Wechat, the people who talk to you like this are secretly in love with you.
Wechat, the people who talk to you like this are secretly in love with you.
The happiest thing is that someone tells what is on his mind and someone understands his emotions.

writer Su Cen said:

"Happiness is probably finding someone willing to listen to your nonsense."

he may not say too many nice things, but he will silently listen to your heart, care about your feelings, and always give you comfort in your tired life.

people who are willing to listen to you at any time

have you found that the older you are, the less interested you are in other people's stories?

in this fast-paced era, we are full of busy work every day, fettered by human feelings and trifles, and everyone can't take care of himself.

then slowly get used to it, quietly stay in their own corner, just want to care about their own world.

actor Wang Zhiwen was asked in a program why he didn't get married at the age of 40.

he just gave a simple answer, but didn't meet the right one.

the host asked him what would be appropriate. Wang Zhiwen paused for a moment and then said:

"just want to find someone who can talk at any time."

the words in my heart are warm when some people listen to them, and happiness is when some people understand troubles.

has always felt that in the long journey of life, we are all alone.

but what a precious thing it is to meet someone you are willing to talk to and listen to to inject color and temperature into each other's lives.

the happiest thing is that someone tells what is on his mind and someone understands his emotions.

people who don't want to bother you

some people say that people who love you will want to contact you all the time, but there is also a kind of love called being careful.

there is a poignant plot in the TV series "in the name of the Family".

once Li Jianjian crept home to surprise her father. she saw her father peeling garlic outside the window, so she sent a Wechat asking him what he was doing.

Father Li, who received the message from his daughter, put on presbyopia glasses and clicked on the phone for a long time before replying:

"all the work is done. I have nothing to do. I'm watching TV with melon seeds."

is such a simple sentence, but it took Li Dad two minutes to send it out.

Li Jianjian saw that in the chat records between himself and his father, his father sent text.

because she once inadvertently spoke in front of her father, it was too troublesome to listen to voice, so she tried to send words as much as possible, and it was inconvenient to listen to it at work.

is just such a casual remark, which is remembered by my father.

Father Li is afraid of affecting his daughter's work, so he doesn't dare to send her a voice message easily. When he wants to contact his daughter, he can only wear presbyopia glasses and type word by word.

some love is hot and unrestrained; some love is loud and loud;

but there is another kind of love, which is silent and deep.

the person who will not contact you at will, the one who is afraid to disturb you, their love and concern are always careful, but deeper than anyone else.

will reveal vulnerable people in front of you

when did you find that you love someone very much?

some people say that if they see a beautiful cloud on the road, they will take a picture and send it to him as soon as possible.

the first person you want to share when you are happy is the one you like.

but I think that when you are so sad, the first person you want to find is the person you love most.

in the South Korean drama "Please answer 1988", there is an episode in which Tak-sun's grandmother dies.

at the funeral, Dashan's father shouted with a smile that his relatives were good to eat and drink, just like nothing happened.

Deshan can't help complaining: "Dad is so indifferent."

until Uncle Deshan came back from abroad, Deshan's father held his brother in his arms, and the two old men wailed loudly.

grown-ups are just putting up with it, just busy with their affairs, and just pretending to be strong to bear the burden of age.

vulnerability is revealed only in front of the people closest to you.

in person

before, we are all used to being strong and brave adults, seldom tell our grievances, rarely shed tears, but that does not mean that we can be strong enough to withstand everything.

I have seen people who laugh heartless during the day cry bitterly in the middle of the night;

I have heard that strong girls who are not afraid of heaven and earth express their fears and fears in the empty streets in the early hours of the morning.

every face with light wind and light clouds, as if nothing had happened, may hide a lot of secrets and sadness.

if there is a person who will lay down his guard and arms in front of you, and expose his fragility, it must mean that he regards you as very important.

because happiness can be shared with many people, but sadness can only be told to the person who is closest and trusted most.

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May you also meet such a person for the rest of your life, with whom you are willing to talk and who is willing to listen.

in front of him, you can be a strong adult or a fragile child occasionally.