"whether a man loves you or not, Wechat remarks tell you."
"whether a man loves you or not, Wechat remarks tell you."
The evidence that two people love each other is piled up by details.



nowadays, there are no three or five hundred people in whose Wechat address book.

Open the address book, there are all kinds of WeChat businessmen, unfamiliar like acquaintances, contacts in various industries, and there will be a few people who say "different".

there is a saying that goes like this:

"Love a person is graded. Depending on what notes he gives you, he probably has feelings for you."

I have no doubt about this sentence, because the more you like it, the more attentive and special the remarks are.

the human heart is separated by the belly, so it is difficult to see through. In details like Wechat's comments, you can get a glimpse of the truest relationships between people.

saw a hot topic on Weibo:

"how do boyfriends bet on girlfriends?"

in the comments, I saw a lot of sweet or ironic answers.

there is a simple and rude type, directly comment on name + major, name + mobile phone number;

there are those who are full of desire for life, such as fairies, beauties, and my little ancestors;

there are funny and funny types, such as fat woman, pig raised by me, loud voice;

has a serious type, wife, big boss at home;

there are ever-changing types, "you can change your full name after a quarrel."

comments come in thousands of forms, interesting or loving, but what remains the same is the sweet thoughts of two people hidden in the little Wechat comments with a special meaning that only you know.

your comments on his list are commonplace and don't mean he doesn't love you;

but if he takes great pains to change a special note for you, you must be special in his heart.

the love that women want is a special case, a preference, a favor.

as Sanmao said:

"if what you give me is the same as what you give to others, then I don't want it."

although he is very busy, he is always free for you; he is not in the habit of commenting on WeChat names, but you are the exception on his list.

he always doesn't care what other people think, but he can't stand being said to be bad.

he is usually careless, but he takes good care of everything in your life.

if there is no partial love, how can it be called love?

although some likes will not be unscrupulous, will not be expressed with great fanfare, but do not seem to be silent and introverted, but can not be hidden in the face.

"I feel sweet when I think of you, and I can't help smiling at the sight of you, and only you are the gentle special case in my heart."

I believe that someone in this world will secretly love you and wish you a lifetime of tenderness.

Girl, may you meet the man who will favor you as soon as possible, and you will be the only one in his life.

once read a sweet little story:

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A boy suffering from depression met a girl.

the personalities of the two people are very different, boys are very boring, girls are very noisy;

Boys are reticent, while girls have endless topics.

in the eyes of others, boys are always cold to girls and don't like them at all.

but the girl always follows the boy stubbornly and is always enthusiastic about this relationship.

later, the girl found that the boy had changed a note for her called "fluoxetine", an antidepressant.

as long as this small detail knows, boys' love is obvious and needless to say.

in fact, everyone has many forms of expression of love, and it is not necessarily silent love that is not love.

not necessarily public love is true love, and love expressed through Wechat comments is only the tip of the iceberg.

some people may think that one comment and one address is too much of a mountain out of a molehill.

for women, what they care about is not a title, but each other's cautious preference for themselves;

what really matters is not the note, but the feelings contained in it, but the sincerity to her seen through the details.

the evidence that two people love each other, and the sense of ritual in their relationship, is accumulated by the details of life.

"nothing matters. It's most important that you keep me in your heart."

I hope that in the near future, you will meet someone who will put you in the most prominent position in your address book, will change your notes to be unique, and will regard you as the most special being in your life.