Those who get up early have fragrance in their souls
Those who get up early have fragrance in their souls
The infinite beauty of life is hidden in a bowl of porridge in the morning.


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someone once asked:

"how can I make life the way I want it to be?


the answer with the highest praise is: just be a person who has demands on yourself.

you know, if one cannot suffer from self-discipline, he will eventually suffer from mediocrity.

and a person's future appearance is hidden in his attitude towards the early morning.

A brilliant day will not wait for a person who stays up late; a life destined to be extraordinary will always belong to those who go to bed early and get up early.

did you find out? The world is secretly rewarding those who get up early.

he who gets up early has a noble soul

agrees with the sentence: "living is not just about living."

some people stay up late at night to watch dramas and don't want to sleep. They can't get out of bed without energy during the day, and they have nothing to look forward to.

and some people, get up early and eat healthily, read and exercise everything, go to sleep with fullness at night, and live a good life.

I went shopping yesterday and met my former primary school teacher.

the teacher's hair is half-gray, but he is as energetic as he was then.

she told me that although she was old, her habit of getting up at 6: 00 in the morning had not changed.

every day, after making breakfast for her wife, she would take a book and read it on the bench downstairs for a while.

at that time, there was no noisy whistle, only the crisp singing of birds and insects.

the air is also fresh, with the smell of dew in the breeze.

her mood soon calmed down, and her thoughts became so clear that she unwittingly finished most of the book.

staying up late will only lower the quality of life, but getting up early can raise the height of the soul.

it's no big deal to watch a TV show all night. People who get drunk late at night and have some spare money can do it.

but getting up early regularly can best test a person's nature and can best see a person's pursuit of life.

on the same day, if you get up an hour earlier than others, it will be 30 hours a month, and you will earn an extra 360 hours a year.

imagine that when others sleep in, you not only finish reading your favorite books, but also clean up your house and have a better life experience.

when others are chased by time, you can command time and live out your own pace of life.

but those who get up early with self-discipline can slowly get better on the way to getting old.

those who get up early have fragrance in their souls.

people who get up early have extraordinary aspirations

I admire a kind of person very much.

as a popular online saying: "stay up late because you don't have the courage to end the day, stay in bed because you don't have the passion to start the day."

I went on a business trip with an elder in an industry a few days ago.

it happened that the other company was not satisfied with our proposal and had to break up in discord.

I fell into a deep remorse all night. I kept thinking about the words they had rejected us, and I had no mood to sleep at all.

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it was dawn before I knew it, but I always didn't want to get up and didn't know how to deal with what happened yesterday.

after a while, the elder called and asked me to have breakfast together.

at the dinner table, he saw that I was in bad shape and only said, "conquer the morning first, then conquer life."

later, the other company not only adopted the solution proposed by its predecessors, but also expressed its willingness to cooperate with us for a long time.

after the business trip, my elder comforted me and said, "Evening means the past. Don't think too much about it." In the morning, hurry up, the turnaround of life begins at this moment. "

Life is always difficult to pass. If you encounter a little trouble and disturb your mind, how can you achieve great things?

only by going to bed early and getting up early can you regain your energy. Going to sleep with troubles will only wear out your passion for life.

but if you get up early with hope, you can take a firm step.

people with extraordinary willpower have long-term goals in mind. They know very well that the past does not mean anything, and only the present after opening their eyes is the future worth going to.

the sweetness of life always belongs to those who have experienced hardships but still have firm faith and self-discipline.

people who get up early carry extraordinary things in their lives.

people who get up early are optimistic

I think so.

Life goes by in a hurry, some people waste their time but don't know how to change, while others are happy to live up to their hearts.

every time I see my neighbor Brother Wang, I sigh the power of getting up early.

Brother Wang used to have a bad life. His left leg was damaged while driving a taxi. His wife disliked him for wanting a divorce and took away his two-year-old son.

Brother Wang said that he got up early that day and wanted to find a place where no one saw it.

but just as he walked forward with his head down, he stopped because of the singing of Beijing Opera by the old people in the community.

further on, Brother Wang passed a breakfast shop, and the peddler warmly beckoned him to come in and sit down. As soon as the lid was opened, the steamed stuffed bun was hot in the face.

Brother Wang is so tired of running around these years that he has never had a serious breakfast.

that day he sat in the breakfast shop, drinking hot soya-bean milk, feeling secure and comfortable.

he immediately felt that the world was worth it, and there was nothing insurmountable. He wanted to live a good life and enjoy every morning.

now, every time I meet Brother Wang, he is always smiling, and his face can't see any wind and frost of the past.

getting up early can re-inject vitality into life and make life full of good mood.

We all go through dark moments in our lives, sometimes we are anxious because our work is not as good as others, our feelings are not going well, and sometimes the little things can be depressing.

but life will not be soft just because you are depressed. It is useless to be depressed. We can only try our best to please ourselves.

try getting up early.

the infinite beauty of life is hidden in a bowl of porridge in the morning. Self-confidence buried in the bottom of my heart can be awakened by stretching in the morning.

for those who get up early, life is full of smiles.

there is an old saying:

"Morning is as expensive as gold.


in today's society, people are becoming more and more impetuous.

too many people are used to staying up late, but ignore the most precious morning.

the real master in life knows everything in advance, because the life that gets up early really earns too much.

people who get up early are used to meeting the surprises of life, enjoying daily life, and meeting new themselves.


, you who can finish reading this article and insist on getting up early have won at the starting line.