There is a reason why a family is always not rich.
There is a reason why a family is always not rich.
The prosperity of a family is inseparable from any member of the family.

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Home is not only a warm harbor, a breeding place for happiness, but also a place for families to stay together.

having a family makes people feel that they have something to rely on.

if you have a home, you don't have to wander around and feel at ease.

if you have a family, you will live with confidence.

every family wants its members to be happy and have a good economic foundation.

the richer the family, the higher the quality of life.

Sun Qifeng:

"with the rise and fall of family fortune, heaven cannot exercise its power, and man cannot exercise its power, but himself."

the prosperity of a family is inseparable from any member of the family.

has a good economic foundation, so that a family can have better development, at the same time, it can also let family members enjoy better living conditions.

the more harmonious the family relationship, the more we can work hard and unite with each other, then the family will develop better and better.

A family is always unable to get rid of poverty and wealth, which is often inseparable from these reasons:

Family relations are not harmonious, always quarreling and quarrelling

the relationship between family members can determine the atmosphere of a family.

the better a family develops, the more harmonious and United the relationship between family members must be.

families that are always unable to get rich are often due to disharmony in family relations, disunity among family members, and mutual suspicion and calculation.

the more discordant the relationship between family members is, the harder it is for the family to be rich.

when you have a harmonious family, your heart will be stable.

this is one of the necessary conditions for achieving great things. Only when the rear is stable can we devise strategies and fight against battlefield.

if you have a harmonious family relationship, you will have the sincere support of many family members.

if the family is harmonious and United, the family can breed love and strength.

when the family is in harmony, on the road of struggle and running, the heart will be more motivated and be able to focus on what they want to do.

on the contrary, if the family relationship in a family is always not harmonious, then the members will be separated and estranged.

over time, the family will lose its warmth, and family members will not be able to help each other.

A good family relationship is conducive to personal development as well as to the development of a family.

the values of the family are not correct, and the character is not good

whether a family develops well or not has something to do with family values.

good family values are not only conducive to the shaping of family members' character, but also conducive to the establishment of family style.

Sheng Molan in "do you know" is the most favored daughter at home.

she used to have good resources, but she didn't manage her life well.

one of the important reasons is that her mother's way of education has led to the bias of her values.

she used a dishonorable way to achieve her goal of marrying into a high family.

this comes from her mother telling her that only by marrying high can she enjoy splendor and wealth in the future.

however, high marriage makes her humble at heart and always plays tricks to get along with others.

so that after she got married, she was looked down upon by her mother-in-law and snubbed by her husband.

the values of a family will affect the lives of all its members.

good family values will help family members establish a good character and achieve a better life.

and bad family values will plunge family members into an endless abyss.

in this way, the incorrect values of a family and the wrong way of education will lead to poor character and poor development of family members.

if family members do not develop well, then a family will not be able to grow rich.

squander money and don't know how to manage family finances

money needs to be managed.

No matter how rich a person is, if he is always wasting money endlessly, he will eventually get poorer and poorer.

similarly, a wealthy family also needs to know how to manage money.

if, in a family, family members do not know how to manage the family economy and always squander money, then eventually the fate between money and his family will become more and more shallow.

A really well-developed family knows how to make money instead of spending it unnecessarily.

when a family does not develop well, it is always unable to get rid of poverty, often because some members of the family waste money indiscriminately and squander money.

or, among them, some family members are gluttonous and lazy.

if a family wants to develop well, it must learn to save money for the family, and family members work together to accumulate wealth.

Family members, if they all know how to run a family frugally, do not spend money indiscriminately.

if you have a certain amount of savings and spend all your money on the knife, you will live a better and better life.

in life, one tea and one meal is not easy to come by, and the cost of food and clothing should not be pursued by luxury, but by appropriateness.

reasonable spending is more conducive to the development of the family.

if the family is of one heart, love and hard work together, they will become richer and richer.

Madame Curie said:

"the only real happiness in the world is that the family can cooperate closely with each other."

if a family wants to be really rich, it actually needs the division of work and cooperation of every family member.

when the family is together, the division of labor is different, some focus on making money, some do a good job in the "logistics" of the family, and some focus on study.

A family should understand each other, love each other, and strive for one goal.

No one drags back their legs and is not greedy for pleasure, but can urge each other to ascend, then the family will develop better and better.

if you want the family to become more and more harmonious, everyone should rein in his temper and not seek personal gains for his own interests, but should know how to unite and forge ahead.

in a family, every family member can understand etiquette and have good self-cultivation in order to have a better future.

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