When you reach middle age, your face is your heart.
When you reach middle age, your face is your heart.
The mood is rapidly changing, between the thought of "beauty and ugliness".


I have seen someone ask on the Internet: "Why is a person sometimes ugly and sometimes good-looking?"

the answer with the most likes is:

"No matter how correct the appearance is, it will not remain the same. It will rise and fall one after another with the turbulence of the hearts of the people. "

to a certain extent, our appearance is the refraction of our mood.

A person's beauty and ugliness sometimes depends not only on nature, but also on the state of mind we live in for a long time.

the mood is rapidly changing, between the thought of "beauty and ugliness".

if you want to look good, you must cultivate your heart to correct your appearance.

Bad emotions make people ugly

the head of our department is a girl with ordinary appearance and "boring" character.

soon after I met her, I found that she loved to "shake her face" and had a quick temper.

once I finished sifting through my resume, I asked her, "when is the time for the interview?" it needs to be decided by her side.

who knew she glanced at me, pulled her face and did what she was doing, ignoring me at all, which was baffling.

because of the proximity to her office location, I can often see that she doesn't know whose phone she picked up and immediately looks livid.

since then, the face has been filled with anger, look closely, there is a feeling that the nose and mouth have been "displaced" by gas.

I really don't understand when I hear people praise her beauty.

inadvertently, when I saw the group photo of the company's annual meeting three years ago, I couldn't believe it: she used to be really beautiful and had a lovely smile.

sneaking a glance at her face now, the drooping corners of her mouth and the word "Chuan" with clenched eyebrows destroyed the beauty of the whole face.

It was only at that moment that I believed that "anger will become ugly" is absolutely reasonable.

those emotions that cannot be hidden will turn into a knife and imprint an ugly look on our faces.

No matter how beautiful a person is, if he has a bad state of mind, his appearance will be directly affected by the change of temperament.


being angry once in a while may not affect your appearance, but if you are angry and sad all the year round, it will hurt your appearance more cruelly than the swords of the years.

A good state of mind is the foundation of beauty

Schiller said: "A person with a cheerful mind has a cheerful face."

and a person with a gloomy mood will have a gloomy face.

I remember that I once knew a class girl, who had always been said to be the prettiest in the class and a "little fairy" before the university.

who would have thought that after she went to college, she would suffer from all kinds of emotional setbacks, toss herself to exhaustion, and look terrible.

the fairy spirit is gone. Once upon a time, there was a lot of light in his eyes, and his face was bright and bright, but then he was only gray.

the so-called "you come to worry, gradually feel old and ugly", for some people, beauty is congenital, but if there is no mental protection, it will slowly become inferior to others, and even pass away prematurely.

A good state of mind is the best protective isolation between appearance and vicissitudes of life.

otherwise, even if it is beautiful in the world, it will not be able to bear the consumption of life.

my boss is an ordinary-looking man, but because he likes to laugh, although he does not look good, he usually holds his chest high and has a lot of spirit.

he thinks that people's appearance, soft power and hard power, as long as they occupy the same, even if handsome.

if someone hacks his appearance, he will tell you about Shi Shilun, the "eight-mansion patrol" of the Qing Dynasty.

it is said that Shi Shilun is "extremely ugly".

when Emperor Kangxi saw him for the first time, he said: "the neck shrinks into the ear and hides the shoulder, the bald head squints and the legs draw a circle; the front is a chicken breast and the back is a pot, and the body is bent with numb cheeks."

but this did not hit Shi Shilun.

he smiled and said, "the bald head is like the moon, and the hemp face is full of stars."

since then, although Shi Shilun is still Shi Shilun in everyone's eyes, he has been seen by everyone for a long time, but he has brought his own beauty of calmness in his majesty.

the boss smiled and said eloquently: "compared with Shi Shilun, what about me?"

looking at his glowing face, I can't help but sigh: people are beautiful because their hearts are filled with warm energy.

A person with a bright heart can be more beautiful than others, even if he has an ordinary appearance.

when one reaches middle age, the face is the heart

Chen Zhao in the Qing Dynasty said: "there is a change in the phase, the direction of the heart, and follow it."

Why can mood affect expression?

A disciple returned from a trip with the Zen master and asked, "Why do I see some people in the street wearing brows frowned and looking haggard, while others are dressed in plain clothes and smile like flowers?"

the Zen master asked his disciples to bring a bowl of water, which rippled because it was unstable.

the Zen master said, "you might as well flatten the bowl and have a look."

the disciple acted according to his words, and the water in the bowl was calm and unmarked.

the Zen master said, "in fact, the water in this bowl is like the mentality of all living beings." If you have an uneven state of mind, there will be waves in your heart. "

the heart in love, ups and downs, is called "perturbed".

if the mood goes up and down all the time, and a heart is nervous, how can you have a peaceful look on your face?

Zhihu has a question: "can people control their appearance?"

someone replied:"Yes. A person's ethos has a great influence on his appearance. "

everyone's acquired appearance is actually caused by his or her own state of mind.

see a story like this in a magazine:

when Lily attended a meeting out of town, her roommate was an elderly lady who was said to be in her early sixties.

but she has divine eyes, elegant and calm temperament, always with a gentle smile, and looks more than ten years younger than her age.

Lily can't help admiring that a 60-year-old woman can be so beautiful.

she curiously asked her aunt for advice on the Beauty Sutra, but the maintenance secret given to Lily by her aunt had only four words: "follow your heart"


she told Lily that she had suffered for most of her life, experienced ups and downs in her life, divorce, career setbacks, and various life crises, and that she had complained, hysterical and dilapidated all day.

later I realized that a woman's appearance is a reflection of her inner world. With a good state of mind, her appearance will naturally permeate her inner beauty.

A depressed person and an optimistic person end up with two different faces.

people only live in a state of mind. when people's mood controls the expression, the same expression will be remembered by the skin if it stays on the same face for a long time.

A person who has been in a negative state of mind for a long time is planting the seeds of ugliness in his heart.

everyone's "psychological and emotional map" is the "trend" of a person's beauty and ugliness.

the heart of joy is the best beauty prescription

the heart is the root of appearance.

especially when people reach middle age, a face is mottled or full of righteousness and gentleness.

inside, the heart appears as emotion, while on the outside, it shows beauty and ugliness.

people's anger and sorrow will make their faces dilapidated with time like beauty, while the power of joy is just the opposite.

"the little beauty is better than the form, and the great beauty is the heart



, to take care of your heart is to take care of your face.

some people say: "all the external environment is the image of your heart." Only when you have sunshine in your heart can you hold up a brilliant face. "

when joy reaches the heart of people of any age, the face is naturally dignified and beautiful.

it is said that there are two kinds of beauty: one is natural beauty, the other is acquired.

some people are not satisfied with their appearance, so they use all kinds of cosmetics, and some even think of plastic surgery.

in fact, the best care product from ugliness to beauty is simply to smile more, be grateful, and adjust your mindset.

only when you are really happy and know how to maintain a positive good mood towards life will your beauty shine as gilding yourself.

Lin Qingxuan once wrote such a thing in the make-up of Life:

once he asked a famous makeup artist: "what is the best makeup and how to make yourself beautiful?"


The makeup artist told him: "third-rate makeup is face makeup, second-rate makeup is spiritual makeup, and first-class makeup is life makeup."

only by changing people's temperament can they be really beautiful.

the best way for a person to change his appearance is to reform from the inside.

isn't it a make-up for life to have a heart of joy?

when everyone understands the meaning of joy, there are often feelings of gratitude and joy in their hearts, their faces will no longer be pulled together, and their faces will stretch slowly.

in this way, beauty is fixed on the face a little bit.

ordinary appearance can also be polished with brilliance in the years.

the joy of not thinking before and after is not only the good medicine for ugliness, but also the key to the improvement of the mind.

when people live to the end, they fight for a good state of mind.

three thousand troubles are nothing more than a smirk.


, the happy you are the most beautiful version of life.

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