There is a kind of self-cultivation called mind your own business.
There is a kind of self-cultivation called mind your own business.
Rational and principled goodwill is the greater wisdom.


there are four big meddles in life: helping rotten mud, carving rotten wood, turning salty fish, and scalding pigs.

the mud lies so well that it is necessary to help others to the wall;

the rotten wood is so rotten that it must be carved into talent;

the salted fish lies well and must be turned over by others.

the dead pig died well, so he had to burn others with boiling water.

the common sense is good.

everyone's life trajectory is different, and there is no need to impose their own values on others.

not meddling in other people's lives and forcibly interfering in other people's lives is the greatest respect for every life.

there is a kind of self-cultivation called mind your own business

it is said in the constant words of awakening the World: "Don't mind your own business, don't talk too much if you don't speculate."

it's best not to worry about things that have nothing to do with you; if you don't talk about it, you don't have to talk about it, or you'll find it boring.

there is an aunt in the community who has retired and is not idle. She always likes to take care of some other affairs.

there is a family whose son is in his thirties, and before he has a date, she worries about marriage for others.

she has a relative's daughter, who can be regarded as the year to be married, so she plans to match them up.

she sent the young man's picture to the girl, but the girl politely refused.

the aunt did not take it seriously and insisted that she go on a blind date: "other people's education, family, and height are all very good."

the girl couldn't resist, so she had to go reluctantly.

as a result, when they went on a blind date, they only looked at their mobile phones and could not answer a few words, and the girl left in the middle of her meal.

as a result, the aunt did not please both sides, but caused the two families to avoid her like a plague god.

in many cases, there is nothing wrong with hoping that others will have a good life, but it is often more well-intentioned to refrain from interfering in other people's lives.

Why bother pestering people when they don't ask for help or ask for help?

Dickens said, "the best courtesy is to mind your own business."

the world is like a kaleidoscope, everyone has their own way of life and value orientation, and they should know how to treat themselves as outsiders.

it is true self-cultivation not to impose one's own subjective ideas on others and not to measure the lives of others by one's own life.

mind your own business, it's mature

One of the charms of

fables is that they never go out of date.

Mr. Dongguo encountered a wolf chased by a hunter. Meddling and kind-hearted, he wanted to save the wolf's life, so he let it curl up and get into his book bag.

after the hunter left, he could not stand the wolf's rhetoric and let the wolf out. In the end, the wolf pounced on Mr. Dongguo with open teeth and claws.

in winter, the farmer found a snake frozen and felt sorry for it, so he put the snake in his arms and covered it with heat.

the snake woke up warm, regained its nature, bit its benefactor and killed the farmer.

as the saying goes, "people are warm-hearted, right or wrong."

in dealing with people, it is good to be happy to help others, but you must think carefully and not act rashly.

the help of indiscriminately distinguishing between true and false, good and evil, not only will not have a good result, but the goodwill of random action has become a guide to set yourself on fire.

as the saying goes, "after much experience in the world, open your mouth, see through human feelings, but nod."

is not to teach people to be indifferent to the world, but to be clear, to know how to handle other people's affairs, and to proceed from the actual situation.

some people obviously do not learn to swim, but go to save people who fall into the water, with a clear heart, but ignore the facts.

in the end, not only will it not help, but it will even cost your own life.

rational and principled goodwill is the greater wisdom.

focus on yourself and accept others

Zheng Banqiao wrote in "Gift to the King and Father and son": "read more ancient books to broaden your horizons and mind your own business."

A person's time and energy is limited, if he always likes to mind his own business and pay attention to others, he will inevitably neglect to pay attention to himself.

instead of worrying and worrying about trifles, focus your time and energy on improving yourself and making yourself happy.

Confucius said, "the superior man is harmonious but different, and the villain is the same but not in harmony."

some people like the casual comfort of a messy room, while others like to ask others to be neat and tidy.

some people like to play cards in leisure to kill time, while there are always some people who like to say one more word of reading is more elegant.

the world is bustling with nothing but troubles.

Laozi said, "Water is good for all things, but there is no dispute."

mind your own business, leave room for breathing in life, enough advice for friends, respect friends' choices, and create a gentle soil for the comfort of friendship.

get along with relatives, keep a reasonable distance, and provide necessary oxygen for family harmony.

there is a good word in the old saying, "acceptable". While recognizing your own life, you should also accept a pluralistic way of life.

pay attention to yourself and manage your life; at the same time, you don't have to worry about others and distinguish yourself from others.

as Russell said, "only when roses and jasmine bloom together can there be jagged beauty in the world."