To see a person clearly, it is more accurate to eat than to look.
To see a person clearly, it is more accurate to eat than to look.
The smoke and fire in the world is the most soothing to the hearts of the people.

Ma Weidu once told a story:

A father had dinner with his son and his friends. after eating, the father said to his son, "you are a friend, don't make deep friends."

when the son was puzzled, the father explained, "when he picks up food, he is used to inserting chopsticks into the dish and picking up his own food twice. He doesn't care about others at all."

my son doesn't believe it and thinks that everyone has different eating habits and should not be exacting.

my father added: "if he is in distress and is faced with delicious food, it is understandable to eat indecent food, but your friend is a businessman and is not in hardship. It is too selfish and narrow-minded to eat like this.

in the face of a dish, he has no regard for the feelings of others. If he is faced with interests, he will certainly take it for himself by any means. "

later, sure enough, the friend abandoned him because of unrighteousness.

in many cases, character is reflected in the details of life, and eating appearance is often an invisible business card.

the way you eat is the way you look

"there is a phase of standing and sitting", and there should be a phase of eating when eating.

when I was a child, every time I had a banquet, I would hear my parents' repeated teachings:

"when everyone is ready, the dishes are served, then move the chopsticks";

"Let your friends eat more and pick up more food, make yourself at home";

"Let the elder pick up food first";

"tell people when you finish eating, don't leave the table with a stuffy head";

"Food is the most important thing for the people". What an important topic it is to eat. The etiquette on the dinner table hides one's manners.

years ago, my cousin asked the elders of the family seriously that a young man who had been chasing her for a long time was hesitating to go out with him. "how can I know if he is a good man?"

her elders gave her an idea: the best way is to have dinner with him. When eating, people tend to be the most relaxed, and the appearance at this time is more real.

later, my cousin went on a date with the young man and came back dejected. According to her description, the meal was like the scene of a disaster.

it turned out that as soon as the young man got on the table, he immediately occupied the menu without asking his cousin's taste and ordered all his favorite meals.

when the food was served slowly, he pushed the waiter around and shouted to complain. When the food was served, he said thank you impolitely.

he began to eat. Every time he ate a bite of food, he would chirp his mouth and point to it with a pair of chopsticks. With food in his mouth, he kept talking, spraying all over the table with scum.

Lin Qingxuan once said:

"people always choose their own preferences, which are often very close to their own character and nature, so a person's personality can be seen from his food."

every move at the dinner table, between swallowing and swallowing, others can get a panoramic view, inadvertently, it shows your upbringing.

the way a person eats is his appearance.

have a good meal and you won't have any bad luck

as the saying goes, "

eating phase is good luck phase.


people who eat each other are not only generous at dinner, but also tolerant and considerate, know how to think of others and take care of other people's feelings, and their luck will not be bad in their life.

every time I have dinner with Uncle Liang at work, I feel as comfortable as a spring breeze.

Uncle Liang is meticulous in his work and delicate in his mind when eating.

before each order, Uncle Liang will take the initiative to ask what he wants to eat and what he cannot eat; after serving, he politely says thank you to the waiter; when picking up food for you, he will use public chopsticks; what is more, Uncle Liang will never persuade him to drink at the table.

whenever an important customer is met in the unit, people can't help thinking of Uncle Liang, and it is precisely because he behaves appropriately and does things safely and considerately that he is the most popular in the unit.

people who eat each other have kindness for the sake of others, courteous and courteous, but quietly make people feel respected, naturally have both sides, accumulate more and more popularity, and the road of life is getting wider and wider.

treat life as you treat food.

there is a saying: "only food and love can not be disappointed." A bowl of rice and a plate of side dishes are all things that understand human nature and must be treated well. "

the temperature of life is just above the table. A person's attitude towards food is also his attitude towards life.

Su Shi had twists and turns in his official career and was repeatedly demoted, but he was good at making fun in bitterness and always found comfort in delicious food when he was frustrated.

after the Wutai Poetry case, Su Shi was demoted to Huangzhou. Su Shi was very poor and had no money to buy delicious food, so he bought cheap pork that no one ate at that time.

good pork in Huangzhou is as cheap as dirt.

the rich refuse to eat, and the poor do not know how to cook.

play two bowls in the morning and be so full that you don't care.

he also cooks himself and enjoys cooking. This is where the famous Ode to Pork comes from:

Clean the bell, without water, the wood head will not smoke.

Don't rush him when he is familiar with himself. he is beautiful when he is hot.

Exhausted of searching for an outstanding mid length homecoming dresses? Pick the best design for you; mid length homecoming dresses is bringing uniqueness in your wardrobe.

it was not good to spend money all the time, so Su Shi went to the mountains to hunt and eat game.

the so-called "prairie fire burnt meat dizzying, drink straight want to pursue Xiwa".

the pheasant has been roasted, but it is not cut and eaten directly. How can it be "wild"?

I like the sentence "late Night Canteen" very much: "

FoodIt's energy, it's healing, it's precious.


the smoke and fire in the world is the most appealing to the hearts of the people.

the fireworks on the dinner table make people feel at ease, make people feel at ease, and heal their body and mind when they are down.

those who eat well must be happy.

throughout one's life, we need to face countless temptations. What really tests people is not only the big issues of principle, but also the details.

to refine the quality of being a man, you can start with the abstinence of a pair of chopsticks.

, we encourage each other.