When you reach middle age, stay away from those who are "chronically short of money".
When you reach middle age, stay away from those who are "chronically short of money".
Spend your money on a knife, and spend your true feelings on someone who deserves your attention.

have heard such a sentence:

"the world is in a panic, but the picture is broken.

it so happens that this broken silver can solve all kinds of panic in the world. "

people can never live their lives without dealing with money.

when I was young, I thought it was too vulgar to talk about money, but as I grew older, I felt that only if I could talk about money generously would it be a true magnanimous friendship.

in this world, everyone has his own life.

maybe some people work hard for half their life, but when they reach the age of 40, they are unable to save for a variety of reasons and still strive to make progress.

but there is always a group of people who are confused every day, do not want to make progress, and are gluttonous and lazy.

when he is in his prime, he has never thought of living on his own and relying on the relief of others all day long.

think that life is carefree, but in fact it is full of devastation.

when you reach middle age, if you still have such a person who has been short of money for a long time but never self-sufficient, be sure to stay away.

stay away from people who like to cling to others

Shakespeare said:

"lending money to others will make you lose both money and money, and borrowing money from others will make you profligate."

when people get along with others, they are most afraid of hearing the word "borrow money".

if a person with good money lends money to him, there is no need to worry about it. He will always borrow and repay it.

on the other hand, those who have poor quality of money regard borrowing money as a daily habit, and they neither know how to return it voluntarily, nor are they willing to work hard.

it would be a disaster to lend money to such a person.

actor Yue Yunpeng has a best friend from childhood to big. The two are inseparable and say everything.

even though he has graduated for many years, he still gives his friends everything they want.

every time something happens to a friend, he spares no effort to help, and he always does not hesitate to lend money to him.

but after a long time, he found that his friends borrowed money but seldom paid it back.

always pay back a small part of the money, and then borrow more money from him.

later, when Yue Yunpeng asked others, he found that this friend was gluttonous and lazy most of the time, didn't work every day, and only wanted to play around.

every time I run out of money, I ask Yue Yunpeng to borrow money.

the last time he lent ten thousand yuan to his friend, he bought out the relationship between the two, and he hasn't been in touch since.

helping the poor does not help the poor, helping the poor does not help the lazy.

such people are not uncommon in life.

they have long developed a dependent mentality. No matter what happens, they do not want to solve it on their own, always count on others, and take other people's help for granted.

as stated in the book "Life needs to expose":

"I never judge things by money, but I know that the people we love should be people who share our values."

to lend money to others, it also depends on what kind of person they are and whether they are worthy of help.

if you always only know how to attach and take, but do not know how to give in both directions, even if the big tree with luxuriant branches and leaves will one day wither and lose its leaves.

when you reach middle age, don't act recklessly and don't make your already difficult life worse by taking care of it for a moment.

and for those who try to cling to themselves, stay away as soon as they can.

this is not only responsible for the family, but also a kind of relief to yourself.

stay away from people who just want not to do it

someone asked Cai Lan, "Sir, which sentence do you think has the greatest impact on you?"

Cai Lan replied, "if you do it, the chance is fifty-fifty; if you don't do it, it's zero."

I think so.

when people live to a certain age, they will always understand:

anything can never be realized if you just want not to do it. Only by daring to act can you have a chance to make your dream come true.

when I was young, I aim too high and live beyond my means. I always think that I will succeed one day, but I never know how to put it into action.

hesitate to move forward even though the opportunity is in front of you.

when you get old, you want to change, but you succumb to the status quo and muddle through the rest of your life.

writer Han Shaogong said:

"in today's real life, in fact, everyone can find enough basis to find their own poverty."


one of my distant uncles always boasted when he was young that he would prosper one day.

many strong labourers in the village went out to look for opportunities, but he sat on the sidelines:

"what can be achieved by doing the work of building bricks and tiles? If you want to do it, you have to do something big! "

later, when others came back from work, they built small foreign buildings one by one, while he still lived in a dilapidated bungalow and lived in abject poverty.

although he is envious, he is still unforgiving:

"these people look beautiful, but they actually work outside, and they don't know how shabby they are.

if it were me, of course I would have to do something more profitable. "

in recent years, many villagers have set up farm music on the back of the mountain. My uncle's house is in a suitable location, so he could have made a big fight.

but he is not without disdain:

"with all this effort, you might as well drink an extra bowl of wine at home.

Let's see, when I get a good opportunity, I'll make $100 million, too. "

in this way, indulging in fantasies all day long, he saw that his temples turned white, but he still achieved nothing. He became a monk all day and muddled along.

"to aim too high is a pipe dream, and to keep your feet on the ground is a dream."

there are many people like uncles in life. Although they have goals, they never put them into action.

always stay in your imagination, and naturally you won't be able to earn more money and get the life you want.

people are not terrible, what is terrible is that they do not know how to work hard.

if a person cannot guarantee his own life, how can he manage his own life well?

there is a saying that when people reach middle age, what kind of people they get along with is actually a way of life.

if you want to be at ease for the rest of your life, you must stay away from those who are short of money who just want not to do it.

stay away from no risk awareness


in the book scarcity, researchers have done such a follow-up survey:

in India, there is a group of vendors who borrow 1000 rupees from the bank every morning to buy goods, and then set up stalls on the side of the road to sell vegetables, fruits and flowers.

in the evening, use half of the 100 rupees earned that day to return interest, and the remaining 50 rupees for daily expenses.

if vendors can save 5 rupees a day, they can save up to 1000 rupees in 200 days and no longer have to borrow from the bank.

but unfortunately, the vast majority of vendors spend all the remaining 50 rupees.

even though the researchers gave the vendor 1000 rupees at a time, a few months later, the vendor returned to its original state.

later, the researchers found that these vendors are not really unable to make money, but lack "risk awareness".

there are too many such people in life who do not know how to delay gratification or plan ahead.

until the accident came, I found that I had nothing and regretted not having prepared in advance.

Liang Wendao once said:

"the advantage of young people is that every young man believes that he can fly.

while the middle-aged are flapping their wings, there is still a heavy weight on both sides of the wings that cannot be thrown off. "

when you are young, you do not understand the importance of money; when you are old, you can only suffer from the loss of money.

people go round and round all their lives.

and saving money is his greatest strength, his ability to resist all risks and control his life.

if you only care about the present and don't know how to think about the long term, you can only hurt others and yourself in the end.

in this world, only by learning to save money reasonably and know the wisdom of financial management, can we make the rest of my life a little more leisurely and a little less down-and-out.

stay away from people who are "chronically short of money" for the rest of their lives

there is a line in Flying Life:

"Adult collapse often begins with borrowing money."

people who have been short of money for a long time have no choice but to ask for help when they encounter problems.

for those who help him, they can help for a while, but they can't help him for a lifetime.

in this world, everyone has their own difficulties to overcome and too many responsibilities to shoulder.

most of the time, it is not that we are unwilling to help, but that we are already in deep trouble.

once read a story.

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A middle-aged couple whose husband has been out of work for three months has no income, and the whole family relies on his wife's small salary to maintain their daily expenses.

what worries them is that in order to take care of the elderly, the couple have just borrowed money to buy a new house, and the monthly car loan is also an expense.

they live in first-tier cities, and even their children's milk powder is more expensive.

my husband's unemployment has made life even worse.

some time ago, a friend in my hometown asked them to borrow money.

grew up together and had a good relationship with both husband and wife.

the husband had thought that he could borrow a little, but he could think about his own situation, but there was nothing he could do about it.

in the end, I ruthlessly rejected my friend.

do your best with your own ability.

in the face of requests from others, we always want to lend a helping hand.

but most of the time, reality makes us helpless.

if you can still lend a helping hand to help others, of course it is a kind of pattern, a kind of kindness;

but if you are too busy to take care of yourself because of your own family situation, health and other reasons, you might as well try to take care of yourself first.

is like a saying on the Internet:

"over 50 years old, I finally understand that it is true to make myself happy, and the rest is all nonsense."

learn to be ruthless, know how to act according to your ability, and live a good life, is the responsibility to yourself, but also to your family.

with regard to the predicament, Mrs. Thatcher once said:

"it is actually a 'personality defect', that is, lack of personality."

people live a lifetime, few people are not short of money.

some people are short of money and will try to seek change, while others just want to rely on others.

if you don't want to be wasted by such people, stay away from those who are chronically short of money.

spend your money on the knife, and spend your true feelings on people who deserve your attention.