The top level of health care is not sleep, not exercise, but.
The top level of health care is not sleep, not exercise, but.
Less is more, less is bliss.

I heard a friend's feeling the day before yesterday:

"it's really expensive to go to the hospital now. You can't get out of the hospital without hundreds of thousands of people, not to mention hundreds of thousands of people who cost hundreds of thousands of people to get sick."

so in today's society, more and more people pay attention to their own health.

some people eat several kinds of nutrition every day, and some people love all kinds of sports.

but the real preservation of health is by no means a pile of foreign things, an impulse on a whim.

Sun Simiao, king of medicine, once said:

"less words in the mouth, less in the heart, less food in the stomach, less sleep naturally, four less in turn, the immortal formula."

less is the best way to keep in good health, and it is also the highest way to live.

less words, so less disaster

as the old saying goes, "all diseases come from the mouth, and a hundred disasters come out of the mouth."

indeed, a lot of people's troubles are caused by a quick mouth.

the more words you say, the more likely you are to make mistakes, and sometimes an inadvertent remark brings disaster to yourself.

Last weekend, Xiao Zhang almost ruined his career by saying the wrong thing.

the cause of the incident was an external activity organized by the company. Xiao Zhang's department worked overtime for half a month, but in the end, because the on-site implementation was not in place, the effect did not meet the expectations.

After the

activity, everyone was a little discouraged, and Xiao Zhang did not express his dissatisfaction privately:

"you see, I said this would not work, and if the leaders had listened to our opinions earlier, they would not have become like this."

unexpectedly, as soon as he went to work on Monday, Xiao Zhang was informed by the personnel department for an interview.

it turns out that his private complaints about the company somehow spread to the company's leaders.

the leader thought that Xiao Zhang's words and deeds affected the atmosphere of the team, not only canceling his performance bonus for that month, but also giving him a warning instead.

there are no impenetrable walls in the world, and you'll never guess the effect of just saying a word.

if you look closely, you will find that most of the really smart people in life are reticent.

they do not see through, know people without judging others, and are good at using silence to hide their inner wisdom.

A man's mouth is actually his feng shui, and sometimes when he stops his mouth, he stops the calamity.

The charm of

language never lies in the many, but in the stop.

it won't hurt to keep your mouth shut in a group, keep your heart alone, and talk a little less.

worry less, so as to refresh your mind

will you do the same:

attend a meeting, even if you are well prepared, you are still struggling with it in your mind. What if you don't play well?

A little discomfort in some part of the body starts to wonder if this is a sign of cancer.

when I saw my colleague working an extra two hours after work, I wondered if I should do a good job, too.

the mental stress of contemporary people comes from all aspects of life. I don't know what to do, but I can only become more and more anxious.

but anxiety affects more than just mood. As negative emotions increase, the body enters a state of stress.

in the long run, the body has various functional disorders, resulting in many minor ailments, such as insomnia, fatigue, memory loss, and so on.

I know a friend. After working in a big city for a few years, he decided to go back to the county to apply for a post in a state-owned enterprise.

she did well in every written exam, but she always got stuck in the interview in the end.

at first everyone thought she had been replaced, but it was only after more times that she knew it was her own mood.

it turns out that every few days before the interview, she began to be so anxious that she couldn't sleep. When she got to the interview place, she kept running to the toilet.

in such a mood, you can imagine the performance. I was confused when answering questions, and almost all of them were not completed smoothly.

there is no life without anxiety, but excessive anxiety is easy to lead to illness, but it is not conducive to solving problems.

there are many things in life that cannot be predicted in advance. Don't expect too much of things that haven't happened yet, let alone worry too much about things that aren't worth it.

as long as we live every day in a down-to-earth manner, there is nothing to worry about.

doing meaningful thinking and letting go of meaningless anxiety can be regarded as a positive attitude towards life.

eat less, so as to keep fit

there is an old Chinese saying that it is a blessing to eat.

but sometimes eating too much can damage your health.

some time ago, I saw a news that a 29-year-old girl in Guangzhou drank herself into ICU because she drank milk tea.

the girl said that she was usually a lover of milk tea, but one day she suddenly felt abdominal pain and dizziness.

At first she didn't take it seriously, but when she arrived at the hospital, the doctor found that she had developed multiple organ failure and was immediately sent to ICU.

fortunately, the rescue was timely, otherwise the consequences could not be imagined.

the doctor's diagnosis also stunned many people-- "explosive diabetes




Can you imagine that this is a "geriatric disease" of a 29-year-old girl?

it turns out that the girl not only likes to drink milk tea, but also drank more than a dozen sweet drinks a few days before she was not feeling well.

this incident also makes many people begin to reflect on their eating habits.

there is a saying in Huangdi's Internal Classic: "if you double your diet, your intestines and stomach will be hurt."

meansLong-term overeating, more than their own digestive capacity, will damage the intestines and stomach, leading to disease.

but uncontrolled diet, overdraft of more than one person's body, may also completely destroy a person's life.

No one can afford the serious illness caused by overeating, which turns on the red light in the body and even in the family.

there is a limit to everything, and you need the right amount of delicious food.

if you want to live a healthy life, start by eating less.

if you eat eight percent full, you will naturally have less illness and no worries.

less desire, so as to cultivate one's character

desire is a human instinct and a double-edged sword.

when a person's desire is very small, as long as a little is satisfied, he will feel great happiness.

but desire is endless, and when you can't get rid of the bottomless pit in your heart, you can only consume yourself constantly.

Qiao Sang, a post-90s girl, was once immersed in crazy material desires.

if you want to practice yoga, it takes more than 20,000 to sign up for a class, and if you want to learn to dive, you spend more than 10,000 to find an instructor.

clothes, bags and shoes are bought by jin, and all kinds of useless fitness cards and massage cards are piled up at home....

but her material wealth did not improve her life, but became bloated.

then she began to reflect on herself, emptying her superfluous desires, clearing her mind, and focusing on her own life.

spend more time reading, doing housework, improving yourself, and regaining peace of mind.

this is what she said:




do not hold




the focus on things, the understanding of yourself and life will be very clear, the whole person will feel very refreshing, very relaxed and very simple.


many people in life are obsessed with getting, want to do everything, want everything.

when you have money, you need status, and when you have beauty, you need to be in shape, constantly running among all kinds of temptations.

but in addition to the need for metabolism in the body, the distractions in the mind need to be cleaned up.

when people reach a certain age, they will eventually live less and less, give up superfluous desires and learn to be content.

you can pick it up in the first half of your life and let it go in the second half of your life.

leave time for things that are really worth pursuing in order to gain the prosperity and happiness of the inner world.

there is a saying in "less is more":

"the era of happiness from material things is over, and we are moving from the era of addition to the era of subtraction.

give up the jumbled things and carefully select the things that are most important to you in order to enjoy a truly free life. "

in the second half of life, the best way to live is not to be rich, but to return to simplicity.

less is more, less is blessing.

cultivate one side to be contented and keep a lifetime of happiness, which is not only to keep in good health, but also to cultivate the mind.

, the rest of my life is not long. May you be simple and happy, you and I will still be with you.