Wechat searched these three places, revealing who is secretly in love with you.
Wechat searched these three places, revealing who is secretly in love with you.
Love, can not hide, even if the mouth does not say, will run out of Wechat.

Ling Jiu GE


what is evidence of being loved?

is a serious confession or a well-prepared gift.

everyone has different ways to express their love, but it is always difficult to restrain their feelings of liking a person. No matter how you hide it, you can peep into the details.

Wechat search these three places, you will know who is secretly in love with you, can not hide.

the other party is entering …

have you noticed that when chatting on Wechat, his nickname changed to "the other party is typing …"

in fact, this exposes the speed at which the other person can reply to your Wechat, which will be displayed only if he opens the dialog box and enters the content within 10 seconds.

this means that during these 10 seconds, you are watching Wechat intently, and he is responding to your messages in seconds.

it's like two people sitting face to face, you say a word, there is no perfunctory, there is no impatience, only love flows gently.

it is said that if you like someone, you will return in a second.

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because in his heart, you are always the special one, not to be neglected or ignored. No matter how busy I am, I will take a few seconds to reply to you.

behind the simple six words, it stands for caring and implies cherishing.

if there is a person who always answers your message in a second, even if he is not free, he will let you know, then you must be very important to him.

"nonsense" in chat notes

Open the Wechat search box and type "what are you doing?" do you also find a person who will send you a sentence every now and then?

seemingly speechless, the slightly stiff opening is actually an expression of love after he has been unable to sleep over and over again.

because I love you, I always want to find you, but there is no suitable reason to stare at the dialog box and delete it again and again, and finally only hold out these three short words.

besides "what are you doing", there are many other simple words, which also hide his love.

the sentence "eat it" is to care about your body and whether you take good care of yourself.

the phrase "talk to me when you get home" is a clumsy way to make sure you get home safely when you can't stay with you.

there are always people who are affectionate, but not good at expressing themselves. They can only use a careful greeting, a mindless nonsense, careful temptation, and expect a response.

steps of Wechat exercise

A friend is chasing a girl. Although she has added Wechat, she has been suffering from not finding the right opportunity to have an intersection.

so he figured out a way to get the other person's attention through the Wechat campaign.

he always pays attention to the number of steps of a girl, no matter how many steps are, he will always find her in the list and give her likes.

sometimes she walks, runs and even shakes her phone to keep her name next to her, or occupy the cover of her Wechat campaign.

in fact, love is that simple, even if it is just a virtual name, as long as close to you, let you see, can bring great satisfaction.

in the night when it is impossible to express love, through such a clumsy way, brush a wave of presence in front of you to convey your feelings.

Love cannot be hidden, even if the mouth does not say it, it will run out of Wechat.

those subconscious responses, clumsy words and silly actions seem ordinary, but they hide each other's truest heart and deepest feelings.

if you also find these signs on Wechat, he is in love with you.

if you are interested in him, don't forget to respond to him.

, may we all be loved, and may affection be exchanged for happiness.