Walking is the cure for everything.
Walking is the cure for everything.
In a way that is unique to human beings, let's see the world as it is.

with the development of science and technology, our life is more and more convenient.

when you are hungry, there is takeout, there is online car hailing when you go out, and everything you need can be bought online.

the life of staying at home has become a reality.

algorithm provides us with the best solution, and smartphones make the most rational choice for us.

Life is becoming more and more efficient, but it is getting harder and harder for us to be truly happy inside.

in his book Why We Walk, Shane O'Mara, a neuroscientist and professor of brain experimental research at Trinity College in Berlin, proposes the simplest and most feasible way to heal ourselves: walking regularly.

walking, especially a lot of frequent walking, is the key to physical and mental health.

Hippocrates has a famous saying: "Walking is the best medicine."

Walking can free us from the shackles of work and life, and free our body, mind and soul.

Walking can nourish the body and mind

in a British survey on the "recovery" phenomenon, the researchers gathered more than 4000 participants to expose them to different environments.

the so-called "recovery" refers to feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed within a week after being in the natural environment.

the survey results show that the recovery effect of the participants who come into contact with seaside, rural and urban green space is very significant.

Walking, especially walking regularly in the natural environment such as seaside, rural and urban green space, is more conducive to relieving stress, relaxing mood and restoring vitality.

the philosopher Nietzsche once experienced a darkest moment.

after the birth of tragedy was published, it infuriated a group of classical professors, and he suffered the darkest moment of his career.

emotionally, he was also hit repeatedly. He proposed many times, but was rejected many times.

he was so miserable that he not only suffered from a headache, but also his eyesight deteriorated rapidly.

in order to heal his body and mind, he resigned as a university professor and began to walk alone.

later, he began to try to walk in the mountains, where the air is clear, the light is suitable, the scenery is pleasant, full of vitality.

when the weather turns cold, he goes to the southern city for the winter and still walks for about four hours every day.

after walking in nature for a long time, his illness gradually improved and his mind gained peace.

he began to concentrate on writing, and it was during this period that he wrote many amazing works, such as on the pedigree of morality, the other side of good and Evil, Zarathustra and so on.

Nature is magical. It calms people and gives them spiritual strength.

Walking in nature is the most powerful nourishment for the soul.

philosopher Kierkegaard said:

"I take a walk every day until I feel happy and away from all the pain. I keep walking, coming out of the best ideas, and there is no stress that can't be eliminated by walking. "

in our spare time, let us pull away from the shackles of work and the shackles of life, and arrange a hike for ourselves to calm our impetuous heart.

if time is limited, a walk around your home can also make you forget your troubles and give you a moment of peace of mind.

Walking lies not in how far you go or how much time it takes, but in the walk itself.

Walking attentively, even a short stroll, can make you find a different world and a different self.

there are also poems and distances in the scenery at home.

Walking, which can activate the brain of "downtime"

when Jobs was 49 years old, he wanted to publish a biography about himself, so he called the biographer Isaacson and asked for an appointment.

what puzzled Isaacson was that the meeting was not at the other company or on other formal occasions, but outdoors, and Jobs invited him for a walk.

he learned afterwards that Jobs liked to have serious conversations during walks and even had a habit of walking and having meetings at the same time.

his amazing ideas and subversive ideas come from walking.

the greatest benefit of walking is to activate the brain and enhance creativity.


in Why We Walk, the author mentions that there are two key working modes of the human brain, the active execution mode and the default mode.

active mode refers to focusing on details.

default mode, including mind wandering, reflecting on one's own experience over and over again, and diverting attention from the current environment.

when we were young, the teacher always warned us to concentrate on our studies, don't look out of the window and don't get distracted.

but what the teacher didn't tell us is that focusing on tasks and mind wandering are two sides of the coin.

focus on the task for better execution.

diverting attention is to collect resources, integrate the information you get when performing tasks, or solve problems when you encounter difficulties.

in other words, mind wandering can help us get more ideas.

and focus helps us to check whether these ideas are absurd, novel and interesting.

the switch between the two states will produce creativity.

Walking can effectively promote the switch between different states of consciousness and inspire more creative ideas.

writer Thoreau once said:

"as soon as my legs move, the thoughts in my head begin."Surging, as if to discharge floodwater lower, ideas continue to form a new stream of water from high places.

A trickle emerges from the source and nourishes my brain. "

in this era of information explosion, it is normal to overload to receive information.

when the brain is unable to cope, there will be distraction, confusion, brain blankness, insomnia and other downtime.

working in this state, not only the efficiency is reduced, but also the effect will be greatly reduced.

at this point, you might as well get out of the house and go for a stroll, walk or hike.

by walking, relieve brain fatigue, restore vitality, and comb your thoughts

reason, inspiration will naturally emerge.

those puzzles that are difficult to solve may have the answer.

Walking can broaden your horizons and enrich your cognition

I have heard such a story.

there was a young man who was always negative and unhappy, so he went to consult the Zen master.

the Zen master asked him to buy two packets of salt.

after the young man bought it, the Zen master asked him to pour one of the packs into a cup of water and drink it.

the boy did it and shouted directly after drinking it. The water was too salty.

the Zen master did not speak, but took the boy to a river and asked him to put another bag of salt in.

according to the instructions of the Zen master, the boy poured the salt into the river and tasted the river again.

what I taste this time is the taste of the river itself, and there is no other taste.

these two packets of salt are our hardship and uneasiness.

that glass of water is our perception.

the more limited your cognition is, the easier it is to suffer. When you encounter something, you feel that the sky is going to collapse.

when our cognition is improved and our horizons are broadened, our hearts will be as broad as rivers.

Walking is a booster for broadening horizons and enriching cognition.

as we mentioned earlier, walking can activate the brain and enhance creativity.

when creativity is improved, it means that we can think and look at things from different angles.

Walking broadens our minds and enriches our cognition.

Kitajima once said, "A person's walking range is his world."

Hemingway also said that if you are lucky enough to have been to Paris when you were young, it will follow you wherever you go in the future.

the roads you have traveled, the scenery you have seen, and the people you have seen will eventually become a part of you.

walking is to draw a map of your cognitive world.

with the convenience of modern society, we can solve many problems without leaving home.

there is no doubt about the benefits brought to us by mobile phones, computers, Internet and other tools.

it's just that tools can't replace our brains to understand things, nor can they replace our bodies to feel and experience the world.

Don't be a slave to a tool.

with the help of tools and making good use of tools, we can stand higher and go further.

No matter how beautiful the scenery is, we also need to experience it and experience it.

the best learning is always on the way.

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Shane Omara said that walking upright is a unique human ability, but also the most ordinary human miracle.

born as a human being, this inborn ability can not be wasted.

, take steps from today, walk out of the house, go hiking, wandering, wandering, and make walking a habit of daily life.

look at the world as it is, in a way that is unique to humans.