When you are upset, do these five things
When you are upset, do these five things
Let bygones be bygones, and what should come will come again.

Don't rush to talk

the more you have something on your mind, the less anxious you are to talk to anyone.

sometimes, the more you talk, the more you exaggerate and inflate the pain.

the more you talk, the more you will feel aggrieved and unwilling. The more you confide in, the more you will think the worst of things.

learn to calm down first. It can be taking a deep breath, being alone for a while, or even lying down to have a good rest and sleep.

sometimes others can't empathize, sometimes they can't help, and sometimes they can't give you the support and help you want.

instead of complaining and blaming, spend your time and energy on how to cheer yourself up, how to make yourself better, and how to better go to the board.

learn to be a quiet adult.

Don't be emotional, don't act impulsively, and don't pour out all the boredom in your heart.

A really strong person is not without hardship, but they learn to become a better person in the midst of hardship.

admission has occurred

when something happens, we always choose to escape and reject.

in fact, now that it has happened, for better or worse, you have to accept it first.

because whether you like it or not, what you don't want to happen happens.

especially when you encounter all kinds of unexpected bad things, don't always think about if in the first place, don't always want to regret, let alone worry too much about it.

the more you avoid it, the more harm and misfortune it will bring.

only when you accept all the occurrences, can you better face and deal with troubles and difficulties.

Don't think that if you don't accept it, the bad results can be returned, and don't think that things will take a new turn for the better and new hopes if you don't like it.

sometimes, now that things have happened, you have no choice at all.

the only thing you can do is to face problems like paper tigers, because in this world, except for life and death, everything else is small.

as long as you are not discouraged, no one can beat you.

find the cause from the inside

many times, when problems arise, we always want to pass the buck.

if the communication between two people is not good, we will think that the other person does not understand you.

when the cooperation was unsuccessful, we thought the other party was deliberately making things difficult for you.

can't do a thing well, we think we are not lucky enough.

No matter what happens, one must learn to find the reason from oneself.

because only when you change your attitude can you recognize and understand your shortcomings and shortcomings, find out what you haven't done well enough, and change the parts that can be improved.

even if the other person is wrong, we can neither change nor blame others. In the end, we are the only ones who can change.

when you try your best to be yourself, you can better promote your success, make up for your mistakes, and take the initiative in your own hands.

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only by introspection can one grow up and make progress.

read and learn more

sometimes, a person often feels unhappy, perhaps not because he has encountered an insurmountable difficulty or an insurmountable hurdle, but is not wise enough.

the same problem, if you think big about it, it becomes big. If you think of it as small, it becomes smaller.

the same process, if you think it is difficult, it will become difficult, if it is not difficult, it will become easy.

the same result, if you think of it as bad, it will become very bad, and if you think of it as not bad, it will get better.

sometimes, it is not the size of the thing itself that baffles us, but the size of your cognitive limitations, which determines the size of what happens to you.

in life, some people feel like a piece of cake even if they are hit by a storm. Even if something bigger happens to some people, they will find it hard to bear.

when you read and study more, you can constantly improve your pattern and realm, so that when something happens, you will not panic, let alone trap yourself.

adjust your mindset

everyone has an emotional low ebb when something happens, and they all need time to resolve it, and they all need a process of acceptance and adaptation.

but don't indulge in it for too long, don't let it collapse, let alone give up, but learn to adjust your mindset and start anew.

in this world, maybe some things cannot start all over again, some losses will no longer be owned, and some regrets may no longer be made up for.

but we can learn from experiences and lessons, or constantly improve ourselves, so as to make our future life better.

nine times out of ten, there are unsatisfactory things in life.

if you encounter anything unhappy, you have to get angry, you have to pester it, you have to compete with yourself, and eventually you will be kidnapped by bad emotions.

Let bygones be bygones, and what should come will come again.

learn to constantly adjust yourself, and then face the tests and challenges of life with a positive and optimistic attitude.

important notIt's where you fall, but whether you get up from where you fell and move on to new days and journeys.

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