When people reach middle age, these people will no longer have to contact each other.
When people reach middle age, these people will no longer have to contact each other.
Life is your own. Love yourself more and live for yourself for the rest of your life.

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in a twinkling of an eye, people reach middle age and life is half-sloping.

after a lot of experience, I learned that you don't have to live for others and don't waste your time on people and things that are not worth it.

We will meet a lot of people in our lives, and what we leave behind in the end is the most precious. Some people no longer need to contact, and some relationships do not need to be maintained.

students without friendship

there is a topic on Zhihu: do you want to go to the classmate reunion?

many people say they don't want to go to the classmate reunion.

netizens said that she had also been to a classmate reunion ten years after graduation.

it was a pleasure to meet her classmates, but she found that there was a lot of alienation between people, even if they were in the same dormitory, they were no longer together, and their relationship was not as close as before.

there is no friendship among the students, and they all become "familiar"strangers".

once saw a writer talk about her classmate reunion:

when she was at school, she was on good terms with a girl. At the class reunion, she talked about the most profound things she had been with before, but she replied, "I forgot."

your obsession with the past has been completely forgotten by others.

although the years have changed their appearance and can still recognize each other more than a decade later, the terrible thing is that the years do not make people grow old and fat, but the hearts of people have changed.

students are no longer intimate and don't talk about communication

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, drinking social wine, but can no longer walk into each other's hearts.

with the change of status, identity, environment and values, because there is no intersection between students, so their body and mind are gradually far away.

"We are still the same person, but we don't have the same heart."

people will change, feelings will be far away, for the past friendship, the past on the past, let it stay in the memories, everyone is destined to be a passer-by of life, do not force, do not retain.

look down on your relatives

when I went back to my hometown last year, I met many relatives.

I have been working out of town for more than ten years, and I only go back to my hometown once or twice a year.

now she works in a foreign company in Beijing and is very good at making troubles. She talks to this relative and that relative. But only never said a word to me.

I know that she looks down on me, I haven't been to college, and dating with me can't bring her any "useful help".

although she is a relative and a cousin of her own family, she is actually a stranger, just bearing the name of a relative.

there are relatives who can't talk to each other, and there are also those who have good relationships and poor relationships, so there is no need to ask everyone to be kind to you.

relatives are sometimes inferior to their neighbors. You treat him as a relative, but he doesn't regard you as a relative.

some people are "high-minded". They only associate with people who are useful to him, and those who are looked down upon and do not help him, even if they are relatives, he will not look at you.

instead of maintaining kinship, it is better to be true. People who despise themselves should stay away as soon as possible, and there is no need to contact them.

some people break up and then break up. Even relatives do not have to consume themselves in the so-called "worldly sophistication".

friends who come and go

my friend told me her story.

she once had a good best friend. Although she was no longer together, she contacted each other every year and got together every year when she returned to her hometown.

but they broke off because of a trifle.

when her best friend was in trouble, she helped her and lent her money. They were indistinguishable from each other and helped each other through the most difficult stage of life.

two years ago, she wanted a professional title, and her file was in her hometown and needed to be adjusted.

she thought that her best friend was in her hometown, so she asked her to help. She didn't have to go all the way back to do it.

she called her best friend to talk about it, but her best friend turned it down unexpectedly, on the grounds that she is not working in the city now, she is far away from work, she goes out early and comes home late every day, and there is no time.

although my friend was uncomfortable, he said nothing.

but then she went back to her hometown and didn't tell her best friend, who never asked her when she was coming home to get together.

the friend said with emotion: "unexpectedly, the human relationship is so fragile, no matter how good the relationship will be broken."

the best relationship

there are times to break up, since it is not cherished, since there is an estrangement, let go.

Friends are also passers-by of life. They can only accompany one trip, not one lifetime.

We will meet a lot of people in our life, and we will leave a lot of people, come and go, we can't control it, leave and go, we don't have to nostalgia, what we stay is what we should cherish.

Let go of those who are not worth it; it is not necessary to maintain a meaningless relationship.

you don't have to waste your life on ineffective socializing, thankless, unforced.

Yang Jiang said: "the world is our own and has nothing to do with others."

Life is your own. Love yourself more and live for yourself for the rest of your life.