The relationship between father and daughter determines the happiness of his daughter's life.
The relationship between father and daughter determines the happiness of his daughter's life.
Their education to their daughter is the precious wealth of their daughter's life.

Yan Jiao

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there is a question on the Internet: what is the experience of having a good father?

A girl's highly praised answer is:

"I have the courage to do whatever I do, because I know that there will always be people behind me."

as the first heterosexual image in his daughter's life, the father's influence on his daughter is very important.

as the writer Meg Mick wrote in his book:

"more than anyone else, the father is the one who can set the trajectory of his daughter's life."

A good father is like a lighthouse, which not only illuminates his daughter's way, but also brings her a lifetime of happiness.

responsible father,

make your daughter know more about love

netizen Yue Yue once shared her story:

"as far as I can remember, Dad seldom talks to me.

he is a man who favors sons over daughters, and even if I study very hard, I seldom get his praise.

so I feel inferior from an early age, so that when I grow up, I develop a 'flattering personality'.

for those boys I have dated, I respond to almost everything they ask for, and I put up with whatever they have done badly.

I thought I could get more understanding and understanding in this way, but as a result, every relationship I had ended in failure. "

such an ending makes people saddened.

on the surface, the girl was so humble that she failed in her relationship.

but in fact, isn't this a repeat of her lack of love in childhood?

A survey shows that 40% of girls' heterosexual intercourse ability is related to their fathers.

if fathers seldom care about their daughters in childhood, it is easy for girls to fill the gap in love by building their self-identity on the affirmation of the opposite sex.

on the contrary, if the father can give enough care, then the daughter will have enough self-confidence in interpersonal communication.

as Ma Yili said in the Reader:

A girl, if she has a father who loves her very much, then this girl will be very confident if she lives in the world.

as the earliest male in his daughter's life, the father is tantamount to providing his daughter with a sample of getting along with the opposite sex.

A responsible father will give his daughter enough respect and care to let them know what a healthy heterosexual relationship is, love and self-love.

such a girl can have the courage and sense of security to face life even if she doesn't please others.

sensible father,

cultivate your daughter's wisdom in life

A psychologist once said that fathers tend to bring their daughters more rational thinking than their mothers' perceptions.

it is precisely this kind of rationality that can prevent daughters from being emotional and enable them to develop more mature values.

in the movie perfect Stranger, Sophia, a 17-year-old girl, feels very uneasy when her boyfriend invites her to spend the night.

she told her father about it, and her father told her:

"Don't go to his house because he is unhappy. This should not be the only reason."

this is an important moment in your life, and if it will make you happy in the future, do it.

but if you don't think so, or if you're not sure, forget it, because you still have plenty of time. "

A wise father has both the foresight of his elders and the attitude of his friends.

they do not condescend to deny their daughters, but give their children the most sensible advice from an equal perspective.

in the movie "palpitating Heart", I found that my daughter Julie had a sweetheart Bryce, and her father asked her, what do you like about her?

Julie replied, liking his eyes and his smile.

the father was noncommittal about the answer. He smiled and reminded his daughter:

"you can't just look at the surface, you have to see it all."

so Julie began to pay more attention to the inside of her sweetheart, and alienated him when she found him shallow, cowardly and deceiving herself.

with her father's encouragement, Julie focused her energy on self-improvement and finally became a radiant girl.

it can be said that the father played an important role in the growth of his daughter.

with his rich life experience, he inspired his daughter to re-examine her heart and let her know who should love and what is worth doing.

people often say that daughters should be rich. In fact, the "wealth" here is not material wealth, but spiritual wealth.

before her daughter's worldview is finalized, she should be nourished by wisdom and inspired by reason, so that she can develop the ability to think independently and the character of self-love.

this is the best education for your daughter.

A patterned father,

exercise your daughter's strong heart

some time ago, at the award ceremony of "moving China", a girl named Jiang Mengnan entered the attention of the national audience.

she was deaf when she was young, but with indomitable perseverance, she was admitted as a doctoral student at Tsinghua University.

how did Jiang Mengnan do it?

looking back on her growing experience, the support of her father Zhao Changjun played an important role.

after Jiang Mengnan was deaf, her father insisted that she go to school with her able-bodied children in order to exercise her self-care ability.

at first, Xiao Mengnan will also because of physical defectsFeeling inferior, her father said to her:

"Don't compare with others. Everyone has problems that need to be overcome by themselves."


with the encouragement of his father, Jiang Mengnan developed a strong and independent personality.

after graduating from primary school, she offered to go to a junior high school more than 300 miles away.

Mother disagreed at first. She was worried that Jiang Mengnan could not take care of herself. Zhao Changjun comforted his wife:

"the daughter has her own ideas, which is very valuable. After all, a child has to live independently, and it is impossible for us to take care of her all her life. "

with the support of his father, Jiang Mengnan was admitted to a top university step by step from a small third-tier city.

Jiang Mengnan once said: "I have never regarded myself as a weak person because I can't hear. I believe that I can do no worse than others. I believe that things can be done very well."

her father's education imperceptibly influenced Jiang Mengnan and made her grow into what she is now.

A psychological report from the University of Michigan in the United States pointed out that 69% of girls believe that their self-confidence comes from their father's encouragement.

this is because their father's love can make them more courageous and confident to face the challenges of life.

they are firm and strong in heart, bright and sunny on the outside, and no matter what difficulties and obstacles they face, they can't stop them from getting better.

Girls who can be recognized by their fathers are happy. They always exude vigorous vitality, which can not only illuminate themselves, but also warm others.

the English writer Herbert once said, "A good father is better than a hundred headmasters."

as an indispensable man in his daughter's life, the father has a far-reaching influence on his daughter's growth.

A good father can not only make his daughter know more about love, but also make her sensible and develop a strong heart.

their education of their daughter is a precious asset of their daughter's life.

May all fathers in the world have love in their eyes and responsibility in their hearts, so that their little princesses can grow up happily and healthily!

love reading and life.