Three keys to control your emotions! (good text in depth)
Three keys to control your emotions! (good text in depth)
People who can't control their emotions are very sad to have a good life.

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in the constant words of awakening the World, it is said: "things that are not satisfactory are often eight or nine, but they have nothing to do with others."

in life, we will inevitably encounter unpleasant things, and no one can share them.

as a result, some people are aggrieved and lead to tragedies on the spur of the moment; some are obsessed with internal friction and hurt themselves; some are upset and live in confusion all day long.

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in the final analysis, people who can't control their emotions find it hard to live a good life.

only by mastering the three keys to control your emotions, can you not be trapped in your heart, not confused with your feelings, and live a life of peace and freedom.

when angry, be silent

there is a saying in the motto "anger is a tiger, desire is an abyss."

when a person is angry, it is like a tiger coming out of the cage, hurting others as well as himself.

it would be better to hold down the fire and remain silent until the mood cools down and reason returns before making a decision.

achieves this, many contradictions and difficulties in life will be easily solved.

there is such a story in Shi Shuo Xinyu.

the Blue Sky Marquis of the Eastern Jin Dynasty said that he was grumpy, and he would get angry and get out of control if he was a little unhappy.

once when I ate an egg without being caught, I was furious and smashed the egg on the ground and tried to crush it with my foot.

but the egg kept spinning, and Wang Shu was so angry that he picked it up and chewed it up in his mouth and spit it out.

when Wang Xizhi heard about this, he laughed at him for not having the bearing of a scholar-official, and such a temperament could not achieve great things.

since then, Wang Shu has learned his lesson and is often silent and patient when he is angry and angry.

later, some people scolded him, and the words were unpleasant to the ear. Wang Shu said nothing and faced the wall to contain his anger.

for a time, everyone praised him for his good self-cultivation, and "Wang Shu facing the Wall" has become a story through the ages.

as "Caigen Tan" said: "the heart is peaceful, Baifu gathers itself."

learn to control your emotions and keep silent when you are angry is the best way to deal with the world, and blessings will come uninvited.

Silence, not cowardice and timidity, but tolerance and magnanimity, is the great wisdom of life.

only those who know how to be silent at the right time, control their emotions, and are not held hostage by anger are the strong ones in life.

when you are sad, exercise

Mr. Yang Jiang said: "there is no one in the world without injury."

Life is a battle of one against a hundred, trauma and sadness are common.

if you blindly suffer and feel sad, it will only break your body and wear away your mind.

only by knowing self-regulation and self-repair can we have a steady stream of internal motivation and have no fear of the wind and rain of life.

there are many ways of self-healing, such as meditation, meditation and learning. But exercise is the easiest and most direct way.

exercise is the best medicine. If you stick to it, you can cure all sadness and pain.

actress Li Ruotong also had a dark day after she became famous as Xiao Longnu, who played the role of "the Sculpture Warriors."

because her love faded off the screen, she was unilaterally separated after ten years of companionship, and then her father died suddenly, and a series of blows made her suffer from severe depression and even attempted suicide.

during this period, in order to pull herself out of the abyss, she began to exercise and work out, spending more than 5 hours a day in the gym, running, sit-ups, push-ups and lifting dumbbells.

after falling in love with sports, over the years, her body has improved, and her mood is no longer lonely and depressed.

now Li Ruotong seldom acts, but she is still loved by many fans on social media for sharing sports videos and body management.

Haruki Murakami also said: "when I am criticized by others, or when I feel aggrieved, I can always run farther than usual."

exercise, in addition to physical exercise, can really consume your negative emotions and make people more confident and strong.

so, if you feel sad, go to exercise, life will not stop, exercise will not stop.

in the persistence day after day, with limited energy, to create an unyielding will, strengthen their own body and mind.

when you are upset, read

qu Yuan wrote in his ci: "upset and confused, I don't know where to follow."

people who are upset and unable to calm down will become unsure of where to go.

but most of the time, the fundamental reason why people fall into narrow confusion and annoyance is that they read too little.

because your emotions are hidden in your cognition, there is not enough cognition and wisdom, so there is no stable emotion to solve the problems in life.

people, only in constant reading, clear-hearted, can get more leisurely and happy, free their own heart.

the writer Sanmao is a person who loves books like life. When he began to read, he kept reading, sitting, lying down, and even hiding in the graveyard.

the thinking in the book has also deeply changed Sanmao's thinking, vision and pattern, so that in the years to come, she will not be confused and calm when she has nothing to do.

when she went to the Sahara Desert, she was short of goods and materials. Instead of being upset, she was full of fun and vitality.

even if she meets an ignorant villager, she doesn't dislike it and doesn't care about it.Repay your kindness and tolerance.

those books have long been integrated into her bones, so that she is not narrow-minded, not bored, has a broad mind and vision, but also can see the scenery that others can not see in life.

Lin Yutang said: "by reading, you can get rid of disdain, gain new knowledge, increase knowledge, see widely, and cultivate your spirit."

therefore, reading is to obtain the most advanced growth at the lowest cost, which can solve your block and remove your worries.

its benefits may not be immediate, but it will certainly help you become a better self in an imperceptible way.

when you are upset, go to study. When the situation becomes bigger and the world is clear, your mood will naturally become light and light.

Fan Zhongyan said, "Don't be happy with things, don't be sad with yourself."

if you control your emotions and be calm, you will be able to reach the highest state of life.

so, master these three keys, do a good job in emotional management, and don't let negative emotions consume you.

May you be silent when angry, exercise when sad, and read when you are upset in the future.

, may you control your emotions, stabilize your emotions, deal with normal things with a normal mind, and live the second half of your life calmly.