriage.

in the first half of my Life, Ling Ling shows Chen Junsheng the selfish side after marriage.

in Little willing, Nan Jianlong cheated on her because she wanted someone to wait on herself, which made Cai Juying often experience the bitterness of being a "free nanny" for decades.

therefore, most of the second marriages caused by infidelity will not be happy.

on the contrary, there are many successful cases of second marriage around:

classmate Xiao Zhang once had an unsuccessful marriage and was introduced to his present wife after the divorce.

after experiencing the previous failed relationship, both of them become more mature and rational and know more about what they really want.

after marriage, they gave everything to each other wholeheartedly in this relationship:

the woman is more tolerant and magnanimous to her husband, the man is more gentle and considerate to his wife, and the two soon have the crystallization of love-a lovely daughter.

the so-called marriage, but business; the so-called long-term, but United.

the probability of happiness is really high in a second marriage that absorbs the experience of failure.

remarriage, whether to forget the past grievances

whether they can be happy or not depends on whether they can get rid of their past inappropriate actions, put aside past grievances and cherish the present.

Today, many young people get married when they are ignorant. After marriage, the chicken and dog are broken like an eraser, wearing away all the brilliance of life and marriage.

found that they could not reap happiness together, and resolutely divorced.

time flies, around the circle, with the growth of age and experience, suddenly look back and find that the most suitable for you is the original match.

Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu in Thirty are good examples.

after going through all kinds of things after separation, I found that I was still in love with each other from the bottom of my heart. In fact, the root cause of the contradiction was that Chen Yu did not know how to manage.

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he thinks that "marriage" is a natural refuge, but he does not know that "marriage" is a safe haven built by both parties.

having understood this, I believe that their life after remarriage will become sweet and happy.

some couples are different. they are still quarrelling after remarriage, and can't even help but dig up their old debts.

Mo Yan wrote in Life and death fatigue:

"the world is like a book, page after page is turned over, people should look forward and turn less about the past."

if you don't look forward, it's hard to avoid a tragic marriage.

Beautiful love will not be defeated by life, nor by temptation.

whether it is "second marriage" or "remarriage", the two can actually reap happiness by working together to pour happiness into firewood, rice and oil.

, may you not only have feelings without regrets, but also have a prudent and mature marriage.