There are three signs that a home is becoming more and more prosperous, one of which is great.
There are three signs that a home is becoming more and more prosperous, one of which is great.
The temperature of the home determines the height of the home.





there is an old song that goes like this:

"I want to have a home, a place that doesn't need splendor, and I think of it when I'm tired; I want a home, a place that doesn't need much, so I'm not afraid when I'm scared."

Home will always be our most solid support, and a happy family will bring us more strength and hope.

A more and more prosperous home usually has these three signs, and one of them is great!

be considerate and tolerant of each other

some people say, "the best relationship between husband and wife is that you understand my hardship, and I know your difficulty."

indeed, it is the common responsibility of husband and wife to be considerate and tolerant of each other.

A family that is not considerate and tolerant must be accompanied by quarrels and discord, and such a family is unlikely to prosper.

there is a very warm-hearted video on Douyin, which has received millions of likes.

the content of the video is that in a large supermarket, a company is holding an activity to experience maternal labor analgesia, and a reporter invites passing couples and couples to experience it.

during the experience, the men screamed a lot. When a couple was invited to pass by, the reporter asked the wife if she would like her husband to experience the pain of giving birth at that time.

the wife refused with a smile.

she said: "No, I don't want him to experience the pain of giving birth, because he has never let me experience the hardships of the head of the family, the difficulties of socializing outside, and the pressure of silently bearing."

then the two looked at each other and smiled.

because the husband is usually considerate and understands how hard it is for his wife to conceive and raise children at home, and the wife also knows that it is not easy for her husband to work outside, so when faced with inquiries, the wife will not hesitate to refuse.

the happiness of a family does not depend on the tolerance of women, nor on the money of men, but on whether two people can tolerate each other and care about each other.

if this can be done, only in this way can the family be truly harmonious and happy.

husband and wife will always be of one heart and one mind, know how to think of others, and know how to be considerate to each other. Only in this way can the family and everything be prosperous and prosperous as time goes by.

pay attention to health preservation, take good care of the body

all say: "there are five blessings in the world, but longevity comes first."


longevity is the ultimate indicator of happiness in life, and physical health is the basis for doing anything.

if a person does not have a healthy body, it must be difficult to do anything.

recently, a very sad thing happened. The male owner of a family in the nearby community died young.

I never guessed that the cause of death was overwork.

in order to earn more milk powder money for his children, the male host took private jobs day and night, worked non-stop, and stayed awake for several days.

as a result, he worked again until 2 or 3 o'clock one morning when he had a sudden myocardial infarction in front of the workbench and died on the way before he was sent to the hospital.

it was a pity that the hostess washed her face with tears every day, then quit her job and took her child back to her hometown alone.

the neighbors said with emotion: "people are gone, so what's the use of making more money?" Sacrificing health in order to make money is putting the cart before the horse. "

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Yes, in order to give children a better life, it is not advisable to overdraw the body to make money. Living healthily is a sign of responsibility to the family.

the whole family is healthy, which is the most valuable wealth of a family. If anyone in the family is not healthy, the family is incomplete, incomplete, and even less happy.

if you are in good health, the family will be as stable as Mount Tai; without health, the whole family will be shaky.

so remember, no matter when and where, put health first.

if a family pays great attention to health care all the time, and the whole family knows how to take care of their health, then how can such a family not prosper for a long time?

warmth and harmony, laughter

in the Song Dynasty, Li Bangxian wrote in "Don't worry about Miscellaneous words": "those who are good at home have a prosperous family, and those who are good at home can help with their personnel."

it means that if there is harmony within the family, the family will be prosperous; if you live in harmony with outsiders, you will be successful.

in other words, the most important thing in managing the family is harmony.

when a family is talking and laughing, the day will be beautiful, and life will be easier if the family is happy. Having laughter at home can make people happier than being rich and rich.

the three groups of families in the TV series "Little Joy" have proved this truth very well.

Song Qian and Qiao Weidong have money, but the couple are divorced and the relationship between mother and daughter is tense. Qiao Yingzi almost jumped into the sea because of depression.

Ji Shengli and Liu Jing's family have power, but they are both busy working with each other, and their husband and wife have a weak relationship. His son Ji Yangyang is even more recalcitrant, estranged from his father constantly, and the whole family jumps.

although the conditions of Fang Yuan and Dong Wenjie are the most common, they live the happiest life.

Fang Yuan does not ask for promotion. Although Tong Wenjie sometimes complains that he is unwilling to play with things, in most cases he is joking and flirtatious.

Fang Yi may be held back if his grades are not good, and Fang Yuan will also comfort his wife optimistically, "Child."Son is still working hard, wait and see



the temperature of the home determines the height of the home.

No one wants to go back to the home that quarrels with each other every day, and no one wants to leave the warm home every day.

Home is never a place to haggle over tensions, but a place to feel at ease, a place to relax, a place to rest, a place to store laughter.

what can really appease us is not the mansion, but the family members who love each other, and the warmth and freedom of home.

A home full of laughter and laughter is the most wonderful place in the world and a paradise that everyone yearns for and yearns for.

Home is the only place in the world where human shortcomings and failures are hidden, but it also contains sweet love.

Home is the harbor of our happiness; home is our shelter from the wind and rain; home is the source of our happiness.

the harmony and prosperity of a family is our greatest strength in the face of the hardships of life.