Whether he loves you or not, just look at the phone records.
Whether he loves you or not, just look at the phone records.
Love is not only the sharing of happiness, but also the sharing of troubles.


I don't know if you've ever heard such a sentence:

when you are drunk, the person you are looking for is the one you love most. When you are sick, the person who will take you to the hospital is the one who loves you most.

I guess a lot of people will scoff at this chicken soup and think it's complete nonsense.

once I didn't believe that these little things had anything to do with love. It wasn't until I grew up and experienced more that I found that this sentence was actually reasonable.

but in my opinion, it doesn't matter who you are looking for in the end, whether you are drunk or sick.

the most important thing is that when these little things happen, who is the first person on your mind, that person must be the person you want to rely on and love the most.

maybe you don't even realize the importance of this person, you just follow your instincts.

many people say that this is an era of fast food love, and we are long past the age of listening to love. Seeing is believing is more reliable.

so if you want to judge that a person loves you, apart from being nice to you and spending time on you, the best proof that he loves you is that he is willing to share everything in his life with you.

at this point, I have to mention Little Suzhou, who attaches great importance to sharing and believes that to love someone is to share everything with each other.

after ending a relationship before, she told me that she had misunderstood it.

the other person will indeed share everything in her life with her, and she will respond to her one by one with good morning greetings, lunch photos, good movies and interesting places.

At that time, the frequent interaction between the two people was the envy of the people around them.

but one day when she used her opponent's Wechat to log in to a video member, she found that she had not had time to delete his chat records with others.

it turns out that the sharing of all the details and the exchange of details of life are not only given to her, but even some that she has never known.

so in my opinion, whether a person loves you or not is not just willing to share the details of his life with you.

maybe he says good morning to you every day, but maybe he has told others before;

maybe he will send you pictures of what he ate every day, but maybe you didn't receive it in the first place.

maybe he will tell you all the interesting places when he sees a good movie, but maybe you are the last to know.

whether a person loves you or not does not depend on what he has done and will share with you when he meets anyone, but whether or not you are the first person he thinks of to share when it happens.


Thirty, there is a scene in which Zhong Xiaoqin met a malicious driver while taking a taxi and had no choice but to jump out of the car to escape.

but she found that it was dark and there was no one around, so she could only call for help, and the first thing she thought of was Chen Yu, who had become her ex-husband.

after receiving the phone call, Chen Yu was concerned about her current situation and got dressed to find her, but before he left, he came back to pick up a thermos cup of water and a blanket.

We separated because we didn't love each other enough, and there was no way for them to stay together, but at the moment of danger, the first person I thought of was still him.

maybe people can control their behavior, physiology and emotions, or they can control themselves to find or not to find a person.

but we have to admit that people can't control their hearts.

especially at the moment when things happen suddenly, the thoughts generated without thinking are actually the truest and most instinctive demands in our hearts.

so it doesn't take complicated ways or prescriptive reasons to tell whether someone loves you or not.

you just need to see if he is happy, sad, happy or lost, the first person to think of is you.

Love is not only the sharing of happiness, but also the sharing of troubles. The people who really love you are those who can share happiness with you and are more willing to share hardships with you.