When you are in a bad mood, go to these three places.
When you are in a bad mood, go to these three places.
The sun will rise and your life will get better and better.


Heaven's worry solving Library


there is a saying that life is like a citrus tree in summer. Bitterness is certain, so is sweetness.

the more sad you are, the less you can stay at home alone.

force yourself to go for a walk, the lively vegetable market, quiet library, wide mountains, will take you out of the predicament.

when you are in a bad mood, go out more often and you will find the candy hidden in your life.

go to the vegetable market and watch fireworks

read a sentence:

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"when a person loses hope in life, take her to the vegetable market."

vegetable market, there are not only the most vulgar market life, but also the most healing fireworks in the world.

Chen Xiaoqing, director of "China on the Tip of the tongue", whenever she goes to a place to explore delicious food, she goes to the vegetable market first.

in the vegetable market in Yunnan, he found that all kinds of strange mushrooms can buy freshly listed seafood in the vegetable market in Chaoshan.

if you don't know how to cook this dish, the vendors will also teach you the most authentic cooking tips.

your heart relaxes when you see rows of vegetables, melons and fruits, and delicious snacks.

all the troubles of the past have been left behind, and now we only need to think about the beauty of three meals a day.

it has been said that when you are desperate about life, you can go to the vegetable market.

the fireworks smell of the vegetable market will make you sprout your love of life again.

all the chases in Vanity Fair are not as real as the heavy sparerib wax gourd in hand.

Wang Zengqi wrote in the Old search of the esophagus:

"when I come to a new place, some people like to go to department stores and some people like to go to bookstores. I'd rather go to the vegetable market. Look at live chickens and ducks, fresh fish and vegetables, green cucumbers, red chili peppers, lively and crowded, it makes people feel a kind of joy of life. "

for the rest of my life, even if the years are difficult, we should be a person who understands life and find the sweetness of life in a vegetable.

go to the library and read all kinds of life

Borges said: "if there is a paradise, it should be what a library looks like."

where there are books, the soul has a habitat.

in the Redemption of Shawshank, Andy, a banker, has been jailed unjustly and has lost his freedom ever since.

in the dark cell, most people give up, while Andy calms down and thinks about the way out of life.

he loves reading and delves into all kinds of knowledge whenever he has time.

Andy found that the library in the prison was very backward and asked the warden to repair it, but all of them were rejected.

so he began to write to the state government, first once a week, then twice a week.

when everyone thought Andy would give up, he held on silently for six years and finally received a large donation of books.

it is hard to imagine that there are both romantic collections of poems and advanced financial theories in this prison library.

and the prisoners, led by Andy, began to persist in reading and study, took the initiative to sign up for the exam, and obtained a diploma.

the greatest dilemma in a man's life is not his prison cell, but the closure of his mind.

look up at the starry sky even if you are stuck in the mud.

there is a saying that reading can experience a thousand kinds of life, and those who do not read can only live once.

all grievances can be resonated in books; all sufferings will be understood in stories.

where the body cannot reach, you can read; if you can't see the scenery, you can read.

when you are confused, you might as well go to the library, open books, broaden your horizons and enrich your heart.

go mountain climbing and see the vast world

Lin Haiyin said: "Life is like climbing a mountain. It looks like you have to go through many rough roads, but you will eventually reach the top of the mountain."

former US President Roosevelt was born with congenital asthma and was too weak to go to school.

his parents told him to stay away from all sports in order to live a long life.

but Roosevelt refused to accept his fate, saying:

"I would rather live a short life than spend my life sitting in mediocrity.


when he was in college, he loved climbing mountains and climbing the highest mountain in Maine with his friends.

he walked alone on the slippery hillside with a 40-pound bag on his back, then lost a shoe and still walked the whole way in slippers.

in 1884, Roosevelt suffered a great blow, and his wife and mother died one after another. During that time, he left the city and lived alone in the countryside, only with nature.

Roosevelt believed that his life was a "hard life". Only by constantly forcing himself to exercise can he enhance his perseverance and will and overcome the pain in life.

even after he was elected president of the United States, he still persisted in mountaineering and rafting, constantly pushing his limits.

Mountain climbing is like a spiritual practice, life is constantly fulfilling: from narrow to open, from bitter to sweet, from loneliness to joy.

We always look forward to the good years, but the reality is rugged, can not escape, can only go through step by step.

fell, clenched his teeth and stood up again.

injured, continue to set off with a scar.

the road is under foot, and the heart is far away. As long as you act, you can reach the finish line.

you have to go until the lights are on; you have to endure until you reach the peak.

it is often said that different environments have different magnetic fields.

when you are in a bad mood, don't always stay at home, change the place, change the magnetic field.

Bad emotions don't disappear suddenly. You need to make a change.

as Maugham said:

"A man can observe fallen leaves and flowers and appreciate everything from details, but life cannot do anything to him."

Let's go for the better. If you don't like it, you won't listen to it, you won't remember the unpleasant things, and the people you don't like will be gone.

the sun will rise and your life will get better and better.