These two kinds of people who appear in life are here to ferry you. If you encounter them, you must firmly grasp them.
These two kinds of people who appear in life are here to ferry you. If you encounter them, you must firmly grasp them.
​ people live all their lives, and all they meet are meant to be.


As the old saying goes, "those who are good are the teachers of those who are not good, and those who are not good are the resources of good people."

those who love you are good teachers, giving you warmth and strength; those who hurt you are tempering, giving you experience and growth.

the vast sea of people, meeting is fate, meeting love, is your blessing; meeting injury is your destiny.

experience, grow up for a while, everyone you meet is here to ferry you.

those who love you are here to teach you

Zhuangzi said in the Theory of all things: "Heaven and earth live side by side with me, and all things are one with me."

Heaven and earth coexist with us, and people and all things are inextricably linked.

in this world, the people you meet are not accidental. Those who love you are here to help you.

they teach you to love and be loved, to return, and to be grateful.

A Taoist priest took a nap in the Taoist temple, and a guest walked into the Taoist temple. He wanted to talk to the Taoist priest, but at first glance he saw some valuable paintings in the Taoist temple.

seeing the intention of making a fortune, I wanted to take off the famous painting and leave.

just as he was about to go out, the preacher suddenly said:

"you can take the famous paintings with you, but the road is slippery on rainy days, so please pay attention to safety."

the guests were so surprised that they at a loss came to their senses, put the famous paintings back in place, and left the Taoist temple in shame.

many years later, when the guest made a fortune in business, he bought a generous gift and returned to the Taoist temple to thank the Taoist priest.

the Taoist said with a smile, "I didn't help you with anything, so why be grateful?"

the guest replied:

"if I had stolen the famous paintings, I would have become a thief, and my life would have been ruined. Thanks to the Taoist's timely reminder and expelling the evil thoughts in my heart, I am where I am today."

But the preacher said, "I'm just worried that you left in a hurry, fell on yourself, and didn't help you."

after hearing this, the guests were so moved that they rebuilt the Taoist temple for the monk, relieved the refugees, and became the local benevolent people.

people who love you may be parents who support you and love you, may be lovers who accompany you all their lives, may be rare bosom friends in life, or strangers who have never met before.

but no matter what the relationship is, they are the most important people in your life.

because of their suggestions, they show you the direction; because of their help, you take a lot of detours.

Life is beautiful because of love, and time is lasting because of love.

Thank those who love you for helping you out of difficulties and turning you back.

Let you always radiate warm light in this sad and joyful world.

those who hurt you, give you experience

there is a saying in Daojing: "knowing its glory and keeping its disgrace is the valley of the world."

A man should be able to withstand praise as well as humiliation.

if someone treats you well, someone must hurt you.

some people give you not only scars, but also invincible armor.

an impoverished scholar wanted to get fame, but because of his poor family, he managed to scrape together enough tuition to go to school.

as soon as he entered school, he was ridiculed by his classmates and scolded by his teacher because he was poor.

some students even punched and punched him because they looked down on him.

and humiliated: "you don't deserve to study here at all!" Get out of here! "

It is common for

to be seriously injured.

No matter what, he insists on going to school every day.

Late one night, when his classmate saw that he was still studying hard, he said sarcastically, "you are a poor man. If you want to get fame, it is a pipe dream!"

hearing this, the scholar did not give up, but worked harder.

this kind of learning career lasted for five years.

finally, the scholar got his wish and won fame, and took his parents to Beijing to become an official.

since then, scholars have changed their own destiny, and even changed the fate of the whole family.

as the ancients said, "if it's not cold to the bone, how can you get the fragrance of plum blossoms?"

hurting is actually the best way to make a person.

Goshawks go through training before they can spread their wings and fly; snow lotus suffers from the cold wind before it can bloom beautifully.

it is only when you have experienced harm that you can distinguish between good and evil; only when you hone your will will you sail against the current.

every pain is an experience of growing up, laying a solid foundation for your life.

Thank you for the people who hurt you. Without them, you will never know how strong you are.

if things go against one's wishes, please believe that there are other arrangements

as the saying goes, "misfortune leads to good fortune, and good fortune lies in misfortune."

in life, there are always blessings and misfortunes, and all experiences have a reason.

if things go against one's wishes, it is the normal state of life.

it is like an adventure, which can make good wishes become regrets, and it can also make people benefit from misfortune.

A fisherman was fishing by the river and saw an old woman worrying about crossing the river.

seeing this, the fisherman put down his fishing net and rowed the boat to help the old woman cross the river.

However, after crossing the river, the old woman left in a hurry without saying a word.

the fisherman said to himself angrily, "I made an effort to cross you across the river, and you left without even saying thank you."

With that, the fisherman rowed the boat and went back to fishing.

seeing that the sun was about to set, he began to close the net and get ready to go home.

at this time, a young man found him and said eagerly:

"Thank you for helping my grandmother. This is what my grandmother asked me to send you. You must use it. Please accept it."

the young man gave his silver tael and his crotch horse to the fisherman.

the fisherman was so happy that he solved a big problem for the fisherman, and from then on, he no longer had to fish on foot.

everything in the world has its own reason. good and bad are all compulsory courses in life.

there is no need to rush life to give you all the answers, because the reward does not necessarily come immediately after giving.

as long as you wait patiently, the beauty of life will always come and attend inadvertently.

the so-called mountain has a peak, the sea has the other shore, a long life, there will be a turn.

all gains and losses lay the groundwork for future surprises, and all separations and trivialities are for hard-won perfection.

everything in life, do not need to refuse, meet people, be kind to; experience, with all your heart.

everything is the best arrangement.

as the old saying goes, "there is no meeting in this world for no reason."

people live a lifetime, all meet, are doomed; all experiences, are the meaning of moving forward.

No matter you, you are all here to ferry you.

it is a blessing to be loved; to be hurt is to be honed.

when you practice the mind of going out to sea and all rivers, you can calmly accept the best or worst arrangement in life, and you can move forward calmly without fear of wind and rain.

May you be kind, reap blessings, and be grateful for all the love and hurt that make you a better self!