"when you get married, you must be a perfect match."
"when you get married, you must be a perfect match."
Marriage is not easy, may you and I open our eyes, find a loved one, and spend our lives together.

emotion teacher Tu Lei said:

Love is not rich or poor, but marriage depends on family circumstances.

that's true.

marital relationship is often the sum of all social relations.

only those souls with similar values have something to talk about, and only those with equal strength can be equal to each other.

in fact, a good marriage is a good match.

A well-matched marriage is the most stable

the formula for marital happiness is that two people are evenly matched.

if the strength of two people is very different, the strong one can protect the other's face, or the weak one is not afraid of external rumors, then the marriage can last.

but in reality, these two points baffle a lot of people.

when she was young, my aunt talked about a boyfriend who was gentle and elegant, and the aunt liked him very much.

Our long homecoming dresses will make you look elegant and sophisticated. There are a lot of styles you can choose from.

when talking about marriage, Grandpa disagreed, on the grounds that the boy's family had no money.

my aunt wanted to marry him, so in the end, Grandpa didn't argue with his daughter.

in order to make his daughter suffer less, Grandpa bought a house for his aunt and introduced his uncle to work.

three years later, my uncle had just been promoted to manager and my aunt was pregnant at that time.

from then on, my uncle often didn't go home on the grounds of going out to socialize.

of course, my aunt was worried, so she wandered around my uncle's company. Once, she really saw him walking into the hotel with another woman on his arm.

my aunt was so angry that she fainted and was taken to the hospital. The child was gone.

when he learned that the truth had been revealed, my uncle became angry and said, "

"if your family has no money, who will marry you? I've had enough of your family's glances all these years. "

finally, my aunt regretted it and decided to divorce.

in fact, I have found that most of the marriages with great disparities end in embarrassment, while those marriages that match each other will flow for a long time.

two people from different family backgrounds will have different lives and personalities, and all the experiences will determine what kind of person he will be in the future.

the grievances suffered today must be filled somewhere else in the future, and all the deficiencies felt now will one day be captured. This is the so-called human nature.

Don't run counter to human nature, understand it and adapt to it.

Love may not depend on family circumstances, and marriage must be a perfect match.

in a "well-matched" marriage, no one takes advantage of each other, no one is aggrieved, no one covets whose interests, and naturally there are not so many hidden grenades to be exploded.

A well-matched marriage is the most comfortable

there is a kind of perfect match, which is called the harmony of the three values.

people with the same values will come together from all over the world, but I can't see enough of them all day long.

Feifei and her husband are the best couple I have ever seen.

referring to the concept of mate selection, she said:

there is a principle for me to find a partner. I never look for people whose pattern is higher than me, nor do I look for people whose vision is lower than me. I only look for people who are similar to me.

in fact, Feifei's husband is very much in line with her concept of choosing a mate, and even their past experiences are very similar.

with the same circles and similar experiences, it is much easier to get along with each other without so many stumbles.

they haven't even had a red eye or quarreled once.

No need to please, no need to please, you know what I want to say, I know what you mean. Such feelings are really rare and precious.

Adult marriage is nothing more than finding someone who is comfortable with each other.

when you are with people who feel comfortable, you will be comfortable with each other and live a happy and harmonious life.

A well-matched marriage is safer

Marriage is a perfect match, but also the protection of two people.

if two people with a large gap are combined into the most intimate relationship, it sometimes gives others a reason to hurt you at will.

A popular saying recently: "A good marriage is fatal, but a bad marriage is fatal."

choosing a partner is a very important thing in your life, not only to open your eyes, but also to verify your character.

in addition, two people need to be at the same pace, have the same values and grow up together.

"Jane Eyre" says: "

Love is a game, and we must always be neck and neck with each other in order to depend on each other for a long time.


because too strong opponents make people tired, too weak opponents make people tired.

May you find a suitable opponent and play for the rest of your life.

Marriage is not easy. May you and I open our eyes, find a loved one, and spend our lives together.