"there's a relationship, and it's over when I stop taking the initiative."
"there's a relationship, and it's over when I stop taking the initiative."
Only a two-way hug can be regarded as love.


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MiyazakiHayao said:

"if you like someone, take the initiative to take two more steps towards him. If he sees you coming and has no intention of greeting him, then stop."

because this kind of love is like running after the wind, it is doomed to be an one-way chase with no result.

only a two-way hug can be regarded as love.

so stop asking questions like "do you like me?" it's the answer in his non-reply to your chat, in the length of his perfunctory calls, and even in his ambiguous words every time we meet.

my friend Xiao Suzhou is an out-and-out southerner, but he stays in Beijing in spite of the opposition of his family for the sake of the one he likes.

she said she liked it, but it was only her unilateral will.

two people chat, no matter how sleepy she is, she has to wait until the boy says he is tired and wants to sleep before she is willing to end the call reluctantly.

when we met, the boys did not reject her proximity, but were very gentlemanly and took good care of her.

but when she wants to further their relationship and test each other's mind, the boy is vague and never responds directly.

until one day, she accidentally saw a boy with another girl, and she found that the smile on the boy's face and the gentlemanly actions of taking care of the girl were all the same.

it was only then that she slowly recalled the details of the two people getting along.

in voice chat, he is always the one who hangs up first.

the last item in the chat record is her.

it turns out that in this relationship, she is always the one who takes the initiative, and the other person is just taking the time to cooperate.

in fact, love never needs to be tested, because it is hidden in the details, but you don't see it.

an ambiguous affirmation means that you don't want it, but you don't want it.

if you don't take the initiative, you don't take it seriously or you don't like it.

later, Xiao Suzhou went back to her hometown, and when she was chatting, she said that she also met a very active person. When I saw that person, I thought of myself.

it turns out that we all treat people we don't like the same.

will naturally be indifferent and indifferent, do not see the video pictures shared by the other party, ignore the messages sent, and always take a long time to reply, sometimes even do not reply.

it's just that the so-called love makes you can't see the reality clearly, but at the moment of emotion, you completely overcome your reason and find an excuse for him.

but as the movie "he doesn't really like you that much" says:

"it's just that sometimes we prefer to believe that a man is too stressed, too tired, too self-abased and too sensitive. U2002 has the shadow of childhood or loves his ex-girlfriend too much, but u2002 is unwilling to admit a simple fact. U2002

Yes, he is not too busy, u2002 is not injured, u2002 is not a psychological shadow, u2002 is not a phone falling into the toilet or suffering from amnesia. He just doesn't like you that much. "

so, you can take the initiative and be blind when you meet the person you like, but if he doesn't welcome you so much, stop there.

because if feelings can not make you happy, but full of disappointment and grievance, it can only show that that person is not worthy of your seriousness.

Don't disturb the person who doesn't have you in his heart, your heart should be left to the person who only comes to you even if he crosses the mountains.

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May we all find a loved one, someone with a true heart, and someone who always puts you in your heart.