"Tong Dawei, your true face has finally been exposed!"
"Tong Dawei, your true face has finally been exposed!"
Only by persevering and working hard can the road of life really shine!

recently, there have been a series of good dramas on the screen, and even though the TV series "our Marriage" has come to an end, the topic of discussion is still high.

actor Tong Dawei once again won high praise from netizens for his meticulous acting skills:

the most typical Chinese man! How good at acting!

Sheng Jiangchuan, played by Tong Dawei, is a financial investment elite with unique vision and fierce tactics, and is quite famous in the industry.

but as soon as the camera changes, he returns to his family, but he is really annoying.

he boasts that he is the greatest contributor to the whole family, but his wife is responsible for the affairs of the family and the education of his daughter.

the man, comfortably in front of the shopkeeper, despised his wife's efforts.

not only regards his wife as a "parasite" with nothing to do, but also ignores his wife's needs and dreams.

in the face of his wife's request to return to work, there are words in many words, implying that the wife should think more about the growth of her daughter.

A pair of superior male chauvinism makes people feel as if they had swallowed a fly.

mention Tong Dawei, many people are no strangers.

Guo Yang in the War of Defense of Marriage, Russell in Tiger Mom and Cat Dad, Xia Junshan in Little willing.

all kinds of vivid male images have made our memories deeply rooted.

but seeing his interpretation of his new role "Sheng Jiangchuan" this time still brightens my uncle's eyes and gives me a pleasant surprise.

and this attachment may be traced back to childhood.

in 1979, Tong Dawei was born into a happy family of four in Fushun, Liaoning Province.

the pillar of the family fell down, and the burden of raising the children and taking care of the family fell on the mother at once.

in order to relieve the pressure on his mother, Tong Dawei began to do as much housework as he could.

at the age of 7, he stepped on a stool and reached the pot table, learning to cook in a good way.

12, he could help his family change the gas and carry 50 jin of rice, just like a man.

in the rift of life, the intelligent young man became more calm and optimistic instead of being discouraged.

by chance, Tong Dawei went to the theatre to find a friend.

just as the crew is filming, two groups are needed to perform in the program, with a reward of 25 yuan.

thinking of making money, Tong Dawei signed up.

unexpectedly, after the end, the director was full of praise for his performance and suggested that he, with a good image, try to be an actor in the future.

A word of praise planted the seeds of dreams in his heart.

the precocious teenager, on second thought, made a worry again.

it costs too much money to learn acting, which is likely to increase the burden on the family. The actor dream is too extravagant for him.

after many days of hesitation, Tong Daicai confided his heart to his mother.

"as long as you pass the exam, your mother will pay for you no matter how difficult it is!" His mother's boldness and firmness discouraged him from giving up.

after a year of desperate study, Tong Dawei was admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy as he wished.

shoot commercials, do dubbing, walk-on, the schedule is full, Tong Dawei is as busy as a top.

but the big boy is not a bit vague about his schoolwork, and he is very strict with himself.

even if the teacher inadvertently said "poor coordination", he paid special attention to it.

in order to train coordination, he decided to get up early and run on the school playground.

after four years of college, I kept running 30 laps every day, rain or shine, and I was nicknamed "Thirty".

maybe fate always favors those who strive for progress.

in 2001, Tong Dawei, a recent graduate, starred in the TV series "Jade Guanyin" Yang Rui.

under the guidance of the director, Tong Dawei shows the image of a cynical playboy incisively and vividly.

in the face of his girlfriend's love, he had a soft meal, his eyes twinkled and words dodged, and he dared not respond directly at all.

she felt at ease in the love-hate entanglement with the hostess, and handled the lovable prodigal son very properly, earning enough tears from the audience.

for a fledgling newcomer, such an easy interpretation is really rare.

suddenly became famous and became a hot new generation of idol Xiaosheng, but he had nothing to be proud of.

on the contrary, he does not change his sincerity and original heart in acting, constantly polishing his acting skills.

in 2007, Tong Dawei played the role of Lu Tao, who changed from a poor boy to a rich second generation in the TV series struggle.

this is a controversial figure.

Lu Tao sees two completely different values in the poor adoptive father who is innocent and the biological father of the rich businessman whose interests are supreme.

this recalcitrant young man began to wring and pulling himself.

facing the double dilemma of career and love, this energetic young man is both confused and embarrassed.

I have to say that Tong Dawei deduces Lu Tao, who is inferiority complex and conceited in his heart, very well.

drama was broadcast, Tong Dawei quickly became popular all over the country and successfully became one of the "four young people in the entertainment industry".

and the image of his small POLO shirt in the play is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and even leads a wave of POLO shirt trend.

in the film "Chinese partner", Tong Dawei once again subverts the audience's perception of him, turning himself into Wang Yang, a young literary and artistic youth and unruly prodigal son.

with long hair, he wears an intellectual brown Boston mirror and an elegant plaid shirt. He is keen on writing and reading poems, and is completely like an intellectual romantic poet.

for his excellent acting skills, he won the Best supporting Actor Award "Golden Deer Award" at the 12th China Changchun Film Festival.

then, in the hit TV drama "Little willing," Tong Dawei bid farewell to the reckless and unrestrained youth, transformed himself into a good husband and daughter slave with high education and good job.

the tenderness and interest of ordinary men are interpreted very vividly by Tong Dawei.

on the way to pick up his wife from work, she will buy her favorite food, Crispy Sugar-Coated Fruit.

No matter how busy the work is, no matter how tired he is, he will share the responsibility of parenting with his wife.

but with a gentle temper, he will also collapse when he is tutoring his children.

the image of an old father who hates iron makes the audience call the truth.

the bad feeling of "if you don't do your homework, your father will be filial to your son, as soon as you do your homework," you can empathize with it across the screen.

Tong Dawei has created too many small potatoes in ordinary life, from the boy next door who has just entered the society, to the intellectually elegant young man of literature and art, and then to the anxious novice father.

for every role, he has never been lazy.

in an interview, Tong Dawei shared his experience of promotion:

"even if it is the same role or type, you have to find some differences, add the details you have observed to the character, and try to make some reasonable and unexpected deductions."

perhaps it is because of this concentration and effort that Tong Dawei's acting skills have become increasingly exquisite and exquisite.

in the peak showdown of the variety show "I am an actor", Tong Dawei challenged himself again to play the fake blind man in "the Tuner".

it is not easy to play a blind man, and it is even more difficult to play a "fake blind man".

when the secret of pretending to be blind was discovered, he panicked and pretended to be calm, which made people feel cold.

the high level of acting like a textbook impressed the audience.

from Tong Dawei, Uncle saw the courage and truthfulness of a good actor to tear off the role tag, break through the shackles and get out of the comfort zone.

No wonder he can win over audiences of all ages.

who would have thought that this walking film evergreen tree, outside the play, is a typical beloved wife madman.

he spoils his wife Guan Yue as a "little girl" and celebrates his wife's birthday with a sense of ceremony every year.

at the Cannes Film Festival, Tong Dawei picked up his wife and walked down the aisle because he felt sorry for his wife's hard work in high heels and ignored many cameras.

A little bit of love really envies everyone. Even his good friend Shen Teng could not help joking: "Tong Dawei is the best dog food I have ever seen."

the encounter between Tong Dawei and his wife can be said to be an idol drama-like scene.

in 2001, Tong Dawei met Guan Yue, who was rehearsing in the classroom at the Film Academy.

did not expect this glance, so that the two belong to the "romantic idol drama" released for more than 20 years.

years later, he remembered the scene at that time and still remembered it vividly:

Look extremely charming in sexy black dresses . Pefect for formal affairs or an informal ceremonies.

"at that time, a beam of backlight hit her, which was so beautiful that I instantly thought of the words in Jade Guanyin, which was the feeling of love at first sight."

but Guan Yue pretended to be surprised and joked: "I was 400 degrees short-sighted and didn't see you at all."

although it was funny, this episode did lead to the marriage of the two.

, Tong Dawei launched a fierce pursuit of Guan Yue.

until Guan Yue was ill in hospital, Tong Dawei went to the hospital to visit with flowers and food, and slowly opened Guan Yue's heart.

on Guan Yue's birthday in 2003, Tong Dawei finally plucked up the courage and said, "shall we fall in love?"

Guan Yue did not agree immediately, but asked, "I have to take care of you, can you?"

Tong Dawei nodded hurriedly and said happily, "I'd like you to take care of me."

in this way, two young and ignorant people came together smoothly.

their relationship has also had a crisis, during the period of half a year apart, there is not even a phone call or text message.

fortunately, Tong Dawei woke up in time and took the initiative to find Guan Yue. Under the matchmaking of his family and friends, the two were reconciled.

Tong Dawei cherishes his lover who has been lost and recovered. In 2008, the couple married in Beijing.

at the wedding, Tong Dawei said excitedly:

"my bride is the best woman I have ever seen! I confirm and guarantee that I will only get married once in my life, and this is the only time! It is my greatest happiness to be with her for the rest of my life! "

this is a wedding vow, and Tong Dawei has been trying to put it into practice.

in the face of disturbingIn the entertainment industry, he has always been clean and has never had an affair with an actress to tie up CP.

Tong Dawei must spend his wedding anniversary with his wife every year.

most of the time, he flies to his wife's city overnight.

in order to commemorate his 10th wedding anniversary, Tong Dawei even made a special micro-film as a gift to his wife.

in his spare time, Dawei will cook a big table of specialty dishes for his wife and children.

or play with the children and feel nature.

19 years of love, 14 years of marriage and a family of five really explain what marriage looks like.

Today, Tong Dawei, who is talented and loving, manages his family and business well.

although people are middle-aged, they still maintain that youthful spirit and purity.

, let's look forward to Tong Dawei bringing us more excellent works.


I hope you and I understand that in the noisy and flashy, the heart has to persist and keep working, the road of life can really shine!