There are only six words to test the quality of the relationship between husband and wife.
There are only six words to test the quality of the relationship between husband and wife.
A good relationship between husband and wife needs mediocrity.

Han Feizi once said, "husband and wife do not have the grace of flesh and blood." If you love, you will be close, and if you do not love, you will be sparse. "

after careful consideration, this is indeed the case.

the love between husband and wife, unlike the love before marriage, is no longer vigorous, but is more reflected in the details of firewood, rice and salt.

the more trivial life, the more can test the relationship between husband and wife.

to test the quality of the relationship between husband and wife, there are no more than six words: chat, eat, and sleep.

can chat together

A good couple can chat together.

there is a hot topic on Weibo: "husband and wife, no more than 10 words a day, how to live like this?"

more than 90% of netizens posted below the topic said: "I can't stand it."

indeed, marriage is to live for a long time. Without communication and communication, it is like living alone in a silent world. I feel terrible when I think about it.

Sister Wang, a fan, confided backstage: after 10 years of marriage, she finally got divorced!

in the past few years, every time she happily wanted to chat with her husband, the husband basically did not respond to her words, either "um" or "oh" or focused on playing games.

and usually, apart from asking Sister Wang "what to eat today", her husband has almost nothing to say, let alone express his love to Sister Wang.

Gui Guzi said, "the mouth is the door of the heart."

keeping your mouth shut to your lover means putting your lover out of your heart. How can an unfaithful couple last for a long time?

so, to find a lover, you must find someone who can talk to you.

Zhou's parents in the popular TV series "the World" especially like to communicate and chat with each other, especially after a day's chores and before going to bed at night, is their own "night talk" time.

the old couple talk to each other about their work and the interesting things around them.

when it comes to emotion, Zhou's father will empathize with Zhou's mother's difficulty.

he will sympathetically say to Mama Zhou, "Thank you for your hard work."

those simple family words hide the couple's mutual concern and thoughtfulness, which also contribute to their long-flowing feelings.

for couples who can talk about anything, their marriage will not be in the cold.

Liu Tong once said: "

A comfortable relationship is that the other person can talk about any topic, not because the other person is knowledgeable, but because the other person is interested.


I care about what you talk about, and what you care about is also something I value.

loving husband and wife, that is, what you say, I like to hear, I am willing to talk, not afraid of tiredness, not afraid of annoyance.

can eat together

A good couple can eat together.

writer Zhang Xiaoxian said: "Love begins and disappears from the dinner table."

if you can't eat together, the marriage will come to an end.

couples who are good at managing marriages will incorporate love and romance into three meals a day.

when Mr. Cai Lan was asked about the secret of love with his wife on his silver wedding anniversary party, he said:

"the key to our dependence on each other for so many years is that we can eat together.


Cai Lan and his wife both love delicious food and often go shopping together and cook at home together.

Cai Lan once said that once he leaves home, he can't help thinking of his wife and especially misses her cooking.

because they can eat together, the two have been in love all their lives.

in fact, the so-called being able to eat together refers not only to eating, but also to the affection of one vegetable and one dish.

you serve soup for me and I will pick up food for you.

you indulge me to eat white noodles, I understand that you like to eat rice.

you don't have to have the same taste, but you should have the same mind.

Mr. Lin Qingxuan once said:

"Romantic means wasting time eating slowly, wasting time drinking tea slowly, wasting time walking slowly, wasting time getting old slowly."

spend time with those who love you and accompany them to have a good meal in order to live a good life.

entertainment couples Huang Lei and Sun Li have turned eating into the "most romantic thing" in their marriage.

Sun Li likes delicious food. In order to make all kinds of delicious food for his wife, Huang Lei turned himself into a "Chef Huang", and their marriage has also become a story in the circle.

in fact, love and eating are the same truth. If you like a dish, you are willing to eat for a lifetime; if you like someone, you are willing to stay with you for a lifetime.

A good relationship between husband and wife is rooted in firewood, rice, oil and salt, and blossoms in romance.

loving husband and wife, in this porridge and rice, the affection is long.

can sleep together

A good couple can sleep together.

as the saying goes, "husband and wife love each other as much as they sleep."

the marriage of talk show actor Siwen and Cheng Lu illustrates this point.

Sven once said on the program:

"who says there is no pure friendship between men and women? My husband and I are. Replace the double bed with the upper and lower bunk, and he becomes the brother who sleeps in my upper bunk. "

It wasn't long before the news of their divorce appeared in the media.

after quarreling, some couples sleep in separate beds, but they don't have to.

because it's not just the bed, it's the heart and love.

Xiaoyu once quarreled with her husband so fiercely that she was so angry that she wanted to divorce immediately.

who knows, when her husband entered the bedroom that night, he took her by the hand, apologized to her first, and then analyzed with her how the quarrel during the day was caused and how it got so heated.

after a little analysis, the two agreed to be silent for 5 minutes in the event of another dispute.

over the years, the couple have become more and more affectionate, and the relationship between husband and wife has become better and better.

as the old saying goes, "quarrel at the head of the bed, peace at the end of the bed" is not without reason.

bedtime conversation between husband and wife is the most important communication every day.

A considerate hug can not only warm each other, but also let the other person off the mood of confrontation.

once we separate beds and lack this "bridge" of communication, the two sides can only get angrier and angrier in their own space, and then expand the contradictions, and the superimposed contradictions will become more and more difficult to reconcile.

loving couples know that even if there is a dispute, they should sleep together. Because the last communication before going to bed is the glue of emotion.

writer Sanmao once said:

Love, if not implemented in real life such as dressing, eating, counting money and sleeping, is not easy to Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling).

Marriage is not an one-man show, let alone a simple arithmetic problem of one plus one equals two, but the need to sincerely pay for each other, subtract their capriciousness and shortcomings, and run together on the same track.

A good relationship between husband and wife is not necessarily a vigorous confession, but a mediocre relationship.

listen to thunder in silent places, and flowers in colorless places.

this is the only time in your life. May you:

chat with your loved ones until you are old, eat until you are old, and sleep until you are old.