"when a person gradually starts to stop posting on moments."
"when a person gradually starts to stop posting on moments."
When you don't post on moments, you have to live hard.

when I was young, I wanted everyone to know about a little thing.

later found that the more people grow up, the more things they experience, and the less they want to say.

when you are sad, you are used to getting through it alone; when you are happy, you are no longer willing to share it with others.

the frequency of sending moments is also from weekly to monthly, and finally in years.

when a person gradually begins to stop posting on moments, he is not speechless, not lazy in recording, but growing up silently and maturing quietly.

do not live in the eyes of others

Schopenhauer once said: "one of the most special weaknesses of human nature is to care about what other people think of themselves."

the same is true of many people posting on moments.

Landscape photos must be taken with thick filters, and selfie photos must be refined and beautified.

with the process of taking photos, repairing photos, and choosing photos, there is not much time to experience beautiful scenery and delicious food.

all this goes against our original intention. We travel long distances and enjoy the beautiful scenery in order to break away from the familiar environment and feel the flow of the wind and the changes of the clouds, not for the likes of the moments.

if the meaning of travel becomes to take pictures that can be posted on moments, then a long trip becomes to please others and seek out who you are in the eyes of others.

self-media blogger

@ foam

once told a story about himself.

when she used to travel, she always took several boxes of clothes with her in order to take beautiful pictures.

take several skirts, and you can bring out seven or eight sets of swimsuits.

she brought too many things, and she was very tired every time she changed buses, because she chose too many things and spent too much time on matching clothes.

as a result, I couldn't find the best for the whole trip. I didn't play well, and I missed a lot of beautiful scenery because I didn't have enough time.


, she adjusted her status, streamlined her equipment, brought two or three sets of comfortable clothes, and reduced her cosmetics to basic products.

when she no longer pursues the beauty of refinement, but earnestly feels the beauty, the sincere smile in the photo becomes the most moving thing.

later, every time she went to a scenic spot, she no longer took a beautiful picture as her primary goal, but to feel everything she encountered at the moment.

Life is supposed to be felt by yourself, so there is no need to become a refined template for others to see in the moments.

Don't live in the eyes of others, live in your own life script.

do not live in comparison with others

I once heard my friend 77 complain: now the moments are more and more like a show-off circle.

Xiao A shows off a Chanel bag today, Xiao B will display a set of sea blue mystery cosmetics tomorrow, and Xiao C will issue an Armani necklace the day after tomorrow.

On the other hand, she earns only 4500 yuan a month, which is barely enough to eat after removing the rent every month, so she doesn't have any spare money to buy these things.

in order to satisfy vanity, Qi Qi also followed suit.

she maxed out a credit card, bought a luxury bag worth more than 10,000 yuan, and took a picture with the caption: new favorite.

likes in moments do give her a sense of satisfaction, but this satisfaction is so short-lived that there is only a moment to receive likes, and it can't be sustained.

and she had to live frugally in order to pay her credit card bill, and she felt very guilty that she failed to lend a helping hand when the family needed money.

when you think about it, the loss outweighs the gain.

later, when she saw the kind of moments showing off her wealth, she decided to stop following the trend.

not because someone else ate an online celebrity clocking in meal, he immediately began to choose a restaurant, nor did he get angry and upset because others posted something they didn't have.

Life is your own and has nothing to do with others.

everyone has his own pace of life, and finding his own love is far more important than blindly pursuing the love of others.

comparison in moments is just a fake social game, which will not only fall into the whirlpool of consumerism, but also make your life a mess.

in the adult world, living a good life is far more important than comparing with others.

when a person gradually stops posting on moments, it is because he finds his own rhythm and lives the way he likes.

when not posting moments

are all trying to feel life

there was a topic with a lot of discussion on the Internet:

"Why do more and more people gradually stop posting on moments?"

there is a high-praise answer: the moments you want to post have been sent to the people you care about in private.

this is true.

when you reach a certain age, you already have a fixed circle. You don't need to get other people's attention by posting moments, but you know how to let go of your obsession with your moments and share what you want to say to people who understand it.

once interviewed a friend who seldom posted on moments.

he has a wonderful sideline, illustrating for others, and is also a short video blogger.

When looking for him, he was either illustrating or editing a video.

I asked him, "how come I haven't seen him post on moments for a long time?"


he said, "I've been so busy lately that I haven't opened my moments for a long time, let alone post them."


then he shared that when heAfter going through some things, I found that life is not real in moments.

before posting on WeChat moments, you should think about what to post; after posting on WeChat moments, you look forward to other people's attention and likes.

if no one likes it, you will be very lost and think about things.

if you have such time and energy, you might as well spend time with your wife and children.

after all, moments are virtual, and reality is the life you really feel.

To share what you want to say directly with the person you care about is to kill two birds with one stone.

We originally thought that people who don't post on moments are because there is no one to share, or even a life to share.

but the reality is that they have already seen the truth of their moments and found the focus of life.

at a certain stage, instead of chasing the colorful circle of friends, it is the meaning of living to return to life itself.

in fact, moments is a space for self-expression.

some people like to use it as a notebook of life and decorate it with variety, while others want to withdraw from their moments and pay attention to the experience of real life.

whether you post on moments or not, it's your own choice.

respecting other people's choices is also an adult's self-cultivation.

when we reach a certain age, experience more and feel more, we become more and more silent and don't want to talk more and more.

in the adult world, a low profile is a sign of maturity, and silence is a mature choice.

if there is a person around you who no longer posts on moments, maybe he just sees the truth of life and chooses to live in a different way.

, when you don't post on moments, you have to live hard.