Trade-offs of different age groups of ​ (epiphany)
Trade-offs of different age groups of ​ (epiphany)
Only by taking every journey of life, can you live up to yourself and the years.



the world is numerous and full of temptations, and people often do whatever it takes to get it. As everyone knows, the more you want, the more you will be tired by life.

and the real wise people know how to choose and know that different periods of time have different missions and different distances have different pursuits.

No matter what age you are, you have to choose and put it away freely, so that you can live a good life without regret.

20 years old, no comparison, be yourself

20 years old, is the least pressure on the body, but also the most easily impetuous time.

this age is easy to fall into the trap of blind comparison.

who is superior to family conditions, who is more luxurious than food and clothing, who is happier than winning, and the painful emotion cannot be calmed down for a long time than losing.

there are all kinds of red flowers, but different people. Do not blindly compare, be yourself, is the smartest way to live.

down-to-earth and hard-working is what a 20-year-old should look like.

as long as you find your own direction in life, use your own hands, no matter how hard it is, as long as you stick to it, life will certainly give you a satisfactory answer.

30 years old, take care of family, family harmony

as the ancients said, "all things are negative yin and embrace yang."

husband and wife, like yin and yang, are unified in two aspects of things, and only when they are in harmony with each other can the family be harmonious.

30, he lost his childishness, became a father and mother, had his own family, and carried a heavy burden on his shoulders.

from then on, it is necessary to find a balance between work and family and contribute to family harmony.

A husband should no longer care about his wife's appearance. It is only after marriage that he understands that virtue is more important than beauty.

A wife should stop worrying about her husband's busyness and realize that it is more important to work hard to make money than to be mediocre.

understand each other, the family is happy, life can be smooth.

40 years old, don't fight, control your temper

as the old saying goes, "the husband only does not argue, so the world cannot fight with it."

when a man lives all his life, striving is the act of a fool, but not fighting is the wisdom of a wise man.

40 years old, don't argue with people at different levels, let alone waste your time losing your temper.

neither argument nor anger can solve the problem, it will only make people feel immature and unreliable, and will aggravate conflicts and disasters.

when you experience something and see through some people, you will understand that fighting over everything, haggling over everything, thunderous anger and wanton anger will only make life worse.

Laozi once said that the best is like water, and all things in water conservancy will not be disputed.

taking water as a teacher, controlling your temper, getting along with others calmly, and being tolerant and magnanimous are the best ways to deal with things at the age of 40.

when you start to precipitate yourself and stop wasting time arguing, time will give you what you want.

50 years old, not greedy, contented

the book says: "contentment is not humiliating, knowledge is not perilous."

if you are content, you will not humiliate yourself; if you stop doing enough, you will not cause trouble.

but most of the reasons why life is too bitter come from too many desires, and the reality is cruel.

50 years old, stumbling, more than half of life, physical strength and energy are not as good as before, a lot of things are inevitably inadequate.

know how to subtract yourself: don't want greed, be content.

Don't lust for infinite desires with limited life.

Life is a process of gaining and losing at the same time. Instead of coveting things that do not belong to them, it is better to cherish the present and enjoy life.

with healthy parents, considerate lovers, obedient and sensible children, and a warm and happy family, this life is enough.

60 years old, bearish, everything goes with fate

in Zhuangzi's Journey to the North, it is said: "if Bai Ju crosses the gap between heaven and earth, it is just all of a sudden."

time is in a hurry, fleeting. At the age of 60, you already have what you should have, and you don't have to be demanding what you can't get.

after the age of 60, the best way to live is to follow your fate.

Don't quarrel with your wife any more. The so-called young husband and wife are old companions. Only the old couple knows you best and loves you most, and they are the ones who accompany you all your life.

Don't work for your children, let alone interfere too much. Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren. They have grown up and can live their own lives.

stop worrying about daily chores, calm down and take care of yourself is the most important thing.

Life is like this: the more you care, the more you will lose: everything goes with fate, and life is carefree.

when people turn 60, they learn to let nature take its course and be pessimistic about everything, so that they can grasp the present and live up to the good life they already have.

70 years old, don't worry, laugh at life

as the saying goes, "the breeze does not end, the rainstorm does not last all day."

Life is rare since ancient times. I have seen all kinds of things in the world, and I know better that the storm will pass away and the sun will be warm on a sunny day.It will come.

70 years old, don't worry, drink tea, enjoy flowers, and talk with your wife in your twilight years.

exercise together, study delicious food, live in your own happiness, happy and beautiful.

Don't keep yourself busy, you don't have to work too much, how to live easily, how to live happily.

know how to keep an optimistic attitude, be kind to yourself, and laugh at life.

Don't worry about the intrusion of the outside world, let alone the eyes of others.

laugh loudly when you want to laugh; cry when you want to cry.

having cried and laughed and lived with your heart, it is the best living condition at the age of 70.

as the saying goes, "what is short is life, and what is long is suffering."

Life seems to be long, but inadvertently, it comes to an end.

troubles, regrets and sighs are not as good as the passage of time.

different ages, different trade-offs, gains and losses, hardships and joys are all the most precious treasures of life.

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only by taking every journey of life, can you live up to yourself and the years.

in the trade-off, to give a satisfactory answer to one's own life is also the greatest blessing in life.

, may you be happy and safe for the rest of your life, and may you go through the wind and rain with no regrets and no regrets.