When you go to bed, it's your life.
When you go to bed, it's your life.
Sooner or later, we will double our refund of ​ 's overdraft today.

Kant once said:

"there are three things that help ease the toil of life: hope, sleep and smile."

Sleep is very important to us. It is your life when you go to bed.

I have seen a group of personality types corresponding to falling asleep time on the Internet:

before 9: 00: leisurely people.

9-10:00: an expert in health care.

10-11:00: self-disciplined.

11-1: 00 a.m.: social expert.

after 1: 00 a.m.: the king of staying up late.

different time to fall asleep determines our different mental and physical states.

the better a person sleeps, the more he can stay energetic and disease-free.

Don't ignore the "little thing" of sleeping. Nothing is more important than a healthy body and a full spirit.

the more you stay up late, the worse your life will be

my friend Ajie has been having trouble at work recently, and there have been cracks in his relationship with his girlfriend.

During this period of time, in order to save enough money to decorate the house, he started a sideline after work and was often busy until two or three o'clock in the morning, and had to get up and go to work at seven the next morning.

soon, his body couldn't stand it and became very haggard.

he is not interested in any topic and often turns around and forgets what he was going to do.

his temper is becoming more and more grumpy. He always quarrels with his girlfriend about trifles and flies into a rage if he is unhappy.

on one occasion, he made a mistake about the order sent by the customer, which caused a loss to the company and almost lost his job.

he wanted to improve his quality of life by staying up late, but the loss outweighed the gain.

Today's young people are used to using sleep to overdraw their time, either for work or for entertainment.

however, staying up late is tantamount to chronic suicide, which will engulf our health and vitality little by little.

after the writer Guo Jingming became a director, he mentioned in the program that he had not slept for almost three days in order to shoot the film.

at that time, he was preparing his new film when he received an invitation to shoot a short film.

so he supervised the progress of the film during the day and hurried to the scene of the short film in the evening.

at first, he thought he could handle it. When he was sleepy, he drank coffee or took a nap on the way back and forth.

after a whole day, he felt more and more in a trance, and his whole consciousness was floating.

in the end, his emotions were out of control and he sat in the car and burst into tears.

staying up late without control and lack of sleep for a long time is not only a great torture to the mind, but also cause serious harm to the body.

Sleep Medicine Association survey data show that

Cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial infarction are related to sleep deprivation caused by staying up late.

British scientist Beveridge also said:

"getting less sleep doesn't mean you have more time than others, but it may make you die earlier than others."

the time of overdraft today will make us repay it double sooner or later.

refuse to stay up late, maintain the best state of the body, and ensure a clear and active mind in order to get twice the result with half the effort.

have a good sleep before you can control your life

in life, I often hear people complain:

"I'm used to staying up late and can't sleep until two o'clock."

"insomnia is so serious that the more anxious I am, the more I can't sleep."

"when I think of a lot of things tomorrow, how can I be in the mood to sleep?"

according to the World Health Organization, about 1% of people in the world have sleep problems, and the rate of insomnia among Chinese adults is as high as 38.2%.

investigating the reason, we will find that the reason for not sleeping well is not too much stress and too many things, but that the sleep quotient is too low.

American psychologists put forward that "sleep quotient" is an important index to measure sleep quality, indicating the degree of physical and mental recovery of body and mind in a unit of sleep time.

there is a test on "sleep quotient", with a total of 10 questions, each with a score of 1:

1. Be able to fall asleep within 15 minutes and before 11: 00:00 at night;

2. Wake up for more than 5 minutes no more than once a night;

3. 85% of the time in bed is sleeping;

4. Don't think about what happened during the day before you go to sleep;

5. Hardly dream at night;

6. Changing the new environment has no effect on sleep;

7. Will not be easily woken up by the surrounding noise;

8. Wake up refreshed every morning;

9. Energetic and clear-headed during the day;

10. Take a nap for no more than 30 minutes.

score more than 8, sleep quotient is very high; above 5, barely pass; below 5, sleep is worrying.

sleep quotient is closely related to one's health, life and work.

people with high sleep quotient tend to be self-disciplined and determined, know how to combine work with rest, and can not only work efficiently, but also enjoy life.

the writer Huffington used to be proud of "sleeping less and doing more". She worked 18 hours a day and was busy day and night.

once, she was so tired from staying up late that she fell to the ground and hit her head against the table, resulting in a fracture of her mandible.

she was so scared that she decided to change her way of life.

she reduced her working hours and didn't have any electronic equipment in her bedroom, not even paper books./p>

get up and go to bed on time every day to ensure a regular sleep pattern.

then she found herself in a new state, energetic, quick-thinking and much more efficient.

only by controlling sleep, can you better control your life


writer Nick says in the book:

"A really good person will take the initiative to control the pace of his life and improve his sleep quotient so that he can always deal with his work and life in a positive state."

Sleep is like the cornerstone of life, all positive enthusiasm is attached to it, and all happiness and beauty are born around it.

improve sleep quotient and sleep well so that you can have full spirit to repel setbacks and grow upward with exuberant energy.

people who are really good at sleep quotient know how to control sleep quotient

Medical journal Lancet has found that

to complete the same job, people who don't get enough sleep take 14% longer than those who get enough sleep, and the error rate is 20% higher.

A good night's sleep is one's best investment.

how can we improve our sleep quotient?

cultivate regular routine

writer Matsuura Mitaro said in "Integrity":

"go to bed around ten o'clock every night, get up at five in the morning, exercise every other day, walk ten kilometers quickly, and then go to work at eight o'clock.

this regular life is one of the very important jobs for me. "

the more successful people are, the more they know the rule of life and the importance of healthy sleep.

put down your cell phone and other electronic devices an hour before going to bed, go to bed when drowsiness strikes, get up on time in the morning, and try not to stay in bed on weekends.

with such gradual and orderly progress, if you develop good work and rest habits, you will be able to devote 100% of your energy to greet the new day.

try to take a nap

A survey by NASA found that a 26-minute daytime nap can improve pilot performance by 34% and sensitivity by 54%.

making good use of fragment time and enjoying a comfortable lunch break can also replenish us with a lot of energy.

for most people, two to five in the afternoon is the best time to take a nap, and about 30 minutes of sleep will rejuvenate.

keep exercising

once saw an experiment:

2600 insomniacs, aged between 18 and 85, were divided into several groups. One group did not exercise, while the other groups did aerobic exercise for different periods.

it is concluded that 150 minutes of exercise a week can effectively improve the quality of sleep by 65% and make you more energetic during the day.

in daily life, insist on doing some aerobic exercise, such as running, cycling, hiking in the wild, etc., which can not only strengthen the body, but also improve sleep.

Let go of the burden in your heart

sometimes, before we go to bed, we can't help but replay in our minds the things we haven't done during the day, the anxieties at work, the troubles in our relationships. There was no peace all night.

and the best sleep state is to forgive everything before going to bed and wake up without asking about the past.

We can write down the "burden" in our hearts, arrange the time to deal with it, or write down our own introspection, which will help us to clear our brains and go to sleep without hindrance.

A good night's sleep is the cure for life.

No matter how many things in life go against your wishes, you can be liberated by a sound sleep all night and let a good night's dream warm your heart.

have a good sleep, and you win

Shakespeare once said:

"all living things are bound to be conditioned by sleep."

sleeping well, taking care of the body and nourishing the spirit are the most important things in life.

No matter how busy you are, don't overdraw your sleep and get rid of your tiredness, so that you can cope with difficult challenges with a hundred times of energy.

Don't let go of your worries and rest. Only by letting go of your inner pressure can you withstand the troubles of life.

people with high sleep quotient have a better life.

, may you and I know how to have a good rest, have a good sleep every day, and stride forward vigorously!