Whether the three values agree or not depends on these five things.
Whether the three values agree or not depends on these five things.
When you meet love, you can also meet and understand.

We often say that people who do not agree with each other need not be forced to integrate.

but many people are not very clear about what these three values refer to.

the so-called three values are no longer simple world outlook, outlook on life, and values.

in a sense, it is a person's attitude and ideas towards life and life, or is it a yardstick by which we look for people of the same frequency.

especially in the relationship, whether the three values of two people agree or not, you can refer to the following five points.

can we chat together

I have heard such a passage:

"find someone you like to chat with, and when you get older, you will find that chatting is a person's greatest advantage."

but the beautiful skin in the world is the same, and the interesting one who can talk to you is one in a million.

only two people with the same frequency can understand each other's point of talking to each other and continue the topic back and forth.

for example, if you say that you like reading books and chasing dramas, he can also respond to you that he has read a certain play, heard a book, found it interesting, and can share it with you.

instead of having no interest at all as soon as you open your mouth, he mocks you for pretending to be literature and art.

A good relationship must be in need of a chatty partner.

can we eat together

there is a line in "skyscrapers" that says:

"people who are used to eating roadside stalls suddenly go to a very high-end restaurant, and they will feel fresh. But over time, he will find that it is not his type. "

whether two people can eat together is also a question that can not be ignored in the relationship.

because in the knowledge of eating, it also reveals a person's three values.

for example, you like to eat roadside stalls, and he likes western food.

if he is a person with the same values, even if he does not like to eat roadside stalls, he will not dislike or ridicule you, saying that roadside stalls are not clean.

but if San Guan is not on the same channel, he will be cynical, dismissive of your roadside stall and feast on his own western food instead.

"Food in all directions is nothing but a bowl of earthly fireworks."

it is very important to find someone who can eat together to fall in love.

do you have the same attitude towards money

A relationship that only thinks about money may be a bit secular, but a relationship that doesn't think about money is actually very stupid.

as Sanmao said, love needs to be implemented in the reality of food, clothing and counting money, otherwise it will not be easy to last long.

so if two people want to be together for a long time, they should also see if they have the same concept of consumption.

after all, there is no way to live a good life for a man who spends a lot of money and never thinks about the consequences and a miser who spends a penny into nine cents.

especially in the adult world, love cannot be affectionate and full, it must have bread as the support of life.

at such times, a person's concept and attitude towards money can reflect his attitude towards life, to you, and to this relationship.

whether we can understand each other

"the highest state of love is heartache, and the highest state of heartache is understanding."

it is said that ten thousand people are favored by ten thousand people, it is better for one person to understand.

facial features may determine whether two people can be together, but mutual understanding of the three values can determine whether it is appropriate for two people to be together and how far they can go.

the understanding here refers not only to understanding some of your own thoughts and emotions, but also to whether you can respect and understand your growing background and environment.

and your respective life experiences along the way.

especially the original families of both sides.

it is not unreasonable for the ancients to say that there is a perfect match.

but today, the perfect couple no longer only refers to the realistic material factors such as family economy and background, but also pays more attention to whether the spiritual level of each other is consistent or not.

only when we understand each other can we understand each other's tolerance and compassion.

is the future planning consistent

some time ago, my friend Ajie broke up with her boyfriend because she wanted to get married early and had better start a family before the age of 30.

but my boyfriend said he wouldn't think about marriage until he was 30.

one of them wants to settle down, the other wants to run around.

one is looking forward to married life, the other is eager to create a career.

the huge disagreement about the future life directly led to the breakdown of the relationship.

it is difficult for people who are out of step to walk side by side for the rest of their lives.

in Jane Eyre:

"Love is a game, and we must always be neck and neck with each other in order to depend on each other for a long time, because too strong opponents are exhausting, and too weak opponents are tiresome."

if two people can come together and walk hand in hand, they must have similar pursuits and dreams for the future, so that they can be in the same boat through ups and downs.

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the world is so big that I hope we can all meet someone who is just right for each other. Take a future life road that belongs to two people together.

when you meet love, you can also meetSee and understand, meet and understand.