There is a kind of wakefulness in the world, which is called "the Law of unworthiness".
There is a kind of wakefulness in the world, which is called "the Law of unworthiness".
The rest of your life is expensive, don't struggle with what's not worth it, and don't be wasted by what's not worth it.

as the saying goes, "

Life is a trivial matter except life and death.


as a matter of fact, we are always sad about little things that are not worth it.

Life is no longer than a life, but a blink of an eye, and every minute should be cherished.

We have nothing to regret in the first half of our lives, so let's live a good life in the second half of our lives.

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an unnecessary argument is not worth debating

Carnegie said:


in this world, not every argument is worth arguing about.

there are some things that don't need to be argued, and some people don't want to listen to you argue.

A meaningless argument is only a war of words, which not only wastes time, but also affects mood. Even if you win, it will not do you any good.

Smart people, who do not argue and are difficult to win, choose to be silent about ideas that they do not agree with.

because summer worms cannot talk about ice and well frogs cannot talk about the sea.

once people and people's cognition are not at the same level, no matter how much debate is a useless consumption.

instead of trying to explain whether it's right or wrong, you might as well make more concessions and reply to the other person, "you're right."

not arguing is never cowardly, nor is it forcing yourself to agree with each other's thinking.

is a pattern of respecting the existence of different ideas, and it is a self-cultivation for people to see through the world and not to speak through.

therefore, there is no need to be dialectical when the question of principle is not involved.

We just do a good job of ourselves, go our own way, stick to the direction of progress, and live our own lives.

something meaningless, not worth entangling

there is an English proverb: "

Don't be

the spilled milk cries.


means to warn the world that it is impossible to take it back, and it is wise not to pester things that cannot be undone.

however, it is such a simple truth that many people can't figure it out.

often regrets things that have been lost, cares about the unpleasant past, and consumes energy endlessly for trifles.

Tagore said:

"if you shed tears when you miss the sun, you will also miss the stars.


Life is an one-way street, with scenery all the way. If you waste time on irreparable things, you are bound to miss out on other good things.

Don't be nostalgic for meaningless people or things, don't cry over spilled milk, forget about it, forget about it, and pay attention to the next thing.

Life is difficult, and life is short. Forget yesterday, grasp today, and look forward to tomorrow is the most correct way to live.

other people's comments are not worth paying too much attention to

in interpersonal communication, we often exert a kind of pressure on ourselves, that is, what others think of us.

because it always takes the opinions of others so important that it is like an invisible cage that binds our actions and thoughts and makes our lives exhausting.

but in fact, other people's comments are really not worth paying attention to.

even if you do have some deficiencies, so what?

Life is our own. We should live for ourselves. As long as you are on the right path, just go on happily.

as this sentence says:

"Don't care too much about what other people think, because only your own affirmation of yourself is the focus of life.


people, do not live in other people's mouth, do not live in other people's eyes, we are all unique, should live their own wonderful.

people live a lifetime, all the roads need to go by themselves, control their own life, and determine your future value.

I believe that as long as I stick to my heart and not be disturbed by the outside world, the beauty of the world will come as expected.

A distant relationship is not worth nostalgia

there are clouds in the poem:

"the line is getting farther and farther away and there are no books, and the water is wide and the fish is sinking where to ask.


years flow, time knows people, once thought that the relationship can always be close, but finally gradually drifted away, scattered.

maybe I will miss it when I think of it, but it won't help no matter how much I miss it.

Life is a running train. It always sees off some people and welcomes some people.

We do not need to feel sad for those who have left, nor do we need to be reluctant to part with a relationship that is far away.

because what can be lost never really belongs to you, and naturally there is no need to regret it.

Life comes from parting one by one. We should try to get used to all the drifting relationships and calmly accept all the people who want to go their separate ways.

therefore, any relationship that is far away is not worth doing any more nostalgia. After all, how can a person who always looks back on the past continue the journey of life lightly?

instead of puttingIf time is wasted on a relationship that has gone far away, it is better to let go of the past, empty the memories, greet the later people with a new attitude, and savor the belated feelings.

in this way, it is not in vain for us to come to this world of mortals.

some people say:

"people come to this world by accident, while it is inevitable to leave this world."




in this precious few decades, to stay away from unworthy people, things and things and live passionately and willfully is the best way to be grateful and in awe of life.

We have to remember: the rest of life is very expensive, do not go and unworthy entanglement, do not be unworthy of waste.

only by learning to be "sober in the world" can we live a relaxed and comfortable life for a long time.

it's expensive for the rest of my life, don't struggle with unworthy ones (good articles in depth)


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