There is always only one way to change fate.
There is always only one way to change fate.
People, only by self-reflection, can meet a better self.



there is a famous saying in "the Road few people take":

"to establish beliefs and world views suited to reality, we must break through our own boundaries and constantly correct ourselves."

that is to say, if you want to change your destiny, change yourself first.

growth is actually a journey of trial and error.

only by being good at reflecting on your own mistakes can you take fewer detours in life.

change the image

writer Li Shanglong attached great importance to his image when he was young and ran five kilometers every day.

but then his weight began to stay high.

one day, as he was lying on the sofa reading as usual, a sentence came into view:

most of the time, a person's depravity begins when his body is out of control.

looking at his double chin and big belly, Li Shanglong decided to start to change:

quit staple food, control food intake, and exercise regularly.

three months later, he lost a full 30 jin.

At the book signing that year, readers asked him the secret of losing weight, and he only said one thing:

"I hope you should learn more about the power of reflection than to lose weight. The so-called reflection is to find your own shortcomings and make efforts to correct them, so as to make yourself better. "

I have seen too many people who want to keep a good figure, but gradually lose the management and control of their self-image over the years.

the girl who used to be light and light has become bloated;

used to be a high-spirited teenager with a big belly.

the result is not yet middle-aged, the image has been destroyed by the years into an out-of-shape aunt and uncle.

like Yu Heming's sentence very much:

"managing your figure and managing your image is the first step in your life."

Yes, your image is your business card.

whether a person's appearance is good-looking or not is born, but whether the image is clean, elegant and exquisite is acquired.

change words and deeds

I communicated with a professor the other day, and he told me a story.

he has taken two graduate students, both of whom are very strong in scientific research and have almost the same background.

but in the end, a successful career became a rookie in the industry before the age of 30, and his scientific research achievements won awards frequently.

A person who has achieved nothing and is still considering which company to send his resume to.

I was confused and asked the professor, "Why is there such a big difference?"


the professor sighed and began to talk slowly.

In the year of graduation, on his recommendation, the two graduate students were admitted to the same scientific research center.

when they just went in, the two of them felt new about all kinds of things, so they inevitably asked more questions.

but after a long time, the difference between the two gradually became apparent.

he will not ask a word more about his former words and deeds, especially those related to the company's scientific research secrets.

the other is different. he not only likes to inquire about other people's work, but also likes to brag about his position everywhere.

once, while drinking with others, he unexpectedly told others the progress of the company's scientific research.

when the department leader knew about this, he was furious and scolded him.

unexpectedly, instead of reflecting on his mistakes and taking it as a warning, he privately complained to his colleagues:

"isn't it just a joke? The leader is too serious! "

after hearing these words, the head of the department fired him and prepared to prosecute him for infringing trade secrets.

in the end, it was the professor who managed to keep him out of prison.

but after that, no relevant scientific research company dared to use him any more.

on Douban, there is a group called "words and deeds determine success or failure", in which there is a particularly true saying:

"at the age of 20, you may be lucky to say something inappropriate and do something you don't know what's at stake.

If you don't correct your words and deeds at the age of 40, you will have a disaster sooner or later. "

some people constantly reflect on themselves and make changes in a timely manner, so they can make continuous progress.

some people can't control their words and deeds, can't change their wrong deeds, and can only ruin their lives in the end.

change your mood

once read such a story in a book.

in a small town, there lived a young man who devoted himself to the Buddha.

he eats Lent and chanting hymns every day, diligently and without interruption.

but somehow, every time he went to a nearby temple to shave and become a monk, the abbot shook his head and said, "it's not the time yet."

he was very distressed, so he asked the Zen master, "Please tell me, why do I devote myself to the Buddha and practice every day, but I can never become a Buddhist?"

instead of answering directly, the Zen master asked, "how did you react when the abbot shut you out today?"

he was puzzled, but he replied honestly, "I was so aggrieved that I yelled at him."

the Zen master asked, "what about the last time?"

he replied, "the same is true."

the Zen master continued to ask, "what about the first time?"

when the young man heard this, he felt ashamed: "again and again."... "

looks likeFor young people who understand or do not understand, the Zen master said patiently:

"your so-called spiritual practice is nothing more than eating fast, chanting sutras and eulogizing day after day, which is not difficult.

the hard part is to correct your emotions. If you don't give up your bad emotions, your life will not change; if you don't plug your emotional loopholes, it will be difficult for you to achieve anything in your life. "

Yes, what is called spiritual practice if you only cover your heart by eating sutras and chanting hymns without correcting your emotional deficiencies?

the ancients said: do not promise when you are happy, do not speak when you are sad, do not fight when you are angry, do not decide when you are in chaos, and end when you are tired.

only by constantly reflecting on your joys and sorrows and correcting your emotions can you live a happy life.

change the circle

I have a friend who is very well-connected and is a typical socialite.

on weekdays, I am either having a relationship with colleagues or having a relationship with the leader.

some time ago, he suddenly sent a message to his moments saying:

when you are valuable, you have the most friends; when you are in trouble, you know how many friends you have.

it turns out that before, he met a big guy at the wine bureau, added each other's Wechat, and often met with each other.

some time ago, he encountered a big trouble at work, and when he was desperate, he thought of this boss.

he sent several messages to the boss hopefully, but the other party didn't reply at all.

he didn't give up, so he called the boss, and as a result, he was blocked directly.

writer Ma de has a famous saying:

"A clean circle is usually a small circle with not many people, three or five people or even two or three people. In a circle with a large number of people, it is inevitable that there will be mud and sand. "

A person's time and energy are limited after all, so there is really no need to bring too many people into your life.

after all, life is alive, there is no rejection, there is no fulfillment; without farewell, there is no joy.

correcting your own circle and inviting people who do not belong to your own life out of your own life is the beginning of a clean life.

change the soul

Zeng Guoquan, a famous general in the late Qing Dynasty, was Zeng Guofan's ninth younger brother, and his ability and talent were far above Zeng Guofan.

he was good at digging trenches to besiege the city, and made great achievements, so he was named "Weiyong Baturu".

however, he amassed excessive wealth, ignored the laws and regulations, and was reported by others several times.

when Zeng Guofan heard this, he wrote to him: "We can only rely on virtue and study."

is intended to exhort him to reflect on his character and not to lose his virtue for the sake of his achievements.

however, Zeng Guoquan ignored it and still went his own way, wantonly searching for wealth.

At last, the matter came to light, and he was reprimanded and returned to his hometown, and his reputation was ruined.

the greatest sorrow of being a man is not the lack of money and ability, nor the lack of power and status, but the failure of character.

moral character is not good, no matter how high you climb, you will eventually fall to the bottom.

if you fail in character, no matter how much wealth you have, it will eventually go away.

like Kazuo Inamori's sentence very much:

"We can never forget our introspection and behave ourselves every day with humility."

reflect on yourself, keep correcting yourself, and keep yourself in the right direction all the time. Only in this way can you unconsciously temper your soul and improve your mind. "

people, only by self-reflection and active change, can they break through their own boundaries and meet a better self.

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