To be a man, to win lies in character and to lose in calculation.
To be a man, to win lies in character and to lose in calculation.
May you save your good character and reap good luck.


Wu Guijun said: "liking a person begins with appearance, falls into talent, is loyal to kindness, and lasts longer than character."

people in this life, although there are many flashy and shining things, but in the final analysis, it is the character.

good character is the biggest card in life, while bad morality is also the biggest hidden danger in life.

to be a man, you can be refined, but you can't be shady, because if you calculate too much, it will eventually be a disaster.

too calculating, it's a disaster

Li Yu can be regarded as a smart man in the hit TV drama "perfect partner".

but the reason why she is denied by her co-workers one after another and can't go further in the workplace is because she is too calculating, too focused on details, and doesn't focus on improving her work skills.

to compete for a case, she first focuses not on the project itself, but on how to catch the opponent's weakness, destroy the opponent's progress, and then pick up a leak.

received a case, her focus is not on the risk aversion of auxiliary projects, but always want to take advantage of policy loopholes.

one or two cases may also show her so-called abilities, but over time, everyone understands who she is and is unwilling to put important projects in her hands.

working conscientiously and being a down-to-earth person, she not only won the reputation of an honest lawyer, but also won a long-term partner.

if a person wants to be successful, cleverness is essential, but if he is too "smart" and even becomes a "calculation", it will become a disaster.

there is a saying in A Dream of Red Mansions: "the machine is too clever, but it misses Qing Qing's life."

this is because people who are too calculating always think that everything is under their control.

but in the end, it was on his own head, ruining his own way out.

as the saying goes, it is better to calculate thousands and thousands than heaven.

after all, everyone has a scale in his heart. If he has been calculated, he will eventually take back his trust and be deceived, and he will naturally learn a lesson.

truly wise people often attach the most importance to character. They can win by virtue, treat people with sincerity and convince people with reason.

to be a man, you can be refined, but you can't be negative.

I have read such a sentence: "to be a man, you can be fine, but not Yin."

the so-called essence is that there are ways to avoid damage to one's own interests;

the so-called Yin means that he likes to play tricks behind his back and always do something to hurt others for the sake of profit.

I have heard a story.

Lao du's supermarket is booming and is planning to expand its scale, so choosing a suitable supplier has become his top priority.

according to the introduction of a friend, there are two good suppliers, so choosing which one makes it difficult for him.

Xiao Wang supplies goods with a wide variety and cheap, while Xiao Li supplies goods with fine varieties but a little more expensive.

in order to get the final supply right, Xiao Wang will send some small gifts to Lao du every now and then, and he also says that he is prepared to maximize the profit.

by comparison, Xiao Li looks a little "wooden", just showing up at the meeting.

but in the end, Lao du chose Xiao Li.

Xiao Wang wondered, went to Lao du and said:

"Brother, I've made the most of it. Why did you choose the one surnamed Li?"

Lao du said:

"in fact, you should know in your heart that you should mix temporary products with normal products and sell them to me cheaply. On the surface, it looks like I made it, but isn't it smashing my brand? "

Xiao Wang's face flushed and white when he said this.

as the old saying goes, "essence is wisdom; Yin is evil."

in order to get the right to supply, there is no problem for Xiao Wang to actively establish a good relationship with his customers, but he will do whatever it takes to do business at the expense of others at the expense of himself.

A man can be shrewd, but not insidious, sleek, but not cunning.

after all, no one is a fool. He only looks at the surface and listens to one side.

A belly full of bad water will ruin your future sooner or later.

if you have good character, you can reap good fengshui.

Don't lose your conscience when you have nothing in your life. Don't lose your character if you lose anything.

at the end of life, it is about character

Wang Guozhen once said: "withered character will ruin everything."

when Cao Dewang was young, he was not smooth. In his 30s, he was still working on Putian's farm and could only get a salary of about 40 yuan a month.

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but he never forgot to act according to kindness and conscience.

looking at the person in front of him, Cao Dewang worried that he would get sick after drinking unboiled water because of his long journey and was about to suffer from heatstroke, so he went back to the dormitory and brought the herbal tea to each other.

during the chat, Cao Dewang also knew that the other party had not eaten, so he thought of taking him back to the dormitory to cook.

and the other party was not polite at all and ordered food with him, a bottle of Danfeng sorghum wine, a jin of peanuts and ten eggs.

for Cao Dewang at that time, it basically cost one.Monthly salary, but he agreed without saying a word.

later, Cao Dewang learned that this man was the director of another farm. Because of his enthusiasm and kindness, he was specially hired to work on his own farm with a high salary.

in his first year there, Cao Dewang received a salary of 10,000 yuan; in the second year, he earned 30,000 yuan on commission; in the third year, he actually saved 60,000 yuan.

later, this also became his start-up fund, becoming the first supplier of automobile glass in China and the second largest supplier of automotive glass in the world.

writer Shuimuran said: "We are entering an era in which character determines everything."

people with good character will be helped when something happens and fall down.

Cao Dewang is just like this. even if he is down again, he has not forgotten to be kind and help others as much as possible.

as the saying goes, "those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back."

to manage character well is to accumulate blessings.

when you keep practicing good character, good luck will grow into a towering tree like a seed that breaks the earth.

the Greek poet Minand said: "people with good character bring their own light, no matter where they go, they always shine."

good character will accumulate luck and virtually open the way to success.

if you have bad morality, you will bury hidden dangers and interrupt your bright future bit by bit.

remember, in this life, winning lies in character, while losing lies in calculation.

, may you save your good character and reap good luck.