When do people understand best? (after watching the epiphany)
When do people understand best? (after watching the epiphany)
Life is a process of awakening.

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A philosopher once said, "Life is a process of awakening."

Life itself is an experience, growing in the years, knowing in the experience, waking up in the pain.

having experienced the warmth and warmth of human feelings and watching all kinds of situations in life, we can often see the truth and have an insight into human nature in these moments.

people know best when they are in trouble

Yang Jiang said: "only by being humble can we see the truth of human feelings in the world."

when you are in trouble and lose fame and wealth, you can deeply feel the truest attitude of the people around you.

Tang Bohu, a painter of the Ming Dynasty, was brilliant from an early age and won the first place in the local examination at a young age.

for a while, the rich squire came to make friends with him, and the future was limitless.

however, in the second year's examination, some people became jealous and reported that Tang Bohu and another examinee, Xu Jing, had bribed the examiner in advance, revealing the questions.

as a result, Tang Bohu was implicated, suffered prison, discredited, and completely ruined his official career.

in the face of the great disaster of Tang Bohu, his wife was unbearable and abandoned him.

seeing that his political career is hopeless, my younger brother is determined to separate from him.

the local rich gentry no longer flatter him, but regard him as a source of conversation and often make fun of him.

although it was later confirmed that Xu Jing bribed the bribe, it was already too late for Tang Bohu.

in distress, he was destitute and miserable, and he had to make a living by selling calligraphy and painting all his life.

Feng Jicai has a good saying:

"some people are willing to lend you their umbrella on a sunny day. When it rained, he left quietly with an umbrella. "

that's the way human nature is. When you are beautiful, applause and flowers come to you, and praise is everywhere.

when you are in trouble, they immediately put away their resources and draw a clear line with you.

as the saying goes, "if nothing happens, we don't know who is near and who is far away; if a person is not good, I don't know who is strong and who is weak."

on weekdays, when everyone pushes a cup for a change, the relationship is like a family. You can't tell who is sincere to you and who is false.

After you are in trouble, when you turn to the people around you for help, your closeness is clear at a glance.

when you are down, you can see who is really good to you and who is your true friend.

people know best when they are brilliant

"the world is all for profit; the world is bustling for profit."

Sima Qian, a historian of the Western Han Dynasty, expressed the essence of human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

think of a story in the Outer History of the Scholars:

Fan Jin is an unlucky scholar who has been a scholar for most of his life. The poor can only live in a thatched hut.

when he saw that he failed repeatedly in the exam, his father-in-law, Hu Tufu, often took it out on him and scolded him bitterly, and the neighbors regarded him as a laughingstock and often made a mockery of him.

in order to support Fan Jin in winning fame, his wife and mother are often hungry.

finally, the emperor lived up to the willing man, and at the age of 54, he won the examination of Juren.

when the news got back, the neighbors immediately changed their faces and bowed to Fan Jin for fear of snubbing him.

Zhang Juren, who once looked down on Fan Jin, hurriedly sent him three houses, and neighbors brought white rice, wine and pork one after another.

for a moment, Fan's dilapidated thatched hut was suddenly crowded with gift-givers, and the scene was lively.

in front of the cold and hot behind, between quiet and trouble, the human nature of dislike the poor and love the rich has been shown incisively and vividly.

the ancients once said, "if you are poor in a busy city, no one asks, but the rich have distant relatives in the mountains."

when you are powerless and powerless, they look on you coldly; when you are developed, they flock to you and ask you for warmth.

as the Analects of Confucius said: "the gentleman is metaphorical to righteousness, and the villain is to profit."

when people are brilliant, villains gather around you, like a group of sharks swimming in the smell of blood, just want to carve up your dividend.

in the highlight of life, we should keep a clear head and see through the true face of their hypocrisy and snobbery.

people know best when they have no money

there is a line in the movie "Flying Life" that says, "the collapse of adults begins with lack of money."

one sentence expresses the sadness of countless people.

there was a hot question on Zhihu:

"when did you find out that parents are also vulnerable?"

A highly praised answer wrote:

when I got up in the evening and went to the toilet, I found my father in a suit lying on the edge of the toilet, picking his throat and vomiting.

the respondent's father is a salesman in the company. affected by the epidemic, the efficiency of the company in recent years is not good, and customers have been lost one after another.

in order to pay for her tuition, her mother begged her relatives to borrow money around the house, while her father was out drinking with his clients just to earn an extra cut.

when he saw her, her father looked haggard, but he comforted her and said, "Don't worry, I'll pay your tuition in a few days."

she ran back to her room and cried loudly in the quilt.

it turns out that when there is no money, their own tuition fees actually require their parents to put down their face and risk their lives to bear it.

Zhang ailing once said: "I like money, because I have not experienced the pain of money, do not know the disadvantages of money, only know the advantages of money."

if you don't have money, you can't take care of it.The family's capital, unable to pay rent, water and electricity, children's tuition fees can become a straw to overwhelm the whole family;

there is no money, even after the last meal, the days are calculated by the day.

without money, I can only drag my numb body around every day. Poetry and distance are luxuries.

when there is no money, you will see clearly the malice of the world. As long as you lack money once, you will understand what real despair is.

as Oscar Wilde said:

"when I was young, I thought that money was the most important thing in the world, but now that I am old, I find that this is true."

save more money, what you save is not only money, but also your future strength and dignity.

people know best when they are seriously ill

have seen such a cartoon:

your health is "1", wealth, status, fame and so on are all "0". Only if there is the previous "1", all the subsequent "zeros" are meaningful.

after having an illness, you will realize that health is the real priceless treasure.

I remember seeing such a thing on the Internet:

the elder brother of writer Liu Na is a model worker at work, and her working ability is very


strong, not only to achieve their own task targets, but also to lead the team to complete the company's large and small projects, singing all the way to promotion and salary.

this continuous pace of work made him suffer from high blood pressure when he was in his 40s, and he would forget to take antihypertensive drugs when he was busy.

his mother is worried about his health and often reminds him to have a checkup and treatment. he always agrees verbally and acts perfunctorily.

then one day, he didn't go home until the wee hours of the morning when he had a cerebral hemorrhage while going to the toilet. By the time he was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, his life was gone.

whenever I read this, I can't help but regret that no matter how hard you work and how bright your future is, as long as you lose your health, everything loses its meaning.

Zweig wrote in the Queen of decapitation: "

she was too young to know that all the gifts from fate had already been secretly priced.


there are many people around us who think they are young, can indulge at will, and can stay up all night in exchange for performance.

but our bodies are not as strong as we thought. Once the disease strikes, everyone is not immune.

Schopenhauer said: "the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade their health for other things."

when we were young, we worked hard and spent ourselves to get a promotion and a raise. Once we got sick, no amount of wealth and fame could get back your health.

some people say that health is like air. In ordinary days, we are used to its existence and don't care about it.

After losing it, I found that compared with what I had risked my life to fight for, it was nothing to mention in the end.

Don't wait for a serious illness to realize the importance of health.

people know best when they lose

writer Bai Xianyong once said: "all maturity in life begins with loss."

Yingzi in the Old stories in the South of the City was originally a carefree and innocent child, but she experienced all kinds of misfortunes in her childhood.

when she was a child, Yingzi had a very good friend named Niu'er, but it wasn't long before Niu'er was run over by a train because of an accident. Yingzi, who was young, had the first taste of parting from her good friend.

soon after, because of family changes, Mama Song, who accompanied Yingzi from an early age, had to leave her, and Yingzi once again felt the pain of leaving the people around her.

later, on the day Yingzi graduated from primary school, her father died of illness in the hospital, and the person who loved her most in the world was gone.

after a series of losses, Yingzi did not flinch, she gradually became mature, "Dad's flowers have fallen, and I am no longer a child."

isn't Hideko's experience a microcosm of our lives?

lose again and again, suffer again and again, in exchange for maturity again and again.

writer Cao Youfang said:

"the so-called growth is to accept anything that happens in life, even if it is unfortunate or bad, to face it, solve it, and minimize the damage."

maturity is like a deal, and the pain that comes head-on will sharpen your sawtooth and sharpen your inner weakness until it makes you as indestructible as a diamond.

I like what Haruki Murakami said very much: "at any time, people always seek a romantic glimmer of light around the dark clouds to live."

since misfortune is inevitable, since loss is impossible to retain, learn to accept it calmly, take a good step, and cherish the people in front of you.

people know best when they step down

there is a saying in "pattern": "No matter how powerful a person is, he is nothing without the platform."

the Washington Post did such an experiment in which they invited the famous violinist Josh Bell to perform in the square disguised as a busker to observe people's true reaction to music.

Josh Bell was so confident about his influence that he took out the most valuable violin and played extremely difficult tunes.

he performed hard in the open square, and some passers-by were attracted by him and stopped to listen, while others took a glance and walked away.

after a morning, the great musician finally earned only $42.

you knowTickets for his performance at the opera house are $300 each, and it is often hard to get a ticket.

the same musicians and violins are also difficult tunes, but the results are very different in the open air and in the opera house.

left the platform, even music masters who have won many awards can only accept the reality that no one is interested.

Buffett once famously said, "you don't know who has been swimming naked until the tide is out."

when many people are on stage, they are immersed in the illusion of calling the wind and rain, self-expansion, blind self-confidence, and never really see their own abilities.

after stepping down, without vain applause and public praise, you can see your true level clearly.

personal talent is essential, but without the platform, no matter how strong the ability is, it is difficult to make great achievements.

when you lose the resources and halo of platform blessing, just like dragons leaving the deep sea and tigers leaving the mountains and forests, you will eventually end up with "Longyou shoal being bullied by shrimp, and tigers falling in Pingyang by dogs."

therefore, you must attach importance to improving your ability, but also learn to fear and cherish your platform.

Roman Roland said:

"there is only one kind of heroism in this world, which is to still love life after recognizing the truth of life."

in this life, people always go through several changes, and always see the essence of life in a few moments.

We will be disappointed in human nature, but still love the people around us;

We will feel the pain of not having money, and we will also enjoy the freedom and ease of being rich.

We will continue to lose, and we will continue to become strong and mature after losing.

writer Tian Wei said:

"regret is frequent, loneliness is frequent, born to taste bitterness, born to see impermanent changes."

when you see clearly the repetition of human nature, you can learn to gather and break up; when you understand the twists and turns of life, you can learn to be fearless about gains and losses.

as Yang Shen said in the poem, "right and wrong success or failure turns empty, Castle Peak is still there, several sunsets are red."

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