Three taboos that cannot be committed in middle age
Three taboos that cannot be committed in middle age
Only by having a correct understanding of yourself can we have a long way to go and a long way to go.

there is a sentence in the Book of Rites:

"A gentleman is a moderate, a villain without fear."

when you are alive, you should know how to behave properly and behave in awe and fear.

Don't be blindly arrogant and insatiably greedy, otherwise, you can only be brave, and it will be difficult to achieve anything in the end.

only by knowing yourself correctly can we have a long time to come and a long way to go.

avoid being competitive

Han Feizi says:

"if you put an ape in the middle of an ape, it will be the same as the ape, so the situation will remain the same, and not all your abilities will be the same."

means to put an ape in a cage just like a pig, so don't be brave when the situation is bad.

you should know that enough is enough, act according to your ability, and never be competitive and make your own cocoons.

in 310 BC, the son of King Qin Huiwen ascended the throne. He was strong and boasted that he was born with divine power.

he liked to compare his strength with others, so Hercules Ren Bai, Wu Huo, Meng Ben and others became high-ranking officials.

in one year, the State of Qin attacked Luoyang on a large scale, and the son of Zhou was unable to resist surrendering.

King of Qin Wu Ying heard that the son of Zhou had the tripod of the son of Heaven, which represented the symbol of Kyushu, which could only be lifted by the chosen one.

so Yingdang went straight to Zhouzi Taiji Temple, and the Shouding man said, "this tripod weighs as much as a thousand, and since there has been a tripod, no one can lift it."

Ying Dang said unbelievably, "since I am the son of Qin, is there any reason why the tripod of the son of Heaven cannot be raised?"

when the minister and his entourage heard that King Wu of Qin was going to lift the tripod, they remonstrated one after another and said, "the king has ten thousand passengers, don't try your strength easily."

unexpectedly, the right foot was difficult to support, and the body was crooked and hit the body with nine tripods and vomited blood.

in life, a failure does not mean a failure, and a forbearance does not mean that life is hopeless.

to know how to be a low-key person, do not show your edge, any ignorant overexert is a foolish act, but also a fatal weakness.

as written in Chang Li Ju Yao:

"when something happens, be calm. Don't try to do what you can't do."

if you don't have a diamond, don't do porcelain work. You should be self-aware and don't make your face swollen and fat, otherwise, you will be the one who will suffer in the end.

avoid smiling with anger

someone in Zhihu once asked, "what is the sign of a person's maturity?"

in fact, there is a highly liked answer:

"everything is no longer written on the face, all the joys and sorrows are burning in their hearts, and passers-by can only see the smoke on the surface."

that's true.

as there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "people do not like anger lightly, and things do not attach importance to love and hate."

emotion is the expression of one's inner thoughts. Truly mature people never let their joys and sorrows be written on their faces, but know how to restrain and digest them.

there is a grumpy spiritual practitioner who wants to change his impetuous shortcomings.

so he spent a lot of money to build a temple and asked a senior person to write the plaque of "Bainu Temple" and hang it.

there are more and more people coming and going around with incense, and this person has to explain his good thoughts every time.

everyone admires him very much, and he thinks that his irritable mood has been purified.

one day, a Zen master passed by and asked, "what is written on the plaque?"

the practitioner smiled and said, "Bairen Temple."

the Zen master said, "I didn't hear you clearly. Could you say it again?"

the practitioner said in an impatient tone, "Bairen Temple."

the Zen master smiled and asked, "what's your name?"

the practitioner said angrily, "hundred-patience-Temple, is there something wrong with your ears or do you not understand human words?"

the Zen master smiled and said, "I only asked you three times and you were furious. What's your name?"

it is inevitable to encounter indignant things in life. Losing temper is an instinct, but not losing one's temper is the skill.

the really strong never get angry, but know how to control their emotions and not be slaves to them.

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what's more, you won't let your anger control you, make you irrational, and do something you regret.

to be a man, you should know how to control your emotions and don't let anger occupy your heart.

tell yourself: to be angry is to admit defeat, and it will only be your own life that you will lose in the end.

avoid insatiable greed

there is a saying in the Book of the later Han Dynasty:

"people are not satisfied with their bitterness, they are both in long and looking back to Shu."

the greatest pain in life is that you don't know how to be satisfied. You get Longdi and think about Shu, and you are insatiably greedy.

the human heart can never be satisfied, and desire is a bottomless pit that cannot be filled, so it is physically and mentally exhausted.

Life, naked to come and go naked, can not bring nor take away, life, contentment will always be happy.

how much land a man needs tells such a story:

Poor Pahom is worried all day because he doesn't have his own land.

once, I heard that the land in the neighboring village mainly sold land, so he sold his horses and bees, plus wages and money borrowed from relatives, to buy 50 hectares of land.

so, PalmerHome also became a landlord, rich and rich, living a rich and affluent life.

Pahom, who was insatiably greedy for land, was not satisfied. I heard that there was a place where the price of land was calculated according to the places he traveled in a day, so he traveled thousands of miles here.

the landlord said:

"there is a lot of land here. How far you go in a day, the land you walk through is yours."

but there is a premise: you have to get back to the starting point before sunset that day. "

Pahom said happily that there was no problem, so he set out before dawn and went as hard as he could without eating or drinking.

just before sunset, he fell a kilometer from the starting point and never woke up.

so he was buried here, and the priest said with emotion, "how much land does a man want?" It's this big. "

in this life, people are constantly working hard, always frustrated and complain about what they can't get.

do not realize that no matter how much money and status, in the end, all you need is land that is "seven feet tall".

while the world pursues desires, endless troubles follow. I want a lot of things, and I want more.

greed can engulf a person's mind and make people unable to extricate themselves.

to be a man, you must know how to be contented. Sometimes you must have it in your life, but don't force it in your life all the time.

contentment will always be happy, and only in this materialistic society can we find a real place to live.

the road of life is long and blocked.

only by knowing how to be in awe, keep a low profile and be humble can we take fewer detours and take more smooth paths in life.

as Fang Xiaoru said:

"anyone who is afraid must be upright, speak according to the rules, and stop doing something. He occasionally goes beyond the rules and does not go out of line."

, may you recognize yourself clearly, never forget your original ideals and aspirations, and be content. I would like your life to be full of spring and flowers.