The three Awakens of Life (Deep text)
The three Awakens of Life (Deep text)
The essence of awakening is to ask inward.

Life is a process of awakening. when one is alive, he is often confused by the foreign minister, trapped in success or failure, obsessed with fame and fortune, and trapped in gains and losses.

the so-called awakening is to break the external illusion, improve the inner realm, and return to the nature and comprehend the road of nature.

the degree of awakening is different, the state reached is different, and the fate of life will be different.

there are three awakening times in life, namely, to see oneself, to see heaven and earth, and to see sentient beings.

see yourself: recognize the limitations and begin to reflect

as the old saying goes, "if you don't know, it's enough; if you don't know, you're sick."

it is wise for a man to know his ignorance; it is foolish not to know his ignorance.

people who are really powerful find their own limitations and constantly reflect on themselves, so as to break through the ego and move towards awakening.

Wang Xizhi had such an experience when he was young.

he is very talented in calligraphy, but he hasn't made any progress for a long time.

one day, he came across the works of Zhang Zhi, a calligrapher of the Eastern Han Dynasty.

I found that Zhang Zhi's handwriting was calm and calm. Only then did I find that when I practiced, I was always impetuous and eager for success.

then changed the past and wrong, the spiritual realm was improved, and calligraphy began to improve day by day.

finally, it becomes a generation.

Mr. Yang Jiang once wrote in his book:

"in life, you need to have three self-consciousness, nothing more than to know yourself, to practice yourself, and to transform yourself voluntarily, unless you are willing to be like animals."

think deeply, those who can consciously reflect on themselves and change themselves are all strong people in life.

when people reach middle age, they find that everyone lives in their own bureau, and life is the practice of constantly breaking the situation.

only by breaking through the original cognition, breaking the inherent thinking, and changing the habits, can the soul be sublimated and the realm raised.

see heaven and earth: understand the road and conform to nature

as the old saying goes, "the appearance of Comte, but the way is to follow."

means: people who have great wisdom and insight into the road all conform to nature and act in accordance with human nature.

if one does not know the vastness of heaven and earth and the mystery of natural Tao, he will go his own way, do something contrary to common sense, deviate from the road, and finally get himself into trouble.

when Zeng Guofan first joined the DPRK as an official, he was somewhat self-righteous, spoke bluntly, acted recklessly, and offended many people.

so much so that when he led his troops to fight, his subordinates went elsewhere and were defeated several times, and no one was willing to support them.

Finally, he was sent back to his hometown by the emperor in the name of mourning.

later, he read "do not know often, act viciously", only then did he really realize his own smallness and the existence of the road of epiphany.

when he became an official again, he became modest and low-key, behaved in the outer circle and inside the world, and made a career.

Zeng Guofan said: "things come to adapt, the future is not welcome, the present is not miscellaneous, the past is not in love."

the wisest way to live is to focus on the present, conform to nature, not to be held back by distractions, not to worry about the future, and not to regret the past.

things in life are always unpredictable. Instead of insisting on change, it is better to let nature take its course. Only in this way can we reap peace of mind and give birth to wisdom.

see sentient beings: understand others and be kind-hearted

as the old saying goes, "saints are always good at saving people, but not abandoning them."

sages are good at discovering everyone's strengths and will not give up on anyone. There is no difference in the treatment of others, and they are always treated equally.

the highest state of spiritual practice is to reach the state of selflessness and return to unity with all things.

the true master understands that there is no good or bad in the world, everything outside is the projection of the heart, and he is the root of everything.

there is a practitioner who feels a spider crawling in front of him every time he meditates, which makes him very distressed.

so he asked the preacher, who said, "when it appears again, circle it with a pen."

Sure enough, when he meditated again, the spider appeared again, and he drew the position of the spider, as the Taoist chief said.

when I woke up, I found that there were many circles on my chest. Originally, the spider was in my heart.

people who are truly enlightened and awakened understand that the outside is an illusion, and that life is an experience of repairing truth by falsehood and repairing people by doing things.

Life is a mirror. To understand others is to forgive yourself, to be kind to others, and to measure yourself.

as the writer Leng Ying said: "your kindness and kindness to others will be realized by yourself in the end."

everyone's awakening, in essence, goes through these three periods.

at first, when you see yourself, you learn to reflect; then, when you see heaven and earth, you know how to be in awe; finally, when you see sentient beings, you realize the truth.

psychologist Carl Jung said: "those who look outward, sleepwalk; those who look inward, awaken."

the outside is a fantasy, and if you pursue outward, you will be dominated by desire and be confused.

The essence of

awakening is to ask inward. Everyone is self-sufficient, and believing in himself is the real awakening.

only by constantly breaking through the awakening can we have true freedom, thus enjoy life and control destiny.

, may we not cling to the outside, follow the heart, always be calm and joyful, and be rich inside.